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Why Bags Suppliers from China Are Famous 5 Places for Finding Them

Where to Find Best Wholesale Bags? Top 10 Bags Suppliers From China

Bags Suppliers from China

Are you looking for the best bag suppliers from China?

Are you worried you are going to get scammed if you select a bag supplier from China?

China is the country that produces most of the bags for businesses from all over the world. When buying wholesale from famous bags markets like Yiwu and Guangzhou, you can find all kinds of products and good bags supplier from China.

If you are looking to get your wholesale bags from China, you must have enough experience or knowledge about the market. Or you can find a sourcing expert for help.

We are here for helping. In this blog, we will provide detailed information about the bags wholesale business. What’s more, we will also mention the best bags suppliers from China.

Chapter 1: Why Bags Suppliers from China Are Famous? 5 Places for Finding Them

When you think about getting bags from the wholesale market, the first country to come to mind is China. The reasons for this are manifold and have already been discussed in detail in earlier blogs.

Why Bags Suppliers from China Are Famous 5 Places for Finding Them

The fact that China is the “Production Hub” of the world plays a large part in making it the best candidate for sourcing almost any product you can think of.

1. Why bags suppliers from China can help you a lot?

The bags suppliers from China have a lot to offer. From highly economical prices to a diverse range of bags, you can find anything you are looking for.

There are markets that have only bags and you can choose from a greater variety.

  • The larger number of manufacturers don’t let prices increase

In China, a lot of products are being produced in bulk. The reason is that there is a high demand for Chinese products all over the world.

Similarly, the number of manufacturers producing bags is huge. There is no monopoly and the price is set at an economical rate.

If one manufacturer increases prices, the buyers will turn to others. The sheer number of manufacturers does not allow a hike in price. This benefits the buyers of bags.

  • There are all sorts of bags suppliers from China that provide different products

If you are looking for handbags, a simple Google search can show you how many manufacturers are making them. The variety will amaze you. The variety offered allows them to offer economical prices.

There are all sorts of bags suppliers from China that provide different products

This is another reason why the prices are economical in this part of the world. All of the bag suppliers will have something different to offer you.

This variety is a big attraction for buyers looking for something unique.

2. 5 major cities to find the best bags suppliers from China

Many wholesale markets are present all over China. The best ones can be found in the 5 major cities of China. Buyers should visit these places for sure if they are interested in getting the best quality at the most affordable prices.

  • Guangzhou

For high-end leather handbags, Guangzhou is the area to go to. The bag industry here is famous all around the world. There are 24 wholesale markets dedicated to bags only in the Sanyuanli area alone.

Zhonggang Leatherwear Mall is the biggest market in the World for leather products. These products include jackets, bags and footwear.

So, if you are looking for high-quality bags suppliers from China, don’t forget to visit this market.


The prices are comparatively on the higher side. This is understandable as the quality offered is great. You will hardly come across a bag that is low-quality. All the leather used is 100% pure and original.

Another market, Jinyi Leatherwear Plaza is famous for its leather bags. The market is a must-visit place to get the best quality leather bags.

There are several reliable bag suppliers you can get bags from. You can also get customized bags from here.

There is greater variety here like handbags, wallets, and backpacks. You can get any bag customized or even give them a sample. Then, they will easily make one for you in less time.

  • Yiwu

Yiwu market provides all kinds of products. Although it is famous for small commodities, you still can find a large number of product categories here, include bags

Yiwu International Trade City is the largest wholesale market in the world, you can find not only leather bags, you can find varieties like canvas bags, backpacks and even cosmetic bags here. The prices are also reasonable and the quality top-notch.


Futian Market is the place where you can buy several samples to bring to your country.

There are many different bag suppliers in the market, they offer both wholesale and retail services to their customers. You can find handbags, wallets, purses and many more options to choose from.

  • Quanzhou

In Quanzhou, you can find many manufacturers who offer their own bags and suitcases in the market. Quanzhou is the city that are famous for their suitcases industry.

Moreover, there are huge factories making bags here. You can even find factories that selling materials of bags.


Quanzhou Xinxingda Bags Co., Ltd is a large bag manufacturer in the area. They also customize designs for you, and there is no minimum quantity required.

You can even get 20 bags made if you want. The turnover is quick. It hardly takes 10-15 days to make a sample.

  • Baoding

As the cheapest and latest bags market, Hebei Baigou International Luggage City is the place to visit. A lot of bag production factories are opening up here instead of in southern China.

The labour costs are lower here and that translates into lower costs. The only issue is that they are not experienced in dealing with complex bags and very large orders.

The production factories are smaller which is why they can’t bulk produce. For that, you need to go to Guangzhou or bigger places.


  • Cangnan

All the places we have discussed so far are experts in leather bags. When it comes to Cangnan in Wenzhou city, they don’t have many leather factories.

They focus more on canvas and woven bags. So, if that is the variety you are looking for, do pay a visit to Cangnan.

The reason for the popularity of Cangnan is not the bag production but printing. Most buyers get their bags made from other areas and get them printed here.

Almost 30% of entire China’s printing is done here. The factories are an excellent choice for getting high-quality bags printed.

3. Some issues you may face when buying bags from China

There are some excellent, reliable and honest bag suppliers from China. Similarly, you will come across many suppliers that are not reliable or honest.

The only way to save you from issues is proper verification. Take your time when shortlisting suppliers.

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Some issues you may face when buying bags from China

Do thorough research and only then go ahead with selecting a supplier. For this reason, using a sourcing agent or company like EJET Sourcing is a good idea.

They are on the ground (in China) and have a large network of verified suppliers to choose from. The two major issues you can face are as follows.

  • Some bags suppliers may be lack of export license

The first thing people check is the export license of the suppliers/dealers. An important thing to remember is that most suppliers do not owe an export license.

Even though it seems not like a big red flag, it might now be. Because of this, many people won’t do business with such manufacturers and suppliers.

Some companies can start their business even lack of an export. Therefore, be sure to confirm about it.

Although there are many legal ways in which they can carry out business without an export license, it is important to have one while doing cross-border business.

  • Some bags may be non-compliance with your country’s regulation

The sad reality is that even today, there is non-compliance in the international market when it comes to Chinese products. Products that are made especially for the Chinese domestic market do not comply with overseas regulations like the EU and US.

The reason is that China has their own set of rules and regulations that are not influenced by international markets. Most of their products do not follow the international standards approved worldwide.

4. What documents are required to get goods from the bags suppliers from China?

Once you have shortlisted the best suppliers, you also need to keep in mind what legalities are involved. Some documents are required by law, others are a good idea to keep in case they are asked for.

It is important to have all documents updated and made beforehand. This will save you time, hassle and money while doing business.

  • Import/Export License

It is a permission certificate that is issued by the government. An export license shows that the person who is exporting goods from one country to the other is authorized to do so legally.

It is proof that the export being carried out is legal and proper verification has been done.

It gives the importer permission to bring in products to the country which has issued an import license.

  • Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is a document that records a transaction. This transaction is between a seller and buyer of a specific product or service.

This document is mostly prepared by the seller/exporter of the goods/service. The reason is that he/she is the one who has more exact information about the purchase.

The Commercial Invoice includes detailed information about the transaction.

It includes things like the date of purchase, commercial addresses of the buyer and the seller, the exact quantity of goods, names of the involved parties, etc. As you can see, it has all the information about the transaction.

  • Bill of Landing

The Bill of Landing is a document that provides detailed and specific information about the cargo. This is not prepared by the buyer or the seller. It is a sort of a receipt that is made by the freight forwarder or person on the ship in which the cargo is coming.

  • Sales Contract

Sales Contract

Another important document, the sales contract is critical for import/export. It is a simple contract that shows that the purchase of the asset is legal. It is a detailed document that records the transaction taking place between two parties.

All terms and conditions of the transaction are recorded in it.

It includes all the information like the method of payment, the time when payment is supposed to be made and even if any information related to installment. Once you sign it, it is understood that both parties agree to all the terms and conditions.

  • Import Declaration

An import declaration is another document that tells about the good being imported. The import declaration goes beyond the basic information. It includes information about the parcel and a detailed description of the contents of the parcel.

All the weight, before and after packaging is declared in it along with the value of goods. Other documents that can be included are insurance certificates that states what type of insurance you have.

Chapter 2: Top 6 Online Websites for Finding Bag Suppliers from China

We all know that Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc have a lot of suppliers, and do you know We here find 6 websites including to buy wholesale bags from China.

Top 6 Online Websites for Finding Bag Suppliers from China

1. Nihaojewelry

Nihaojewelry is headquartered in the Zhejiang province. They are popular for wholesale products like ladies bags, jewelry, hair accessories and many other products.

They have many suppliers/manufacturers on their forum. This makes online wholesale purchasing easier for buyers.

The prices are very economical depending on which type of handbag you are looking for. To enjoy greater discounts, you can always become a VIP member of the website.


The best thing is that there is no minimum order quantity when it comes to ordering. They also offer product packs for the benefit of potential buyers.


For cheap wholesale bag purchasing needs, you can always head on to They cater to bulk purchasing needs and offer the best prices for bulk buyers.

They have many reliable suppliers on their website. You can also order trendy bags, wallets and even backpacks.

Wholesale7 net

The best thing about is that they always offer to the buyers. Options like 30% off on the shipping cost or amazing sales all year-round are an excellent incentive to attract potential buyers.


The name of is not as famous as Alibaba or 1688. However, here is the platform you can select the top markets in China to buy wholesale bags.

Although it is Chinese websites, you still can go through that with the help of a Chinese sourcing agent or Google translation.

It is able to select the location of suppliers from top 11 cities that offer best bag suppliers in China here. There will also be some market information. As it focuses on one niche, the options and prices are amazing.

4. Bagtreeok

Unlike the others, Bagtreeok is a B2B market. It focuses on the export and production of bags. These include handbags, wallets and even branded bags.

They have been in the business for hardly a decade and still have already provided services in more than 200 countries.


They provide quick services through FedEx, DHL, UPS and other shipping services. Their handbags are of good quality and are available at affordable prices.

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5. Rosegal

For reliable bags suppliers from China, you can log on to Rosegal. It is a perfect option. You can buy in bulk from here for the best prices on the internet. For particular products, you can even get an option of free shipping.

The best products are available in the New Arrivals section. There is so much variety that you can surely find whatever you are looking for.

6. Shoespie

Even though the name suggests that it focuses only on shoes, this is not the case. Shoespie offers many fashion and designer items.

The suppliers on the websites are mostly verified and you don’t need to worry about their reliability. With discounts and special offers all year round, they offer excellent deals for buyers.

If you like a design, you can order it right away. They also offer better prices for bulk purchases. The best thing is that it does not have any shipping costs attached to it. The shipping is free worldwide.

Chapter 3: Best 10 Bags Suppliers from China who Can Help in Your Business

Best 10 Bags Suppliers from China who Can Help in Your Business

1. Loxhandbag Factory

If you are looking for high-quality bags, you should surely visit Loxhandbag Factory. It has a huge plant with around 180 employees. It has advanced equipment and makes use of the best production technology.

They can produce any type of bag, includes cosmetic bags, fashion bags, sports bags and even computer bags. You can get customized bags made easily with some of the best designs.

Loxhandbag Factory

2. JD Handbag Factory

They have been in business for more than 2 decades. They have 3 factories present in Dongguan, Cambodia and Shandong. This has allowed them to specialize not only in manufacturing but also in designing bags of different varieties.

The fact that they have factories overseas and in China allows them to provide the best prices. They have a team of quality engineers, production managers and development experts. You can get a quote in less than 24 hours.

3. Felicity Fashions Co., Ltd.

If you want the entire package, you can always visit Felicity Fashions Co., Ltd. They have a wide variety of fashion products. These include handbags, tote bags, clothes, accessories and many more items.

They have a huge facility and even allow potential buyers to come and look around. So, if you are looking to get the best prices, visiting the facility is a must.

4. Guangzhou MingHong Textile Co., Ltd

Guangzhou MingHong Textile

If there is some factory that focuses on clients needs the most, it is Guangzhou MingHong Textile Co., Ltd.

They are full professionals who provide the lowest prices while keeping in mind the quality of the products. They offer multiple advantages to the clients like design, requirements, samples and drawings.

They use only certified eco-friendly products which don’t harm the environment. Neither do they follow any production process that can harm the environment?

They also work with any type of incoterm and offer excellent shipment options.

5. Lemei Bags Co Ltd

They specialize in producing high-quality cotton canvas bags. There are many other options also available from which you can choose. Best yet, they offer the option of customization.

Buyers can come up to them and get any bag made of their choice. The price is economical and you can choose everything. From the design of the bag to the product being used.

6. Guangzhou Xinxiu Fashion Bags Co., Ltd.

Even though they specialize in luggage bags, they also make many other types of bags. Some of the bags they make include messenger bags, wallets, fancy wedding bags, shoulder bags and ladies handbags.

Guangzhou Xinxiu Fashion Bags

They have a decade of experience in the field and have more than 200 employees.

Their production facility is spread over more than 2000 sq meters. This allows them to provide high-quality bags at the best prices. Not only this, but it also allows them to meet deadlines and complete orders in less time.

7. Twin Oaks Bags

Twin Oaks Bags allows you to make bags from scratch without putting in much effort. Their experience allows them to help you along the way. Brands like Target, Coca Cola and Johnson’s and Johnson’s trust them completely.

Along with quality, they provide accurate and on-the-time deliveries. Their suppliers ensure that the products comply with all the rules and regulations of domestic and international standards.

8. Three Birds Luggage

Three Birds Luggage

Many brands of the Middle East trust Three Birds Luggage for getting their bags made. Along with quality, they offer excellent prices too. You can get customized bags at the most affordable rates.

9. Alpine Bags

Alpine bags specialize in the production of all types of outdoor bags. That is their expertise. They have all types of bags like garment bags, tote bags, shopper bags, luggage bags that have wheels and duffle bags too.

Apart from these bags, you can also order bags of your choice. They will be customized at the best prices possible.

10.  Xiangxing (Fujian) Bags & Luggage Group Co. Ltd.

The factory is located in Fuging, the famous Chinese hometown. It has been in operation since 1992. They have been producing bags for huge brands like ADIDAS, PUMA and many more.

Their production includes luggage bags, climbing backpacks, and waist bags and women handbags. They have more than 9,500 employees. This shows the sheer amount of work that they do.

Chapter 4: How to Identify the Reliability of Bags Suppliers from China?

How to Identify the Reliability of Bags Suppliers from China

You can find several bag suppliers from China by a mere online search. But, how to know which of them are reliable and which are not? You have to do research yourself. There are a few red flags to look out for which are discussed below.

1. Do a thorough research online

A very obvious way to see which bags suppliers from China are reliable and which are not is through online research. There are multiple websites like and that display thousands of bag supplier information on them.

Moreover, the suppliers which have been verified have a badge on their sites so people know.
Apart from the website verification, you can see the transaction history of the suppliers too. You can check the reviews of people who have done business with the supplier and whether they are happy with it or not.

2. Physically visit the factory/premises if possible

If you can, the best way to confirm if a supplier is reliable or not is to go ahead and visit their factory/production unit.

From a personal visit, you can see how well-established the production unit is, what is the capacity of production, what type of material they are using etc.

Physically visit the factory

It also gives you the opportunity of meeting the supplier in person. You can see them at work. If you are unable to go ahead and visit a facility personally, always get someone to do it for you.

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It can be a friend, colleague or the best option is to go for a sourcing agent who can do it for you.

3. Check the business license

Checking the reliability of bags suppliers from China is to check the business license. The business license is a document that the supplier is given by the government. It states that the supplier is allowed to do business in the country.

If the business license shows that the supplier is also a manufacturer or producer, it is better. Even though the supplier doesn’t need to show you their license, they should if you ask. If not, that is a big red flag and might indicate that the supplier is not reliable.

4. Ask for samples

Remember, reliable suppliers always provide samples to potential buyers. It does not need to be free, but a supplier that refuses to provide a sample is a red flag.

Most suppliers even send samples of their products to buyers in other countries. The buyer usually has to pay for the sample. This develops trust in the quality of the supplier and the buyer can see if the sample is according to their requirements or not.

Ask for samples

5. Check the quality

Another way which requires a little effort is to contact previous clients of the supplier. You can always check what sort of products they ordered and what they got in return.

You can also visit the facility and while you are there, see what is under production. If there is an order under production, you can request the supplier/manufacturer to show it to you.

If you cannot visit their factory, you can check the quality with the help of a sourcing agent.

6. Hire a sourcing expert

The best way to ensure you get through with reliable and honest suppliers is to hire a sourcing agent. You can find many that are experts in the field and have vast experience working with clients just like you.

They are present in the country from where you are going to buy products and that gives you an advantage. They can represent you and visit facilities in the area.

Being in the business allows them to be in the best position to make decisions about suppliers.

Moreover, they already have a detailed list of suppliers/manufacturers for different products. This network allows them the lock the best prices with the best suppliers.

Chapter 5: How to Make Sure the Bags Suppliers from China are Producing Good Quality Bags?

How to Make Sure the Bags Suppliers from China are Producing Good Quality Bags

According to demand, there are many quality levels of the same product being made in China. How do you know that the bag your supplier is providing to you is of the highest quality?

For this, there are a few steps you have to follow.

1. Check the material in detail and make sure it matches your requirements

You need to check the quality of the bag against the requirements you had. All the requirements need to be told beforehand clearly to the manufacturer or supplier.

For instance, if you asked for a leather bag, check the quality of the leather. Hold a lighter close to the bag. If you see that the bag is melting or disfiguring, it means that it is not of good quality.

2. Check the stitching all around and make sure it is tidy

The bag might look nice to the eye but can be of low quality. Check the sides of the bags and the areas where the stitching is done. Again, it might look neat to the eye but can be untidy.

The trick is to go over the entire stitching with your fingers. See for bumps and untidy stitches. If the stitches are bumpy and uneven, it means that the stitching was not good.

Check the stitching all around and make sure it is tidy

It can result in the stitches coming out sooner and the bag losing its shape and stitches.

3. Know if the price is too high or too low, be careful about cheap ones

Price is an important consideration to check the quality of bags. Usually, we are attracted by lower prices. But, we should not blindly go for the lowest price of the lot.

Offering very low prices than the rest is not possible until the supplier/manufacturer is not compromising on quality.

Yes, if you offer a price that is quite below the market average, it is not a good sign. This shows that there is some serious red flag somewhere. Either they are offering very low-quality or there is some other catch.

Chapter 6: FAQs About Bags Suppliers from China


1. How can you ensure you get the best prices for your bags?

The best way to get the best prices for your bags is to purchase directly from the manufacturers. They offer the best prices as they produce in bulk.

Even when you get economical prices from the manufacturers, you should always go ahead and bargain. By bargaining, the supplier/manufacturer can further reduce the prices.

Another good way is to avail the expertise of freight forwarders and sourcing agents. They have a huge network of suppliers associated with them that allows them to get the best prices for your products.

2. Is importing bags from B2B websites better or by buying through factories?

When it comes to handbags, the best way is to import directly from manufactures that have their own production units.

The buyers like buying directly from factories are the huge discounts they get. Buying directly from there also opens the way for future transactions.

3. Can you find original products from the bag suppliers in China?

Sure. Although many people are finding replica bags from China, there still some manufacturers who make their own brands in China. You can also give your ideas to a supplier that provides customized bags.

4. Are Louis Vitton bags from China real?

Depending on where you buy the Louis Vitton bags from, they can be fake or real. The brands offer real bags and if you visit a Louis Vitton outlet, you can get a real bag. Otherwise, the suppliers don’t have real bags only replicas and copies.


In a nutshell, you can gain a lot of profit if you go for doing business of wholesale bags. For the best variety and the best quality, choosing bags suppliers from China is a wise decision.

This blog will help you decide which suppliers to choose, how to make sure you are getting good quality products and how to lock the best prices.

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