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Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites Rolex real

TOP 10 Best Places to Buy Replica Designer Clothing in Wholesale

Replica products business has a huge market, as they’re affordable, highly profitable, and of high quality. And 90% of replica products are made in China around the globe. Many luxury brand companies have foundry in China. So you find all kinds of fake luxury brand products like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Rolex in China.
But you must have such questions: where to find replica products in China? What should I ask when I import wholesale replica products from China?
That’s why I write the article. I will tell you the top 10Chinese replica websites and give you some tips to wholesale replica bags, clothes, watches, shoes, and electronics. I bet you will benefit a lot from this post.

Let’s learn more…


Most clothes, Handbags, shoes, watches, and jewelry people wear are not legit but most people don’t notice this.  They are mostly are replicas of the original products or we can also they are fake or sometimes they are called fantasy clothes. Of course, there are also genuine and cheap designer clothes online.

When people hear about a replica or a fake product, they tend to shy away from buying it but in reality, not all of this product is of low quality. Most of the replica and fake products are of high quality and some are so good that you can be unable to differentiate from the real pieces.

Where to find replica products in China (bags, clothes, watches, shoes, electronics)?

Because of the property right, the sellers will make some adjustments for the image like blurring. Usually, the logo won’t be displayed in the product details. They will make some adjustments to the original style instead.
For example, the first picture is a real Rolex watch with its logo, while the second picture is a fake one without a logo.
Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites Rolex real
You can find there are some independent online stores on Google and Social Media like FaceBook, and Instagram, but they may come from some countries that lack good regulation policies. So it is very risky to buy replica products without any guarantees.
You cannot find such online stores major in providing a certain counterfeit category because of the strict property rights regulation in China. But you can buy such products from some Chinese B2B or B2C websites as follows.
Note: the list is just for your reference. Because of the strict property rights policy, we are not sure you can find replica products on the Chinese websites above.


From this site, you will find the best assortment of replica designer clothing items at affordable prices. The clothing products range from women handbags, men wallets, hoodies, jackets, underwear.

If you are after quality then you have arrived at the best site, where you can get the best offers at affordable prices. is a Chinese wholesale websites, you can find different kinds of fashion replica clothing and shoes from them, such as Nike, Supreme etc. can be fond here.

They offer fashion relica clothes with low price and free shipping to worldwide, besides, they also offer dropshipping services.

Replica Wholesaler

With a simple and easy to access site such as replica wholesaler, you can be able to get replica clothing pieces at a fairly low price. The purchasing process is simplified to enable the easy flow of the process.

They are the largest suppliers of replica designer clothing in China. This has been promoted by the existence of good relationships between the manufactures of the clothing and the company.



This is like Chinese eBay, this is because it brings together a large number of wholesale companies and suppliers. Due to this reason, it has been able to offer the best prices and a wide variety of products. The company has a good security policy for the buyer where the buyer only pays for the product when it has been delivered.

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If you are after the best site for women clothing then is the site to visit. With a wide variety of women clothing’s ranging from dresses, tops, swimwear, jumpsuit, bottoms, and others. The replica designs are of the best quality and can make you rock like a celebrity.


Designer Inspired Clothes

Are you are looking for the best dress that gives you a unique celebrity look?  At this site then you will be able to find the dress at their catalog for designer dresses available online at wholesale and retail prices.

Their high-quality replica designer dresses come in a myriad of styles, cuts, and designs.  If you are after formal dresses embellished with beads or just a casual dress then this is the perfect sight for you.


At site is the leading wholesale supplier of fake designer clothes in China. They offer free 12-35-day shipping to your location and also you can opt for express shipping 3-5 days.

They have the best quality fake designer shirts, handbags and other clothing at a quite lower price. The products are 100% satisfactory and they also provide you a refund, if requested, on any returns. is a Chinese online trading platform that offers a variety of products for the consumers at a whole low price. They contain some of the best replica designer clothing pieces ranging from women clothing, baby clothing’s, and men clothing.

These are most certainly one of the best options for buying replica designer clothing in China as they have a variety of clothing products that are appealing to their customers and also, they have affordable shipping prices. is a clothing wholesale website, located in China. They offer various of fashion clothing. As we all know, buying replica clothing has high risk. Therefore, all clothing in are not replica, but they get clothes design elements from main European clothing brands.


You can come and check more information for the full list ever of China wholesale suppliers.


10 Best Replica Clothing Sites in UK


Here is a list of top replica clothing sites in UK:

WebsiteProductslocation tops, Belts, Ladies CardiganUK, Shorts, DressesUK
www.ioffer.comWomen’s Clothing, Men’s ClothingUK
Mirvba.ruGucci Replica ProductsUK categoriesUK
www.esty.comScarfs, 1940 Dresses, SocksUK
www.greatshirts.comPolo shirts, Women T-shirts, Kids ShirtsUK
Uksportwarehouse.netScarves, Basketball Clothing, Hats & Beanies, HoodiesUK Barcelona Kits, Real Madrid Socks, Barcelona ShirtsUK


Wholesale Clearance

Wholesale clearance has an amazing range of wholesale branded clothing for you to choose from. They have some of the most fake and replica designer clothes such as Calvin Klein and young brands such as Pacha and Chupa Chups, Wholesale Clearance has everything for everyone.

Despite customer requiring clothing at cheap prices they still expect to purchase the highest quality products. Designer clothes a are delivered with style and quality and if you can offer your customer at an affordable price then everyone will be happy.

When it come to looking for the best site to buy wholesale replica clothes, then should be your one stop online platform. Shopstyle is a leading lifestyle and fashion shopping platform where you can search, explore and find the exact thing you are looking for.  From this site you can search for millions of products, get updates on new products and also save your favorites.

Some of the featured products in this site includes replicas of designer brands such as Airmax shoes, Gucci belts, branded sneakers, Supreme Sneakers, and many more others. They have the best selections of Women, Men, Babies and Unisex clothing items.  All of this clothing pieces and accessories are available at high quality and affordable prices.

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Are you looking for the best replica Gucci product or Balenciaga replica to rock on? Belt online shop websites offer you a wide selection of Gucci replica product at a cheap price and the replicas are of quality. Their products are so good that you will find it difficult to differentiate from the original Gucci designer products.

Also, in this site they have streamlined the buying and payment process, hence making it easy as possible.


I bet you have heard about eBay.  If not then let me tell you why it is so famous in the UK. This website has made a reputation in the UK by being the best provider of replica designer clothing in the UK.

These replica designer clothing pieces are sold at wholesale and retail shops at an affordable price. If you are looking for replicas of designers such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Timberland then you will not be disappointed by this site. They provide the best payment and shipping offers to their customers.

Clothing products from are regarded as one of the best in the UK market. They supply replica designer clothing’s to customers and to wholesalers.

Their products are mainly obtained from the best manufacturers and suppliers. They have an inventory that will satisfy every consumer needs.

Great Shirts

Are you after the best replica shirts? this then is the official site to stop by. They have the best shirts ranging from kids’ shirts, men shirts, Men polo shirts, women Blouses & shirts. They are the best sellers of shirts in the UK.

Replica Online

Every beautiful woman always rocks a classy handbag. The Handbag is meant to complement the dressing of the woman and also acts as a storage unit for most of the women, If you are looking for a classy handbag that will give that classy modelish look, Replica online should be your first stop as they offer their customer some of the best replica designer handbags in the market at very low prices.


UK Sports Warehouse Wholesale

This site offers sportsmen, sportswomen and other customers with the best replica designer sports clothing and accessories. The clothing ranges from Bgrade bags, basketball clothing, tracksuits, scarves & gloves, socks, sweaters, shirts, replica rugby clothing.

Amazon is one of the largest suppliers of replica designer clothing in the UK and all over the world. They have the most affordable price tags on these products. They offer a platform where you can access and the different list of available replica products.

The company offers shipping services up to the location of the customer and have a flexible payment option.


After knowing where to wholesale fake clothing, next, I will share some useful tips of how to wholesale replica clothes.


Tips on How to Wholesale Fake Designer Clothes.



When coming with a convenient price for your wholesale price you must put into consideration the manufacturing cost of the product, the cost you plan to wholesale the product for and what price will you suggest to the retailers.

To keep balance then you should have a minimum order. Consider the expenses you have incurred to obtains the clothing and then come at a convenient price.

Understand How Retailers Buy

You have to understand how the retailers buy your products. Do they make chain orders at once or continuous? Are they seasonal buyers? From these details, you will be able to understand how to schedules the different orders in order to satisfy the retailer.

Stand Out from the Competitors

To stand out from your competitors will give you an edge over the fake designer clothes market. To achieve this then you need to have good reviews for your products. Good reviews will ensure that you will be able to win the trust of buyers.

If you are just starting then Offer free samples to reputable companies. Reviews from a reputable name or company can ensure that you will always have a continuous supply of buyers.

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Keep Up with Industry Speeds

Staying up to date on trends keeps your business growing. Stayin in the whole know zone will automatically give you a competitive age and drive creativity.

Set a Target

Walk around and get them to know your competitors and compare them to yourself. After this then you will be able o know what type of fake designer cloth is on high demand. You will also be able to know where buyers are buying their products. Finally, you will have a good idea on what product you should stock your shelf with.


Cons of Wholesale Replica Clothing


Replica clothing wholesale is popular among people,  but wholesale or selling replica clothing, there are many cons.

When you are goning to invest replica clothing business, the following risk you should take into consider.

1. Selling replica clothing is illegal in some degree

Replica clothing has its’ pros, such as cheap and high quality, in some degree, it also can meet customers needs. But, each brands has strong ideas to protect their brands from copy. So, If the replica business is not premitted by brand owner, you may get lawsuit.

2. Not accepted by many e-commerce platforms

Replica clothing has high demends but it cannot be accepted by many e-commerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay and more. For example, If Amazon know that you are selling replica clothing, they willl closed your online store and fine you.

3. Lulls you into a false sense of financial responsibility.

The abbove are some of cons of retail or wholesale replica clothing.


FAQs about buying replica products from China

How to ship replica products from China to my country?

Because of the property right, the customs clearance process of replica products is a little special. It can’t be exported through the normal channels. Hence, you should find forwarders with special channels to help you handle the import and export of counterfeit products. The most convenient way to find this kind of forwarder is to ask your supplier if they can recommend one to you.

Which is the best Chinese replica website?

If you ask me which one is the best replica clothing site, replica watch site, or replica bag site, honestly speaking, I can’t give you the answer directly. Good quality and bad quality product on every website.
No matter which website you use, you should know one truth: the ways for buying replica products are the same. In addition, the standard for judging whether the replica product is good or not depends on your expectation. If you spend $20 buying an LV Neverfull and you feel satisfied, then it is worthwhile to buy it. Instead, if you have a high requirement for quality, perhaps you need to spend even $300 buying a satisfactory LV Neverfull.

Is it legal to sell replica products?

Obviously, it is illegal to sell replica products. Most replica products won’t come up on regular websites like Amazon and Shopify with a strict regulation policy. If you sell them on such websites, your store will be risky of closing. So you had better sell them via some offline channels like street stores or stalls.


Last Word


A lot of people love to own and wear branded clothes.  Branded clothes tend to be expensive and most people are not able to afford them. That’s where the fake and replica designer clothing come in. These clothes are cheap and also of high quality hence serving the high demand for branded clothes.

But all in all, wholesale replica clothing has certain risk. Buying 100% authentic designer clothing, go to Chinabrands. You can find the good style, trendy design designer clothing with wholesale price and also has no risk of selling them to your custoemrs. Because all products are authorized by brand owners.

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