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How Long Does SHEIN Take to Ship? A Comprehensive Guide to Shipping Times and Factors That Affect Delivery

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving world, online shopping has emerged as a highly popular choice among numerous consumers seeking convenience and efficiency. With the ability to browse and purchase a wide range of products from the comfort and convenience of one’s own home, it comes as no surprise that online platforms like Shein have witnessed a significant surge in popularity.

Recognizing the paramount importance of timely deliveries in satisfying their diverse and discerning customer base, Shein, a renowned and well-established online fashion retailer, has taken proactive measures to address this crucial aspect of the shopping experience. To cater to the unique preferences and requirements of their clientele, Shein offers three distinct shipping methods: Economy, Standard, and Express shipping. Each method comes with its own set of characteristics and delivery timeframes, allowing customers to choose the option that best aligns with their needs.

Before delving into the specifics of Shein’s shipping methods, it is imperative to clarify a vital aspect of the ordering process. Upon placing an order on Shein’s platform, customers should be mindful of the fact that there exists a processing time, which typically spans a duration of 1 to 3 business days. This designated timeframe is separate from the overall shipping time and serves as a crucial interval during which Shein diligently prepares and organizes the items for shipment, ensuring that everything is in order and ready to be dispatched to the awaiting customers.

Now, let us delve deeper into the estimated delivery times associated with each of Shein’s shipping methods. For customers residing within the expansive and diverse landscape of the United States who opt for the Standard shipping option, it is reasonable to expect that their eagerly anticipated packages will arrive at their designated destinations within a time window ranging from 7 to 11 days subsequent to the placement of the order. In contrast, those individuals who possess a penchant for swifter delivery and opt for the Express shipping method can anticipate the arrival of their coveted items within an approximate timeframe of 3 to 7 days.

However, it is crucial to note that the aforementioned estimates are of a general nature and can be influenced by several factors, including but not limited to the availability of the desired products and the proximity of the customer’s location to Shein’s strategically positioned distribution centers. To elucidate this point further, let us consider an illustrative example: Suppose a customer is placing an order from the scenic state of Alabama. In such a scenario, it is prudent to anticipate slightly extended delivery periods compared to the aforementioned general estimates. For customers availing themselves of the Standard shipping method in this specific area, it is reasonable to expect their eagerly awaited parcels to arrive within a timeframe spanning approximately 9 to 12 days. Conversely, those who opt for the Express shipping option can look forward to the arrival of their highly anticipated items within an approximate window of 7 to 9 days.

Given the ever-changing nature of the shopping landscape and the inherent complexities associated with logistics, it is of utmost importance for customers to remain informed and cognizant of potential delays that may arise during certain events or occasions. For instance, during festive seasons or significant sales events like the renowned Black Friday extravaganza, the demand for products skyrockets, thereby exerting immense strain on logistics companies across the board. This increased strain can inevitably result in a temporary elongation of the delivery timeframes. Shein, being a responsible and customer-centric entity, duly acknowledges this possibility and endeavors to navigate through these challenges while upholding their commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In light of the aforementioned considerations, it is crucial for customers to exercise prudence and foresight by allowing themselves an ample buffer of time when expecting the arrival of their packages, especially during busy periods or events characterized by heightened demand. By planning ahead and remaining vigilant, customers can enjoy a truly stress-free and gratifying shopping experience, confident in the knowledge that their desired items will eventually reach them in due course.

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In conclusion, Shein, the esteemed online fashion retailer, has introduced three distinct shipping methods – Economy, Standard, and Express shipping – to cater to the diverse preferences and requirements of its valued customers. Each shipping method comes with its own set of delivery timeframes, providing customers with flexibility and choice. The estimated delivery times can vary depending on the chosen shipping method and the customer’s location, with Standard shipping taking approximately 7 to 11 days within the United States, while Express shipping ensures delivery within a timeframe of around 3 to 7 days. However, it is essential to bear in mind that these estimates are subject to fluctuations based on factors such as product availability and proximity to Shein’s distribution centers. Additionally, customers are advised to remain informed about potential delays during significant events or occasions that may place strain on logistics companies. By adopting a proactive approach and staying well-informed, customers can navigate through these potential challenges and enjoy a seamless and gratifying shopping experience.

Estimated Shein Delivery Times by Country or Region

Shein’s delivery times are expected to be longer in the international market since its main headquarters is in Singapore, while its main warehouse is in China.

But to expedite its delivery, Shein also established and coordinated with various logistic warehouses in Asia, America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Without further ado, here are Shein’s estimated delivery times by country or region:

**The shipping information provided here is directly sourced from Shein’s official regional websites.


What is the Estimated Delivery Time Globally for Shein? 

How Many Delivery Time it will Take in Different Countries for Shein

Undoubtedly, the website can give you just an estimate of how quickly your Shein order will arrive. The actual arrival of the order depends on many factors. Generally, it takes 3-6 weeks for your Shein order to arrive by standard delivery and 1-3 weeks via express delivery. . Let’s look at the factors affecting the arrival time and how long does it take for orders to reach different countries in detail.

1. Factors Affecting When Your Shein Order Will Reach

Even though there is an estimate of when the Shein order will reach each country, we can never be sure. Following are some of the factors:

  • Firstly, the availability of the product you order greatly determines the time at which it will arrive. If the products are in the store, they can be dispatched as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can take quite some time. Initially, the order will be placed. Next, it will be processed. Lastly, the products will reach the Shein warehouse. From there, they will be dispatched.
  • Secondly, your location in regard to the Shein warehouse also plays an integral role in determining when you will get the package. If you are located near to the warehouse, your delivery will be quicker. Undoubtedly, this point applies to domestic deliveries only. If the country you are ordering from does not have a Shein warehouse, this point will be null and void!

2. How Long Does Shein Take to Ship to Different Areas?

Shipping MethodsEstimated Delivery TimeShipping Fee
Standard shippingAlmost 2 days£2.00
Free if the order is over £35.00
Pick up at convenience storeAlmost 2-3 days£2.00
For orders over  £35.00 it is free
Express shippingAlmost 2-3 days£12.00
Free if the order is over £100.00

This table explains the shipping cost of Shein express and standard shipping to different countries. Shein ships its products to many countries.

Following are the details regarding Shein’s shipping time to Middle East countries, UK and USA.Shein collects their products from multiple local sellers.

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Sr.CountryStandard Shipping timeShipping costExpress Shipping timeShipping cost
1USA7 to 11 daysFree3 to 7 days13 USD
2UK8 to 13 daysFree shipping4 to 10 days14 GDP
3Canada8 to 16 days12 USD5 to 10 days26 CAD
4Germany8 to 13 daysFreeN/AN/A
5France8 to 13 days12 EURN/AN/A
6Italy11 to 16 days4.5 EURN/AN/A
7Singapore6 to 13 days5 USDN/AN/A
8Australia7 to 12 days7 AUDN/AN/A
9Russia21 to 38 days270 RUB8 to 18 daysCheck with courier service
10Brazil31 to 48 days7 USDN/AN/A
11Netherlands8 to 13 days5 EURN/AN/A

Sr. Country Standard Shipping time Shipping cost Express Shipping time Shipping cost

Once the order is placed they collect the order from the different sellers and ship the order to the customers. It takes Shein usually 3 days to prepare your order. Once the order is prepared, it’s ready to be shipped to the customers.

3. Shipment Time to Middle East Countries

Aramax logistics, Fetchr, and Naqel handle all the Shein standard shipping to Middle East countries. The delivery time varies depending on the destination city. However, it generally takes 5 to 10 days.

If there is a major sale going on, such as on Black Friday, shipping times can range from 3 to 7 days. Delivery time can also fluctuate during Ramadan.

If you want to know the estimated arrival time of your order, you can track your order through the Shein website. You can check the information of your courier company via tracking.

4. Shipment Tme to the UK and USA

Shein has its warehouses in Europe, Asia, the UK, and the Middle East which helps in speeding up the delivery process. If your local warehouse has the products that you have ordered, then your goods will be dispatched immediately.

However, most of the stock is delivered from China. Yodel handled almost all the Shein orders in the UK and it also deal with all the customs affairs.

Usually, it takes 8 to 13 days in the UK for standard delivery. It takes almost 4 to 10 days in case of express shipping.

Shein also ships to the USA and offers multiple shipping methods for delivery. The estimated delivery time with standard delivery is 7 to 11 days. It takes 3 to 7 days in case of express shipping.

You can track your order using your order tracking information. Order tracking will help in finding your order exactly is and how much time it will take to deliver the order.

If you want to know more about the delivery time and shipping options available at Shein. Or, if you want to know the tracking process, you can connect with our sourcing agent. She has all the information you need!

Tips to Receive Your Shein Packages at an Earlier Time

Tips to Receive Your Shein Packages at an Earlier Time

We know that you’re very excited to receive your Shein packages at an earlier time. So, here are some tips:

1. Select the Express Shipping option

If the Express Shipping option is available in your country, select this shipping method to eliminate longer waiting times. However, please note that Shein charges a higher fee for Express Shipping.

2. Order during off-peak seasons

During off-peak seasons, there’s reduced shopping activity. So, in the less busy periods, Shein can fulfill your orders much faster. The only downside is that you might not secure better prices or discounts.

3. Closely monitor your package’s delivery status

Monitoring lets you know if your package has been stuck at a particular point. You can report this to Shein’s customer service so they can advise their logistic partner and expedite the delivery.

What to Do if Package Is Delayed or Never Arrives

If your package is delayed or never arrives, you can escalate this issue to Shein’s customer support. Depending on your location, head to your country’s dedicated Shein website and contact them through their live chat feature or social media channel.

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For example, if you’re in the US, visit On the website’s top right-hand corner, you’ll see a “headset icon.” Click that, and you’ll be redirected to Shein USA’s live chat support.

Alternatively, you can go over Shein’s “Contact Us” page and social media channels found at the bottom of the website.

How to Track Order on Shein?

Have you ever bought something online and was not given a tracking number? It is a nightmare. You spend days contacting customer care to know about your parcel.

So, tracking your order allows you to avoid making calls to Shein customer care all the time to ask where your package has reached. Besides, you will be with your order virtually with a tracking number.

With SHEIN, things are different. After you’ve successfully ordered, your order will be assigned a tracking number.

The tracking number comes with a link. So, when you click it, it redirects you to the courier website. You get to know which courier service providers are shipping your order.

Also, you can go after the following steps to retrieve your tracking number.

  • Step 1: Log in to your SHEIN account and click “My Account.” It allows you to log in to your account.
  • Step 2: In the “My Account” screen, click “My Order”, and all your current orders will be presented. After that, you have to choose the product order you want the tracking number. A “view details” icon is there. Click on it to preview the details of your order.
  • Step 3: If shipment status is “Shipped”, click on “Track Order Details” on the right. After clicking the “track order details” button, you will see your orders’ location.
  • Step 4: SHEIN will provide a unique tracking number linked to the courier dealing with your package shipment. Then, copy and paste the tracking number and click enter. Then you will be able to see all information on the location of your package.
  • Step 5: You can also track the order using SHEIN mobile app. It is the most convenient way for you to track your order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Shein?

Shein is an international online shopping site similar to Amazon and Alibaba but with a strong focus on the fashion industry.

2. How long does Shein take to deliver?

Shein’s delivery time varies per country or region. But its average delivery time is between 1-4 weeks.

3. What are Shein’s shipping methods?

Shein’s shipping methods include Economic Shipping, Standard Shipping, Express Shipping, and Click and Collect options.

4. Where does Shein ship from?

Shein ships from different warehouses in Asia, America, Europe, and the Middle East. However, their main warehouse is based in China.

5. How do you track orders on Shein?

Log into your Shein account and view your “My Orders” history. Alternatively, you can paste your Shein tracking number on order-tracking websites like Order Tracker, Tracking More, and Postal Ninja.

Final Thoughts on ‘how long does shein take to ship’

In conclusion, the shipping time for SHEIN can vary depending on factors such as the chosen shipping method, delivery address, and stock availability. On average, standard shipping takes between 9 to 11 days, while express shipping ranges from 7 to 9 days. However, it’s important to note that these are just estimates and actual delivery times may vary due to customs clearance processes or unexpected delays in transit. Additionally, delivery times can differ based on your location within the United States. Nonetheless, with patience and anticipation, customers can enjoy receiving their stylish additions from SHEIN in a timely manner.

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