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Is or APP a valid online retailer? – CLUB FACTORY REVIEW | WORST PRODUCTS

It`s been 4 months and my order never arrived. I`ve emailed ClubFactory many times and they promised to look into it and email my back. They never did, until I opened a case on paypal.

After that they refunded my money as a credit store, but $2 less because some item from my order was now out of stock. After that, they told me that the package was returned by me.

I never received that package, nor a confirmation email. When I called the postal office, they told me the tracking number is no good.

Now they refuse to send me my money back to paypal. I don`t want to ever order again from ClubFactory as I don`t know if I ever receive the package.
I have no use for their credit store. 
They don`t seem legit to me. I should get a full refund!

It may feel quite attractive. You may see advertisements on Facebook/YouTube etc where very attractive items may be listed at very cheap prices. You fall prey and order something. You pay online. You wait. Wait. Wait. Then about 7 weeks later you receive a piece of crap which resembles like what you had ordered. You just feel like an idiot. You wish to return it. You contact their customer service. They keep you on wait. Long wait. Then they respond rudely that they cannot accept return as return period is over. Very funny. This is the exact description of club factory. I had my share of experience when I ordered a fancy digital watch. It was a crap. I threw it finally. Club factory offers you a very nice assorted collection of some beautiful items of course of no brand. You feel so excited by the beauty of the pictures. By the way they actually despatch your shipment from China. So incase you want to get the feel of imported items you may try. I never recommend to do though.

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A worstest company which needs money not the customer..Spending time by buying in this company is like wasting our time… This company won’t deliver any product there is a cash on delivery option but they won’t come to our location and they Mation as rejected and if we order once again they will ask for the payment….So pls don’t waste ur time with this company…. Ye ek bekaar company hae…

Club factory shopping haul!! Hey Guys!! Wassup.. here is a Club factory shopping haul + honest review.. this is my first time shopping from club factory and so my first club factory haul and this also has an impromptu giveaway..yay

One Word – ‘Hillarious’

I honestly never had imagined that that I will be writing a review on these lines..but here I am (LOL). I have attached random screenshots to save you from Club Factory’s horrible experience (The Devil Laugh: Ha Ha Ha!)

My Order: I Had order tops and few accessories. Tops were delivered of wrong size. Now I wanted to return them. Here we go!

(Hi Dear…Seriously?)

I asked them to guide them on how to schedule a pick up ( They claim that they will give you free pick up if wrong products are delivered)

At 11: 20 (Finally) I received this response:

I did that immediately. Telling them I have received completely different size. At 11:47 I received this

I sent them pictures with a measuring tape to confirm the wrong products (I felt like dying!) And I told them that even though return is being requested because of products being faulty, I was not being provided pick up.

To counter my claim, they sent me this

I stressed that I wanted a pick up. I was told that I have to mail them by myself and was told that courier charges would be reimbursed. I asked them before a confirmation before I actually mail the products.

PS: And I hate if someone calls me ‘Hi Dear’!!! Imagine my plight!!! Still waiting for their response, while writing this experience.

And yes, the executives (maybe) go to sleep after addressing half of your queries.

Maybe if you’re really lucky you will get whats projected on the website. If not, you will generally get the cheapest version of what is there on the site.

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Moral of the story: Looks like Club factory is trying to get a hold in the Indian market. But with this kind of absurd responses and bad services, I think it is not gonna work. Save your time and money and erase the memory of this website from your thoughts forever !!!

Cheers 🙂

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  1. I have recently ordered handbags(set of 4) and a shoe pouch both were of bad quality..and I did receive only 3 out of 4(handbags set).

    When compared to price they are nothing

    Instead amazon and flipkart can be trusted for fast delivery,return and refunds.

    But club factory can be trusted for jewellery is what I think

    Lastly its somewhat risky to order on club factory..because of late return,refund and delivery charged for return.

    I had a loss of ₹100 by ordering on club factory in the form of delivery charged for return.

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