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How Long Does AliExpress Take To Ship? (2022 Updated)

When buying on AliExpress, there is a question that comes to mind for every buyer. This question is essential because, as a buyer, it is important for you to know when you will receive your order. However, it is very important to know this. If you want to know which orders take the longest time, how long AliExpress takes to ship, and how long it takes a seller to ship orders to different countries, read this article.

How Do Shipments Work On AliExpress

As a buyer or a dropshipper, it is important to consider the shipping method you choose and AliExpress shipping time. The shipping method you chose is the main cause for the fast delivery time you experience. In general, how it works with AliExpress:

1. You pick the way of the delivery. There are three delivery ways: sea, air and road. Simply put, air delivery is the fastest delivery method and sea delivery is the slowest.

2. Another point is making a decision on the delivery service, often known as the shipping method. How long does AliExpress take to ship? Some of them, such as paid services like DHL can cost you a penny, but they will be quite fast to process and deliver. Shipping methods like Standard AliExpress shipping or China Post can cost you $0, but will be very long, up to 60 and more days of waiting.

Looking at the different shipping options, we might sometimes ask the following question:

Why Do AliExpress Orders Take So Long

Sometimes it can take about 5-7 days and sometimes the shipping time can reach up to 50-60 days! What’s the reasonable answer to this, and what does actually stand behind shipping time?

Where Does AliExpress Ship From

Since AliExpress is a daughter company of Alibaba, that is Chinese, most goods are produced in China and shipped from China. But there are also retailers who do dropshipping service in different countries: so nowadays in almost every country you can find quite enough local ecommerce stores that the goods can be shipped from.

AliExpress Delivery Time To USA

If we take into account that a purchase is coming from China, the approximate time is about 15-45 days with Standard Shipping. When choosing Premium Shipping, it will be up to 15 days.

AliExpress Shipping Time to Australia

Time to Australia is also different: depending on several reasons, it can be 10 to 35 days.

AliExpress Shipping Time to Canada

Canada is farther, so the delivery time is also longer: up to 60 days. But mostly it’s about 20-30 days.

How Long Do AliExpress Packages Take To Arrive

The shipping time depends on many reasons, which includes the preferred AliExpress shipping method that a customer chooses while getting to the payment; the destination country and the country where the purchase is going to come from. These three aspects are essential when making a decision to buy from AliExpress. How do they influence shipping time? Read on.

Shipping methods

Shipping methods are roughly divided into the “cheaper but longer” and the “more expensive but faster” shipping options. Long story short, if you pick AliExpress Standard Shipping, your goods will come around 30 days after ordering, and you should be ready to wait and accept this time. However if you pay the Fedex or DHL company to get the purchase delivered, you will have to wait less time. Further we will describe how much exactly you need to wait for the goods delivered by different companies.

Destination country

This point might be divided into the options such as:

  • AliExpress works in my country
  • AliExpress doesn’t work in my country

If you are not sure, you may Google it, and if your country isn’t supported, you can try ordering via other suppliers, that also affects the shipping time.

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Country of origin

There are also two options: you can make an order either from a Chinese store, or your local store. Goods from your local store are way faster to arrive, because the distance is shorter.

AliExpress Delivery Methods By Shipping Time

Below there is a list of different ways to get your purchase delivered with the approximate shipping time, let’s look at this in detail.

AliExpress Standard Shipping

Reception of goods is between 17-22 days, it can sometimes take a little longer but it has the advantage of being totally free of charge. Exceptionally, you have to pay a fee of less than 2 dollars per package. 

AliExpress Premium Shipping

The price is comparable to other carriers. It is faster than AliExpress standard shipping. So you can usually receive your product in 15-20 days, which is a bit better than Aliexpress standard shipping option and other AliExpress shipping methods

ePacket Delivery 

The parcel comes between 14 and 25 days, delivery is chargeable but guaranteed. Parcel tracking is particularly efficient there.

SunYou Economic Air Mail

Air mail Sunyou postal service is a cost-effective AliExpress shipping method common on the platform. Practiced by sellers to send small items at low cost. The shipment speed is poor: 30-60 days.


Private deliveries like with DHL, Fedex or UPS postal services are quite expensive, but your purchase will come in 7-15 days.

How Fast Could AliExpress Ship

When the order is from China, it takes 10-60 days on average. If you work with a warehouse in Europe or the USA, then the delay is shorter.

Though these times still can vary for several reasons and we will see why. If you do drop shipping, make sure that you have an approximate shipping time mentioned on the product page. 

How To Quickly Receive Orders

There are different reasons why goods take some time to arrive. And this is just the fact that you need to accept. However we have got several tips to consider, if you would like to get your parcel faster. Let’s have a look at them below.

Domestic Warehouses Outside China

By now Aliexpress has lots of warehouses in countries other than China. In Europe, the US, Arabic countries, etc. To find products that can be shipped from the US for example, you can select in Aliexpress “Ship from: United States”.

You can test several countries and check the delivery time. It should be noted, however, that if you opt for products shipped from local warehouses, the prices will not be the same. You will pay much more and the choice will be reduced. If you find a winning product that can be delivered quickly from a local one, it will be the jackpot.

Fast Delivery in up to 10 days

AliExpress offers an opportunity of benefiting from a delivery in 10 days from China. It is necessary to activate the button “fast delivery” when you carry out a search on the site. We can then take advantage of a delivery of 3-10 days, which allows you to receive your package faster than with private transport. Unfortunately, this feature is not always available.

Shipment Processed by AliExpress

There are several AliExpress shipping methods, but it is important to differentiate between packages sent by private courier or postal service (UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc.) and others that we have already mentioned above. An order sent by private transport will arrive very quickly but customs fees may apply.

Time of the year

The most important period to consider (when you order from China) is the famous Chinese New Year which is celebrated at the beginning of February. These festivities can last about two weeks. During this period, delivery times are generally extended and it is then necessary to allow up to two months and more for delivery.

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How To Track Your Shipments

All registered shipments have a tracking number. The tracking number, also called tracking code or tracking ID, is always unique for an individual package. Whether you ordered one package or a hundred packages, each order has a separate tracking code so that the package can be identified.

The format is similar to other codes, but the numbers are always different. For example, a tracking number for a package with AliExpress might be “TY72726064444700008″. If you ordered another item, even if it was at the same time and from the same ecommerce store, unless the order was combined, it will have a separate number, such as TY72726064444700009”.

If the seller provides the same tracking number for different orders, then the seller should be contacted. Alternatively, buyers can contact AliExpress customer support directly for further online assistance.

AliExpress Tracking Number Format Examples

  • Registered: RY123**CH
  • International Parcel Economy (not registered): UN123**CN
  • Domestic shipping: 97.00.123456.2343423 International courier: TT123**CH
  • Why do AliExpress orders take so long?

    It is true that orders purchased in China take a long time to arrive because logistically, it is not easy to bring products from the other side of the world. However, AliExpress is getting better and better in this aspect: now, we not only have local warehouses, but also shipments from China arrive to some countries in just 10 days.

    Fortunately, it is getting easier and easier to shop on AliExpress: most of us buyers receive our AliExpress orders in 2-3 weeks if we buy via certified shipping with tracking, or even sooner, if fast shipping from China or local shipping is available.

    But the best advice we can give you is to make your purchases with foresight and always think of yourself in the worst situation, because even if you put an estimated delivery date on your order, it is only an estimate and may take longer.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are some questions that are repeated in our comments section. That’s why we are going to review your most common doubts, remember that in our Guide on shipping methods in AliExpress we also answer other common questions regarding shipping.

    What is “processing” on AliExpress?

    As soon as we click the pay button and our payment is confirmed, the seller begins to prepare our order. This can take a few hours or several days, depending on the size of the package, if the seller has had many sales lately, or also depending on the time of the year…

    This time taken by the seller is known as “Processing”.

    AliExpress informs you how much time the seller asks for to prepare the order before you buy.

    Anyway, even if you put 9 days, the sellers usually prepare the order in much less time, in about 2-3 days your order will be on its way to your home.

    In case the seller does not send the order you will be refunded automatically by the same payment method you used. But this does not usually happen, except on rare occasions, it is normal that once they have it ready, we will receive a notification that the package has been sent. That is when the shipping time starts to count.

    If you want to know more about the refund process, keep reading our AliExpress disputes guide where we explain you step by step how to follow the status of your refund.

    I want to know the status of my AliExpress order

    If you are interested in knowing where your order is going or you want to know what that message that just appeared on your tracking number means and you don’t understand, in our guide to track your AliExpress orders we explain how to track your orders and what the messages that appear mean.

    Is it normal for my AliExpress order to take so many days in transit?

    The tracking of your order goes through several states, and sometimes it may not update as often as it should. We recommend to be patient and also check your tracking on external sites such as to see if there are more messages. In case many days go by without movement, the first step is to contact the seller.

    I have placed several orders on AliExpress on the same day, will they all arrive together?

    Until now, if you paid for products from different sellers at the same time, each one was shipped separately. However, for some time now, AliExpress Combined Shipping has been available, and has two great advantages:

    • You only have to worry about a single delivery.
    • Combined shipping is a priority and arrives much faster!

    My AliExpress order is taking too long, can I cancel the order?

    Orders can only be cancelled if the seller has not yet shipped the package. While the payment is being verified (first minutes / hours of the order), you can cancel it directly, while from the time the payment is verified until it is shipped, the cancellation needs the seller’s acceptance.

    My order appears as “Closed”, what do I do?


    There are several reasons why your order may appear as “Closed”: you have not paid on time, the seller has cancelled it, you have used a welcome coupon twice…

    In the main article you have all the details of each case.

    Why do AliExpress orders take so long?

    Orders purchased in China take a long time to arrive because logistically, it is not easy to bring products from the other side of the world. However, AliExpress is getting better and better in this aspect: now, we not only have local warehouses, but also shipments from China arrive to some countries in just 10 days.

    Does AliExpress ship to my country? How long does it take for my order to arrive?

    This platform ships to almost every country in the world. So the best thing to do is to select in the top right corner the country where you are, the language and the currency. This way, you will be able to see products arriving in your country. Keep in mind that each country has its own customs regulations, although in most countries we will skip customs if we make fairly small and light orders, but it is better to check the regulations before and start making small purchases.

    Do AliExpress orders arrive at home?

    Yes, orders will arrive at your home, unless you order it from an AliExpress pickup point.

    What happens if no one is at home?

    Delivery depends on the shipping company handling the order in your country. In general, orders are delivered within the usual post office hours, but it is best to call them and ask what time they deliver. If you are not at home, they will probably leave a notice. If someone is at home, they can sign for your order.

    Will AliExpress notify me when my order is being delivered?

    No, AliExpress will not notify you of tracking status changes, but as it is something that affects the protection of your money, it is important that you check your orders from time to time. There are applications that allow you to add tracking numbers and easily review status changes.

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