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Advices for SMEs to Start B2B E-Commerce Business

E-commerce, which connects the world more closely and make our life more conveniently, has become an indispensable part of our daily life. While for enterprises, e-commerce is also a glorious choice to broaden business. Especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who need to use limited cost to make profits.

According to the relevant data, among the SMEs which applying B2B e-commerce, 60% get more customers, 50% expand sales areas, 46% reduce marketing cost and 35% reduce operating cost. Besides, the benefits B2B E-commerce will bring to SMEs include but not limit to:

  • Reduce operating cost
  • Expand the market opportunities
  • Access to more business partners
  • Enlarge product sales volume

While a lot of SMEs just get involved in B2B E-commerce and they don’t have too much experience in doing business online. Here are some advices for SMEs to develop B2B E-commerce:

  • Select a qualified and professional cross-border platform

The first step is to select a reliable platform which will provide you desirable resource and service. Platforms can attract your potential business partners to view your online shop so that you can catch the opportunities to cooperate with them.

  • Focus on brand and product innovation

Innovation helps SMEs enhance consistent competency. Customers pay more attention to brand than price sometimes. Continuous innovation will contribute to the product quality and brand influence.

  • Put the talents of all trained personnel to rational use

To develop e-commerce, SMEs are suggested to invite e-commerce experts to make a professional team to operate the online shop.

How to choose a suitable B2B e-commerce platform? The quality and profession of the platform, the customer resource and service it can provide are the key points.

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JumoreGlobal is a perfect choice. JumoreGlobal is a world leading E4B cross-border e-commerce platform for commodities, goods and services, with businesses covering the entire spectrum of tangible products. The platform help you maximize the exposure of products, increase the company’s authenticity to gain buyers’ trust, and display all products and services that have been highly optimized on all major search engines. Business managers of JumoreGlobal will also guide you to operate your online shop and help you find potential business partners

JumoreGlobal also provides services of finance, logistics, big data, technology, consulting and certification which meet your requirements during the transaction. Besides, JumoreGlobal has got support from government institutions, associations or chambers of commerce. Suppliers may get chances to cooperate with companies recommended by the intuitions and take part in thematic activities held or organized by JUMORE.

A good news is that JumoreGlobal Premium Membership has launched recently. You can enjoy more privileges, get a discount and some other value-added services. Don’t be hesitate, it’s really a great chance for SMEs to develop into a more powerful enterprise. What’s more, not only SMEs but also large ones are all welcome to join JumoreGlobal Premium Membership, you will receive more than your expectation.

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