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How to Choose a Shell Ejection Soft Bullet Pistol Toy Gun for Your Play Style

Soft bullet toy gun is the best toy for kids. The use of fictitious firearms is so frequent that it’s virtually unavoidable. Kids love to shoot each other with darts with any gun pop, air, or nerf. It’s usually a good idea to consider how a child’s view of reality can be influenced by play. When shopping for soft bullets, it’s essential to think about your lifestyle and what you like and don’t like about it. It will make the soft bullet toy gun more appealing to you and your children. This article will discuss toy guns with soft bullets, soft bullets, toy guns with soft bullets, and soft bullet pistol toys.

Best soft bullet toy gun:

Following are the best soft bullet toy gun.

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag:

Kids can even play with the toy weapons during the day because they recoil and vibrate when fired. If your children’s friends visit frequently, you’re probably always looking for new activities to play. This toy gun is packaged in a four-pack to ensure that your child’s buddies can join in on the fun. With a signal range of up to 130 feet, playing outside became more exciting. There’s no need to clean up or lose darts, either, thanks to this system.

Infrared squirt gun by Nerf:

Kids will have a blast with this Nerf rifle. Neon darts are fired one by one from the chamber in rapid succession. No buttons or latches to fumble with during combat are needed to reload the darts. Additional darts and other Nerf accessories are available for purchase if desired for increased blasting power. This one is the best toy soft bullet gun.

?The design is inspired by the classic Glock and M1911, which truly restores the shell shooting effect of the melee god.

?Shell Throwing EffectThere will be a simulation shell ejection effect every time the load is launched

?The fun of this Glock M1911 Toy Gun is the realism of it’s mechanics. It is great for teaching gun safety and respect. Load the magazine, pull back the slide to chamber a round, and pull the trigger to release a rubber bullet.Fits any equipment made for the real thing. The perfect choice for training, Halloween or cosplay.

Brand Name: ToyGunWholesale
Features: Shell Throwing
Recommend Age: 3+
Warning: Don’t Shoot At People
Model Number: Glock G18?Golt M1911?Desert Eagle
Certification: CE
Material: Plastic
Plastic Type: ABS
Size: 21-25cm
Bullet: Soft Bullet

MyPopGun Rifle for duck hunting: 

When someone in your family enjoys hunting, your kids will likely want to join in on the fun. Their enthusiasm for duck hunting will be piqued when they see this pistol. Until then, they can hone their skills in the privacy of their yard. The camouflage pattern on this rifle makes it ideal for role-playing. It will help your child associate the toy rifle with hunting.

BoomCo Halo UNSC M6 Blaster: 

Your child may enjoy Halo, a popular video game. If they are, they will recognize this weapon immediately. Made by the business BoomCo, the toy gun fully matches the team weaponry in the video game. In addition, the gun comes with five darts, and it can shoot several darts simultaneously. Since the darts can fly up to 70 feet, they can hit anything within the home if they’re playing indoors.

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Mini Foam Dart Blasters:

As a parent of two or more children, you are well aware that the younger one can feel ostracized from their peers. Even children’s toy firearms are becoming more sophisticated, making them unsuitable for use by more youthful siblings. Using this gun will allow your child to participate in the excitement. It’s shaped like a rifle but only holds one dart at a time, and it comes with 36 foam darts. Your child’s hand-eye coordination will improve due to learning to load the chamber independently.

Power Popper 2 Pack from Few:

Foam balls can be fired from these long toy guns, holding up to 11 at a time. It may be aimed from the ground as a bazooka, and the weapon can be held with one hand. This set comes with two plastic toy firearms. You insert the foam balls into the tube’s open end to load the pistol.

Space Ray’s Rhode Island gun:

Having watched Star Wars with your children, they could be clamoring for a sci-fi pistol of their own. These intergalactic space blaster cannons will give your child the sensation of being in the middle of an interplanetary conflict. There is six toy soft bullet gun in each pack, so your kids will have plenty to play with and give to their friends.

iSottcom Wooden Rubber Band Pistol: 

Back in the day, rubber band guns were a big hit, and now they’re making a comeback. This eco-friendly hardwood gun is ideal for parents concerned about the environmental impact of plastic. Up to four bands can be fired back-to-back, and the set has roughly 50 rounds, so there’s no need to go hunting for more. Like a handgun, you load the bands and then squeeze the trigger to fire them into the sky.

Buying guides for soft bullet toy gun:

Some parents may be cautious about buying Toy soft bullet toy guns for their children. However, this is often overstated and excessively emphasized. A soft bullet gun toy is built for safety first and foremost, so it’s crucial to realize that. Manufacturers of these toys are trying to create a completely safe toy for youngsters. Following are buying guides for soft bullet toy gun.

Wide range of Dart products:

If you live in a place where space is at a premium, you might find that toy weapons with smaller calibers are more suitable. It would help if you searched for a gun with a range of no more than forty feet or one that does not discharge. It will significantly reduce their capacity to cause havoc inside buildings.

Convoluted in its loading:

It is not unusual for younger siblings to request that older siblings play with them. Toy weapons that can launch a foam ball or dart at a target can benefit children as young as six years old. Toy shotguns, which typically have multiple chambers, are an excellent option for older kids.

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Make sure you’re well-armed during a battle with a toy gun that’s just right for you. When you need a weapon that can shoot darts at a distance or one that can fire rounds at incredible speeds, you have options. When preparing for conflict, the soft bullet pistol toy is the weapon of choice. The rotating barrel drum of this blaster, which is operated by hand, can propel darts up to a distance of 90 feet. Also included is a built-in dart barrel with darts that can be swiftly and conveniently loaded.


Is it true that children who play with soft bullets become more aggressive?

Play has been shown to impact children’s development in recent decades significantly. Children’s physical, mental, and social development are aided by play.

What is the best age to use a soft bullet toy gun?

Toy Guns That Shoot Rubber Bullets are best suited for children between three and seven.


  • Never shoot anyone not involved in any Nerf war.

  • Never paint your blaster black, gray, silver, or camo if you want to use it outside. Always have an orange or red tip on your blaster.

  • You may lose darts when playing a Nerf war, if everyone works to look for them, you will lose little to none. Nerf brand darts are extremely overpriced, and basically a scam for the worst dart type. Worker and Dart Zone have much more affordable darts.

  • Always wear eye protection.

  • Never aim for the eyes or other sensitive areas when playing with Nerf blasters. Nerf darts are designed to prevent injury, but you never know when you might accidentally catch a stray in the wrong place.


  • Have a few Nerf wars with your friends to find out what weapons are most suitable for your play style.

  • Have fun! A spontaneous Nerf firefight is a great way to brighten up anyone’s day.

  • If you get hit often, create a sturdy cardboard shield, don’t forget to follow the game rules of having a shield.

  • If you’re playing with teams, assign a different position for each player based on their strengths and preferences.
  • Special tactical vests can be purchased that hold extra ammunition and also allow you to holster certain weapon models.
  • If you’re bad at aiming, try practicing on targets. Be sure that you’re using accurate darts (Dart Zone or Worker darts) so that aiming is actually useful.
  • If you want to be a sniper, try a Caliburn, Orion Lynx, Worker Swift, Dart Zone Nexus Pro, Dart Zone Max Stryker, Dart Zone Pro Mk.I, modified Longshot, or Worker Prophecy.

Where can I buy a soft bullet toy gun?

Many online retailers are selling soft bullet guns. You can try big names like Walmart, Amazon, joyasdechina, etc. You can also read this the tot review to see if they have interesting products.

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Soft bullet guns to buy for your kids

Below are some soft bullet guns you can buy for your kids online.

1. Soft Bullet Foam Blaster Toy Gun

The Soft Bullet Foam Blaster Toy Gun comes with foam bullets. There are suction darts also provided in the kit. Your kids will enjoy this; firing soft foam bullets and suction darts ceaselessly. And one good thing is that children can play with this toy gun inside the house without destroying anything. This soft bullet gun toy is suitable for kids aged three and above. It is made from plastic and weighs 0.7kg.

You can keep your little ones busy with this toy while you do something else. One of the great features of this toy gun is that it can be used as a water gun. Thus, your kid can easily transition from shooting darts and softballs to shooting a continuous stream of water at imaginary objects. You can look at retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and goat guns to find this product.

2. Miniso Soft Foam Balls Toy Power Nerf Gun With 12 Balls

This soft bullet gun comes from the stables of Miniso. This gun has 12 soft foam balls and 3 cup-themed standing targets. The gun is made from a safe EVA foam material. This toy gun does not require batteries to work.

All you need to do is aim at your target and fire. This Miniso product can only take 12 balls. The muzzle is where you fill in the EVA balls, get the blaster ready and shoot by squeezing the trigger. It is an ideal toy gun for children aged six and above. The Miniso Soft Foam Balls Toy Power Nerf Gun weighs 0.5kg.

3. Shell Ejection Soft Bullet Pistol

The online store Csnoobs customize the Shell Ejection Soft Bullet Pistol. It is a soft bullet toy gun with an enhanced FPS. And this new version is made of nylon, not plastic. The shell ejection is also enhanced. New cartridges and darts have been included too.

This toy gun is 8 inches long and weighs 0.58 lbs. The gun’s magazine has a capacity of 8 pcs of darts. After every shot, all you need to do to release bullet shell casings is pull the gun slide. It is made of quality ABS material and is safe for use. It is ideal for kids aged five and above.

Alternatives for soft bullet guns

There are other toy guns that will interest your kids if you can’t lay your hands on a soft bullet gun. These alternatives include bubble guns, monster guns, water guns, splatter ball guns, etc.


We have looked at soft bullet gun products in this article. They are great gifts to give your children. We are sure you will find the right one if you decide to buy a soft bullet gun.



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