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How to Spot Real vs Fake Fear of God Essentials Hoodie

a man in a white hoodie looking at the city at night

Welcome to the definitive guide on discerning the authenticity of Fear of God Essentials Hoodies. Understanding the nuances between real and fake pieces is essential for any enthusiast or collector in a world flooded with imitations.

As we delve into key aspects – from the packaging to intricate details – this guide will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and safeguard the integrity of your Fear of God Essentials collection.

1. The Wash Tags

You can know if Essentials hoodies are real by checking if the wash tag’s text is too thick or so thin it almost looks scratched. These issues are always seen on fake hoodies, as none of them makes an exception. Authentic hoodies are of the highest quality.

  • Wash tag front side

1) All the inscriptions on the real Essentials hoodie are thicker and more defined when compared to the fake Essentials hoodie’s thinner text.

2) The fake wash tag’s text uses a completely different font. The text is too thick in some places,But also too thin in other places.The font-weight should be the same across the entire tag.


  • Wash tag rear side

The fake hoodie once again has its text at the wrong thickness.All of the fake inscriptions look way thinner than the exact text on the real wash tag.


2. The Neck Tag

1) The fake FOG Essentials hoodie has its text too boxy, while the real Essentials hoodie’s text is bigger and wider.

2) The neck tag on the fake hoodie has the wrong thickness on the text. The ESSENTIALS thick is thinner on a real pair when compared to the replica version of the hoody.

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3) You can also found some stitch inconsistencies for the fake FOG Essential Hoodie this is denoted in a red arrow, pointing out that not just the stitching, but also the fabric used for the fake Fog Essential Hoodies.


3. The Badge

1) The real FOG Essentials hoodie badge should be tight, neat, and consistent in stitching, when compared with the fake Fog Essentials hoodie badge, stitch gaps can be seen for the replicated Fogs.

2) The real Fear Of God Essentials hoodie has its stitching fit deep inside the patch, as no threads come out of the patch, unlike the fake item’s stitches.

3) You can also findhow the fake hoodie has its very thin text, and how the original “ESSENTIALS” text is thicker.


4. The Front Print

1) Looking at the real FOG Essentials hoodie’s “ESSENTIALS” text, you can see how the same text is thinner than the one on the fake piece.The fake FOG hoodie’s “ESSENTIALS” text is too thick.

2) The real FOG Essentials Hoodie spacing is closer to each other when compared with the fake or replica FOG Essential Hoodie got more space between letters.



5. The Inside Fabric

Authentic products are made from high-quality materials, such as soft cotton and a cotton blend at that.The real FOG Essentials Hoodies are thicker and heavy when compared with fakes, the inner texture is smoother.


6. The Hang Tags

There’s nothing much of a difference between these hangtags and it’s not a good indicator to determine the real vs fake Fog Hoodies,but the fake item’s text is yet again badly font-weighted.The “ESSENTIALS” text is too thick, and the authentic tag’s text is thinner.

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7. The Other Details

1) The real Fog Essential front cuts are smaller when compared with the fake FOG essential Hoodie is obviously larger.


2) The real products have clean and even seams, while counterfeit products often have sloppy or uneven stitching. Can you see the difference in this great example?


You should also check the zippers, buttons, and other hardware, when applicable, which should all be high-quality.

Extra Details

Looking beyond the big features, checking if a Fear of God Essentials hoodie is real or fake involves paying attention to the little things. Zippers, buttons, and other parts, if there are any, should be of top-notch quality in real hoodies.

The real deal will have smooth zipping, careful details, and a uniform finish. But with fake ones, these small details might be lacking, causing them to not work well or having differences in how they’re made.

These small details are essential in telling apart a genuine Fear of God Essentials hoodie from a fake one when you’re trying to figure out if it’s real or not.

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