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Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Market Guide. Best Place to Buy Wholesale Clothing in China

Guangzhou is a famous place for clothing wholesale market. If you are fresh to these wholesale markets, you will find no clues of how to start the purchasing, as there are too many markets to choose from.

This article is a discussion summary with a buyer who works in Guangzhou clothing wholesale market for ten years. The primary purpose of this article is to give you a general idea of how to begin your trip in this field.

1 Zhanxi Road, NO.57 Zhanxi road, yuexiu district. Guangzhou

zhanxi road

In the north part near by Guangzhou Railway station, more close to Guangdong province bus station. Because the transportation is very convenience, so many people come and go everyday. There are many Wholesale buildings:

Kairongdu clothing wholesale center

Kairongdu front view

Mainly for foreign orders, have many clients from Russia, Korean and Europe countries. Underground and 1st floor are selling evening dress and other groceries. 2nd – 4th floor mainly for foreign orders, they can buy small quantity, price will be much higher than in bulk, mostly without stock need to order they can make rush orders in a week. 5th to 6th floor are own brand clothing. 7th floor is the management office and the merchant offices.

Huimei international

Huimei international

Mainly wholesales young men ’s and women ’s fashions clothing for Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong, and Taiwan styles), they do retail need extra money, you can bargain. 1st floor are generally the own brands. 2nd – 3rd floors price are higher than 1st floor, clothing are fashion and quality. 4-5th floors are selling men’s fashion clothing, you can see the hot selling designs with various fabric and quality. 6th floor is dining area, almost anything you can find here.



It was reopened after improved renovation in 2018. It was know as [Kowloon Shoe City] before. The clothing sell here is similar to Huimei international, you can find more options, just need time to go around, enjoy it.

There are other buildings like Zhanxi Clothing City, Jindu(Kindo), Jinxiang, Jinbao(Kinbo), Jinhong, Taohuajiang … Wholesale clothing market near by.

clothing store jinxiang

Jindu(Kindo), Jinxiang, Jinbao(Kinbo) … Mainly selling brand clothing and sportswear. Most of customers who like to buy low-end and mid-range products from in North America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Jinbao(Kinbo) Wholesale Clothing market

More than 300 shops on 1st and 2nd floors, mainly selling casual and fashionable foreign brands. The third floor is the first Korean special event in Guangzhou, dealing with high-end Korean style apparel. The fourth floor is a Taiwanese shopping mall, where all kinds of clothing, accessories and gadgets popular among young people.

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Jindu(Kindo) Wholesale Clothing market

Mostly sell sportswear, T-shirts and Casual wear, also take orders from foreigners. Kindo is a spot wholesale center for medium and high-end clothing, and chain store center for clothing brands. There are a large number of domestic customers, as well as buyers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa ect. Can wholesale, retail, order and become agent, In Kindo, fashion and colorful match latest fashion trends.

Zhanxi, Jinhong, Taohuajiang …

Taohuajiang clothing market

Mostly sell middle and low-end Japanese and Korean styles. Taohuajiang is the casual clothing distribution center.

2、Zhannan road, Yuexiu district, Guangzhou

Baima clothing market

Baima clothing market

The brand GIRDEAR, GLORIA come from here. G entrance of Guangzhou Railway station can arrived, No. 16, Zhannan road. Yuexiu district. Baima establish in the year of 1993, around 60,000 square meter, total 10 floors, underground is parking, 1st -4th floor are the selling markets, 5th-9th are mainly the office. Guangzhou Baima Garment Market is the medium-to-high-end garment market with the most standardized  management and the largest trading volume in Guangzhou.

Hongmian wholesale clothing market

hongmian clothing store

Mostly women fashion clothing.

Liuhua wholesale clothing market

If you are looking for cheap clothing, then you can look at Liuhua, Mostly for wholesale, need extra cost on retail(usually they don’t sell 1-2 pieces). Clients from Middle east and Africa mostly.

Xindadi Garment market

if you are looking for quality sweater, this market is your best choice.I worked 1 year here, many Italy sweaters come from this market(Chinese sell in Italy).

Jinxiang under wear wholesale market

All kinds of underwear and stockings.

3 Thirteen Hongs, Liwan district, Guangzhou

You can find any kinds of clothing here, sweater, jeans, yoga clothing ect. It’s a large clothing business district, every day people from all directions come to buy. Of course, this well-known wholesale street also has its unique characteristics, mainly focuses on brand women’s clothing wholesale and children’s clothing wholesale.

New China plaza, hongbiantian 2 buildings are the main wholesale market here

Thirteen hongs clothing store

New China plaza 1st-3rd floors open from 6:00AM to 13:00PM, one shop around 5 square meters, guess how many shops here, wholesale women fashion clothing, if you require a higher quality the i suggest you to see from 4th floor, Open hours from 8:00AM to 14:00PM, please try to go in early morning, afternoon almost closed. Hongbiantian quality is lower than New China plaza, anyway you can find all kinds clothing here also.

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It is the oldest clothing wholesale distribution center in Guangzhou. Tons of goods are imported and exported here every day, people come and go reaches thousands of people everyday. Mostly from China, also can see many foreigners from Russia and Southeast Asia.

For cheaper cost, try Doulan Street, Heping East and other surrounding wholesale markets, The price is lower similar to Liuhua.

4 Shahe clothing wholesale market

Guangzhou Shahe clothing wholesale market is one of the three major clothing wholesale distribution centers in Guangzhou.

Wanjia clothing wholesale market

The mainly clothing wholesale market here is: Nancheng, Beicheng, Wanjia, Yimin, Jinma, Oriental Cowboy City, Fuli, Changyun Center. The price here is really low, some you may think crazy unbelieveble, anyway, you can what you pay for, don’t expect very good quality, they make and sell in big quantity this way to run the business, you can see the same design everywhere. Even they do e-commerce like Ladies Street, Daxihao market, mostly selling to China online like taobao and pinduoduo. Most e-commerce business are buying from here, one day can sell thousands of pieces.

Beicheng, Yimin and Changyun Center are mainly men’s clothing wholesalers. Wanjia mainly for jeans, underwears and socks, Lianquan Road also made underwear and socks. Nancheng and Jinma are the two most prosperous women’s clothing markets in Shahe. Many people take the goods over there. With the increase of e-commerce, the suppliers also doing online distribution they will ask your Wechat so they can send you more designs, they also accept drop shipping.

Those markets are domestic sales, The sales channels are generally dominated to other small cities. They will also accept orders for Africa and some other countries not strict to quality.

5 Jeans wholesale market

Located in Xintang Town, south of Zengcheng City, Guangdong Province. In addition to various clothing wholesale markets, there is also a market specializing in wholesale jeans.

Xintang International Cowboy City

Xintang cowboy jeans market

The products in the town are exported to countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Russia, the United States, and the European Union. Xintang Town has more than 2,600 denim clothing and related enterprises, producing 2.5 million pieces of denim clothing every day, accounting for 60% of the country’s total production. It is China’s largest denim clothing industry base.

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Xincheng International Cowboy City Mall

Large-scale mall for denim clothing and textiles. It is currently the largest and highest-grade denim market in China. More than 1,100 shops here, cover an area of 10,000 square meters. There are more than 800 shops on the first and second floors; Third floor is the business office center; The fourth floor is a warehouse.

Jeans store Xintang

6 Children’s clothing wholesale market Zhongshan Ba Road

Children clothing store

After talking about the adults, of course we have to talk about the children, Zhongshan Ba Road in Guangzhou specializes in wholesale children’s clothing.

The Zhongshan Road is located in the downtown area, facing the Zhongshan 5th Road in the east, the city ’s largest passenger and cargo transportation ground, the Pearl River Bridge, the Guangfo Highway, the Xijiao Station, and the tram terminal in the west.

Taking Litang, Lijing Building and surrounding commercial buildings as the main wholesale area, the daily traffic flow is similar to Guangzhou Railway Station.

7 Stocklot clothing wholesale market

Guangzhou Changgang stocklot Market

Address: Jinchang Building, Changgang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou (behind Yongle Electric). Opening time from 9:00AM-18:30PM.

Haiguan stocklot clothing market

Changgang stocklot Wholesale Market(Haiguan market) is the second largest stocklot women’s wear wholesale market in Guangdong. You can buy really cheap clothing here, $1.5 dollars shorts, $3 denim jeans, generally selling from 10 pieces. Here is not as crowed as Shahe and other markets in Guangzhou, you can choose slowly and pick up what you want. The quality here is mixed, any quality have you need to check by yourself. Clients are mostly retailer and Street vendor.

Jindong International market and Guangda International market

Jindong garment center

Address: No. 1, Huangjin Road, Shijing Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. Jindong is the most extensive radiation and the most complete business varieties in South China.

Jindong International market is a professional apparel wholesale market that specializes in special offer clothing. The market is mainly wholesale, also retail need extra cost, have various clothing leisure, sports, fashion, children, underwear, sweater and denim.

Guangzhou Weiguo Apparel stocklot Wholesale Market

Weiguo stocklot garment market

Address: No. 370, Shicha Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. It is the China stocklot clothing distribution center and the largest professional stocklot wholesale market in South China. Offer apparel, footwear, leather goods, underwear, socks, jewelry ect.

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