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Best Malaysian food delivery apps

Best Food Delivery Apps in Malaysia 2023

Best Malaysian food delivery apps
Since the pandemic, food delivery apps have become an essential part of our daily lives. Food delivery apps have provided us with a safe way to enjoy our favourite foods and beverages without risking our health.

Furthermore, food delivery apps are incredibly convenient. You can receive ready-to-eat meals right at your doorstep without even leaving your room, saving you plenty of time.

But if you’re new to food delivery apps, you must be wondering which one to start with. Well, here are the top 7 delivery apps to use in Malaysia.


  1. GrabFood – 1.6 million monthly visits

    Best Malaysian food delivery apps

    • GrabFood is one of the most popular food delivery apps in Malaysia, offering a wide range of cuisine options from local favorites to international brands.
  2. Foodpanda –

    • Foodpanda is another well-known food delivery app that operates in Malaysia, offering a diverse range of food options.
  3. DeliverEat –

    • DeliverEat is a popular food delivery app in Malaysia that offers food from over 1,000 restaurants, including local favorites and international brands.
  4. dahmakan –

    • dahmakan is a food delivery app that focuses on providing healthy, nutritious meals to customers in Malaysia.
  5. GoGet –

    • GoGet is a versatile platform that offers a range of services, including food delivery, grocery shopping, and personal errands.
  6. HappyFresh –

    • HappyFresh is a grocery delivery app that offers a wide range of fresh produce and other household essentials.
  7. Lalamove –

    • Lalamove vows to provide food vendors with the most feasible logistics solution for their online food business. It welcomes any individual who runs a restaurant, food stall, cafe and F&B chain store that partners with them for the most reliable food delivery service.The Lalamove team prioritises an honest transportation service and charges zero commission on all deliveries. Food vendors can decide on the suitable vehicles to deliver their food and Lalamove will find them matching drivers in an instant.Besides the original food packaging provided by the vendors, additional Lalabags will be used to keep the food safe, fresh and hygienic. Some of the food companies that have collaborated with Lalamove include Inside Scoop, Salad Atelier and CakeTogether.
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These are just a few of the most popular food delivery apps in Malaysia. Depending on your location and food preferences, you may find other options that suit your needs.


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