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10 Tips on How to Survive in China

10 Tips on How to Survive in China

China holds an unmistakable allure for many travelers with its ancient and somewhat alien culture along with its vast landscape just begging to be explored. But Travelling through such an exotic and far flung place comes with its challenges. Here are ten tips on how to survive in China.

1. Count with your hands
10 Tips on How to Survive in ChinaYou can count from one to ten on one hand in China which comes in useful for all sorts of transactions on your travels. So learn the Chinese method of counting with your hands. You can use the calculator display on your phone too.

2. Remember to bargain10 Tips on How to Survive in ChinaWhen wanting to make a purchase at one of China’s markets, be sure to bargain (with your hands if you have to). The starting price for many items is up to ten times the real value! So never purchase for the first price you see. Start as low as you dare, then get the best price.

3. Toilets – Brace yourself

10 Tips on How to Survive in China

If you’re lucky enough to chance upon a toilet that comes replete with toilet paper, you can be sure you’re in some high-end establishment. Make sure you carry your own supply just in case. Be prepared to squat, too.

4. Don’t forget your cup10 Tips on How to Survive in ChinaOvernight trains are not uncommon in China given the vast size of the place. Ensure you bring your own cup as hot water is in plentiful supply on board and with your own cup you can make pot noodles, tea, soup and so on.

5. Drink safely10 Tips on How to Survive in ChinaDon’t trust the water out of the tap. Bottled water is fairly cheap so it won’t cost an arm and a leg to drink safely.

6. To eat on the street or not?10 Tips on How to Survive in ChinaWhen contemplating eating street food, look for the outlets where lots of locals are eating and you can guarantee quality in terms of taste and price.

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7. Stop, look and listen – and do it again10 Tips on How to Survive in ChinaWhen it comes to traffic, pedestrians are at the bottom of the pile. Don’t think a green light equals it’s safe to cross. Look, look, and look again. Try and cross when battle hardened locals cross rather than solo.

8. Keep your stuff safe10 Tips on How to Survive in ChinaWithout becoming paranoid, remember that as a traveler you are a prime target for theft. So just use common sense and make sure your wallet, purse, phone and so on are in front pockets or have your bag facing your front rather than behind.

9. Taxis10 Tips on How to Survive in ChinaIf using taxis, only use the officially marked ones and make sure the meter is running. Also avoid getting ripped off in cafes by asking the price beforehand.

10. Pollution10 Tips on How to Survive in ChinaIt’s no surprise that China’s cities are polluted. The US Embassy website gives some handy advice on what to do and not to do when pollution reaches specific levels. Under some circumstance it may be best to avoid too much outdoor physical exertion for example. Masks are available quite easily.

And as a bonus tip, when it comes to shopping in markets, check bank notes for the watermark. Better still, make sure you have the correct change for your purchases.

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This is a guest article by Vanessa Tutzke, who is working in the online editorial department at CoupoRando.

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