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Everything about Frustration Free Packaging

Everything about Frustration Free Packaging

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of frustration when you’re trying to open a package and the product inside is just a normal, everyday item.

It’s frustrating when you get a package in the mail that’s too big for the product it contains.

The problem of wrap rage and the solution of frustration-free packaging have become more popular with the rise of ecommerce because people are tired of struggling with packaging.

A frustration-free packaging experience means that the packaging is easy to open and does not require the use of extra tools, such as knives or scissors. The packaging should also be easy to recycle.

  • Firstly, there is the “remove all packaging” model in which the product is delivered without any packaging.
  • Secondly, there is the “minimal packaging” model in which the product is delivered with only the necessary packaging.

There are two types of frustration-free packaging: the “remove all packaging” model, in which the product is delivered without any packaging, and the “minimal packaging” model, in which the product is delivered with only the necessary packaging.

Amazon’s program to reduce excess packaging waste

Packaging that is easy to open, use, reuse, and dispose of.

Amazon’s packaging that eliminates frustration

Since 2019, Amazon has encouraged sellers to use less packaging material in an effort to be more sustainable.

Companies that distribute their products through Amazon can meet certain criteria and then have their products sent to Amazon customers with the least amount of packaging possible.

The packaging of the program aims to ensure that:

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Can be sent from its system as is, without the need for additional packaging.

It is easy to open.

Everything about Frustration Free Packaging

Design that is free of frustration

Design can make packaging safe and easy to open, reuse, and dispose of.

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated trying to open packaging that’s sealed shut or hard to open, you’re not alone. This feeling of frustration is known as “wrap rage.”

Amazon’s program that eliminates frustration

Amazon’s program that makes sure you’re never frustrated

In this article, a customer documents their experience in buying a branded product that comes in Amazon’s frustration-free packaging. The customer details their purchase journey, from finding the product on Amazon, to receiving the package and being happy with the results.

The product is intended to be packaged and sold as follows:

Everything about Frustration Free Packaging

The product arrives in Amazon’s frustration-free packaging like this:

Everything about Frustration Free Packaging

This type of packaging has many advantages.

You need to design a packaging solution that meets the ISTA protocol in order to implement such a solution. This will require working with a packaging engineer.

The downside is that you won’t be able to create an unboxing experience.

Amazon’s frustration-free packaging program is aimed at brands reselling products made by other companies, and larger companies themselves.

Good packaging design avoids frustration

Everything about Frustration Free Packaging

Good packaging design is essential for creating packaging that won’t frustrate your customers.

For example, e-commerce packaging that has a peel-and-seal strip.

To open this box, find the small red tab and pull it. The adhesive strip makes it easy to close the box again.

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Ecommerce brands that are seeing the benefit of implementing postal boxes that have two peel-and-seal strips are returning items more frequently.

The second strip can be used by the customer to reseal the box and send a defective or unwanted item back.

More About Frustration-free

Everything about Frustration Free Packaging

There are many factors that contribute to frustration-free packaging, not just how easy it is to open. Other aspects are just as important, if not more so.

Despite its frustration-free packaging program, Amazon still has a reputation for using hilariously oversized boxes, with insane amounts of void filler to fill the empty space.

The careless waste of packaging materials adds to the frustration of a customer in having to dispose of it.

The type of packaging materials you use is also important. Using recyclable materials like cardboard demonstrates that you are environmentally conscious.

Of Millenials and Gen Z consumers, 80% are willing to change their minds about a company if they don’t offer sustainable packaging.

You will harm your rapport with customers if you send your products in plastic packaging or other materials that can’t be reused or recycled.

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