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How To Choose The Best Face Cream For Yourself?

Have you ever been confused by the complex and diverse ingredients in a facial cream? What do all these dazzling ingredients do? What kind of creams work best for your skin? What kind of creams can help deal with skin sensitivity, dryness and aging?

Choosing the right cream for you is not easy. Today Uwot helps you choose the right moisturizer with a scientific approach by consulting with a professional dermatologist to give your skin the healthy glow you are looking for.

22 Best Face Moisturizers of 2022 - Reviews of Top Rated Face LotionsCreams and Lotions

Creams are used for all skin types, whether your skin is oily, dry or both.

Moisturizers work to bring moisture, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants into the skin, not just to its surface. They are often formulated with sealants – also known as emollients – to help the skin retain moisture.

The main difference between lotions and creams is the texture and the ratio of water to oil in the ingredients; lotions are lighter and less greasy, making them more suitable for people with normal to mildly dry skin. Lotions tend to contain more water and liquid ingredients, giving them a thinner consistency. Creams, which provide a heavier barrier to keep the skin moisturized, are ideal for those with dry or sensitive skin and are also suitable for use in the winter months,Creams capture maximum moisture.

If your skin is itchy or dry, you may want to lock in moisture with a thick ointment. Creams are thinner, help moisturize, and are beneficial for normal skin. Lotions are primarily water-based and have a lighter texture, which is ideal for oily skin.

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Choose different products and application methods depending on the time and place of use, environment, and season. Dry areas or dry climates require a thicker moisturizer, while summer or more humid climates opt for a lighter textured moisturizer or lotion.

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Moisturizing Products Guide

Sun Protection. Regardless of your skin type, almost every dermatologist recommends using a moisturizer with a sun protection factor of at least 30. Products with fragrance-free ingredients are best.
Antioxidants. Moisturizers that contain antioxidants such as green tea, chamomile, pomegranate or licorice root extracts can help keep any skin type fresh and healthy. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals , slowing the aging of the skin.

Oily or acne-prone skin. Dermatologists highly recommend the ingredient alpha-hydroxy acid, which is also anti-aging. It is a good choice if you are prone to acne and you are also looking for a non-comedogenic facial moisturizer that will not clog your pores.

Dry skin. Aim for a heavier moisturizer and look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and dimethicone that help keep your skin hydrated. Glycerin, propylene glycol, proteins and urea also help draw moisture to the skin. Lanolin, mineral oil and petrolatum are known to help lock in moisture.

Sensitive skin. Use a moisturizer that is hypoallergenic and unscented for sensitive skin. In general the fewer the ingredients, the less potential interaction with delicate skin.

What to avoid when choosing a moisturizer

When it comes to a moisturizer’s ingredient list, more is not always better. To get the most out of your skin, avoid some of the popular add-ons.

Pigments and perfumes. Whether you’re looking to moisturize dry skin, sensitive skin or something in between, most experts say to avoid unnecessary and potentially irritating ingredients such as added color and perfume. Antimicrobials can also be unnecessarily irritating, stripping the skin of essential oils.

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Ingredients that are good for your body. What’s good for your body isn’t always good for your face. Cambio recommends avoiding facial moisturizers that contain ingredients in popular body products such as lanolin, mineral oil, waxes or shea butter. “These can clog pores and cause acne on your face,” she says.

Too much acid. If you have dry or sensitive skin, avoid alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, retinoic acid and salicylic acid. These ingredients can penetrate too deeply into the skin and cause trouble for delicate skin. Stay away from products containing alcohol.

Overuse of steroid ingredients (itchy skin). Limit the use of steroid creams or ointments to one to two weeks unless your doctor recommends a longer period. Excessive use of these creams can make the skin very thin and cause other skin problems.

Urea or lactic acid (for eczema or cracked skin). Stay away from moisturizers that contain these dry skin friendly ingredients. They can exacerbate existing skin irritations.

3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Skin Moisturizer

Use more than one type of moisturizer. No one needs a cabinet full of moisturizers. However, a thin layer of lotion for your face and a thick layer of cream for your body may be just right for your full-body skin care.

Apply moisturizer when your skin is damp. A few minutes after your bath or shower, apply your moisturizer and gently press it into your skin.

Let your moisturizer do double duty. Make sure your moisturizer contains a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher. Professionals recommend using vitamin A or alpha-hydroxy acids to promote anti-aging. Want to even out your skin tone? Look for a tinted moisturizer that suits your skin tone.

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2022 The star cream recommended by Uwot.

1.Vichy Liftactiv Supreme Neutral Face Cream for dry and very dry skin

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2.Estee Lauder Multi-Action Zhiyan Cream 50 ml (also known as Nourishing Essence Cream)

3.Lancôme Glowing Eye Cream Small Black Bottle Muscle Foundation Essence Eye Cream 15ml Gift set cosmetics and skin care to reduce dark circles and lines.

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4.LA MER Essence Cream , LA MER Classic Essence Cream 60 ml


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5.SK-II large red bottle 80g skin care set

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6.Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizing Water Gel Daily facial moisturizer for dry skin, oil-free and non-comedogenic face lotion, 1.7 fl. oz

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Water Gel Daily Face Moisturizer Dry Skin -

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