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Why Choose Door to Door from China to Italy | Customer Guide 2022

In today’s busy world, importers have fewer and fewer time to spare on processes and must be focusing more on sales. Shipping is a major concern for such importers, however, door to door from China to Italy is a great option. 

Why Choose Door to Door from China to Italy

When you are in the import business, your biggest concern has to be with your business growth. This includes leaving certain tasks to others; One such practice is shipping, that you may assign to your forwarding agent. The agent will be responsible for picking up the freight from your manufacturer and packing it for shipment to a carrier. The agent must clear you the goods and deliver them to your location. Everything you need to do to get your freight is to pay for it. 

If you are a frequent importer with established suppliers and forwarding agents, door to door delivery is convenient. Using this method would be risky if you are a first-time importer.

But there is no reason to worry. DDPCH can provide competitive air freight and door to door shipping from China to Russia, and we can provide professional advice on your cargo shipment. More information about air freight service from China to Russia also door to door shipping.

International Airports in Italy and China

International Airports in Italy which your cargo is likely to move through include: Venice Marco Polo Airport, Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, Milan–Malpensa Airport, and Orio al Serio International Airport.

On the other hand, international airports in China from which your cargo will be shipped to Italy are Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, and Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport.

Airline in Italy
Airline in Italy

Cargo Airlines from China to Italy

Let’s take a look at some of the airlines you might keep in mind when shipping your freight from China to Italy: China Cargo Airlines, Cargolux Italia, China Postal Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Air china limited.

Rail freight from China to Italy

Rail freight forms a middle to the conventional air and ocean freight. Compared with air freight it is cheaper and quicker than ocean freight. You can choose this method to ship your cargo in combination with the ability to handle bulk cargoes.

What is Door to Door (DDP) Delivery service?

DDP or Delivered Duty Paid is an agreement or contract between the seller and the customer which the seller takes all the responsibility, including shipping costs, import clearance, tax payment, insurance, import duty, and other expenses happening during shipping until the buyer receives goods at the destination.

This shipping method is usually used for international shipping, which the International Chamber of Commerce develops to standardize shipping by air or sea freight options across the world. Door-to-door shipping from china to Italy is the best option for you to deliver your ordered product. DDP can be used in a variety of types of transportation.

Clearing customs and arranging imports can be difficult in countries with complicated or bureaucratic import procedures. Because DDP requires the seller to clear imports in the destination country, this works best when:

  1. the seller has local knowledge of the destination country.
  2. The import clearance is straightforward (such as in countries with an FTA).

Door-to-door shipping from china to Italy is a complicated but simple-to-understand concept in the logistics industry. It typically means that the items have been delivered from your warehouse to the intended recipient, which is usually the customer.

Door delivery refers to the freight shipment from your pick-up point to the transportation hub or consignee’s warehouse and eventually to the customer’s doorstep.

Benefits of Door to Door Shipping service
Benefits of Door to Door Shipping service

Benefits of Door to Door (DDP) Delivery Service

Like other services around the world, DDP service includes some advantages that make it beneficial for the customers to transport their goods and products to their optional destination.

These reasons are:

  • A single source that acts as the primary point of contact

When you choose this service to carry your goods through door-to-door shipping from china to Italy, you can get the latest updates and keep track of your package by contacting your shipping company or account manager. Actually, you don’t have to keep balances and check your delivery at every stage of the shipment process.

  • Added Advantage of Insurance

If your package was damaged or lost, you don’t have to worry! The next benefit that the Door to Door Delivery Service has for the customer is the insurance for the damaged or lost goods that make you feel safe about them, especially over long distance and expensive shipments like shipping from china to Italy.

  • Less operational work

Because the courier partner will handle the fulfillment process, you will never waste time on fleet management and resources. As a result, you may spend this time on product development, core business, or whatever else you desire. You can focus your sales and marketing resources on your items while leaving logistics to the courier service provider to handle door-to-door delivery.

  • Easier to manage
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When using a door-to-door delivery service, you just need to communicate with one person from the courier company. This option allows you to easily control the entire process and keep an eye on it to ensure timely delivery.

  • Reduced Costs

You don’t need to pay any extra fees for door-to-door delivery at any point throughout the fulfillment process. Everything is completed in one step, from the shipment of goods from your warehouse through the delivery of the product to the final consumer.

Necessary document for shipping from china to Italy
Necessary document for shipping from china to Italy

Necessary document for shipping from china to Italy

For shipping your goods from China to Italy, you’ll need some documents, but these documents may differ according to the cargo type.

The main document that you need for shipping from china to Italy is:

  • Single Administrative Document (written declarations for trade outside the EU or trade of non-EU goods that describes the cargo and their movement across the world)
  • Bill of lading (this is a shipment contract between the customer and the carrier. This is also known as air waybill, sea waybill, or courier waybill.)
  • Entry summary declaration (on a form provided by the customs officials, the Summary Declaration can be completed. The importer usually makes the declaration of record or their agent clearing the goods.)
  • List of items to pack
  • CMR
  • The CIM consignment note (a document that contains information about a shipment.)
  • Certificate of shipment
  • Invoice (invoice contains all the relevant details about the shipping (how many products are shipped, their features, and dimensions)).

This list isn’t perfect or exhaustive, but it should serve as a decent starting point for further analysis. According to DDPCH experiences, providing the necessary import documentation on time is critical; however, specific requirements may vary depending on product category or other circumstances.

What is Air Door to Door delivery service from china to Italy?

As we explained about door-to-door delivery services from china to Italy, there are different types of this service, one of them is Air Door to Door delivery service.

Even though huge businesses prefer other DDP services for cargo transportation, air freight can be very useful in some businesses. Especially businesses in remote locations or have an emergency use this kind of transportation.

The advantages of door-to-door shipping from China to Italy by air, such as:

  • Transportation speed
  • Destination Network
  • Airport Security Measures Benefit
  • Decreased Storage Requirements
  • Reliable Service
  • Cargo insurance
  • Pick-up and delivery costs

These are the reasons that many people see this kind of transportation as a good option for shipping from china to Italy.

Like all foreign cargo, customs clearance processes must be planned for and carefully managed. For air shipping, working with a customs broker guarantees that all areas of your freight management are addressed, from expedited service through customs clearance and product delivery.

With DDPCH air cargo shipping from china to Italy, we ensure that your cargo gets to its destination quickly and in perfect condition.

Our knowledge and professionalism set us apart from any other air freight firm in the market when it comes to express air freight. DDPCH Shipping recognizes that each customer and their demands are distinct and that they are entitled to personalize detailed solutions. As a result, each team member is an expert in their field and can meet a wide range of demands and difficulties provided by the transportation of various types of cargo. We can give an air freight from china to Italy, alternative for whatever item you want to export, from tiny and precious handcrafts to perishable and beautiful cuisine or remarkable and valuable apparel.

What is Sea Door to Door delivery service from china to Italy?

If you want to carry a considerable amount of cargo, sea freight from China to Italy is a good choice for good transportation. About 90% of cargo shipping worldwide is carried by sea delivery service, and it is the most common and cost-effective method of shipping from China to Italy.

There are two main types of door to door shipping from China to Italy by sea:

  • Full Container Load (FCL)

These orders fill the whole shipping container with no extra space.

  • Less than Container Load (LCL)

When the order doesn’t fill all the shipping container, it’ll be combined with other shipments to fill the container and make up space. This way is usually more expensive (because of the extra work needed to consolidate LCL shipping) and slower.

There are frequently a variety of additional costs that are added to the sea freight shipping prices, such as:

  • Surcharges for customs security
  • Handling fees at the terminal
  • Charges for consolidation (for LCL only)
  • Fees for customs brokerage
  • Fees for pick-up and delivery
  • Costs of insurance
  • Charges for storage
  • Charges for routing
  • Surcharges for fuel
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Although there aren’t many disadvantages to shipping goods by sea, the ones that do exist are significant. To begin with, it takes a long time. Airplanes travel at a speed of around 30 times that of ships. Congestion in the port, customs difficulties, and stormy weather can all hold down the procedure. Due to its heavy-duty nature, sea freight is more likely to harm your products than other modes of transportation.

Our shipping from china to Italy services reduce handling, avoid lengthy transfers, and protect the safety of your cargo while in transit, all while simplifying the process and making it more cost-effective.

What is Rail Door to Door delivery service from china to Italy?

Rail freight transportation is used for the long-haul portion of the shipment. The goods transported through rail Door to Door delivery service from china mainly include electronics, clothes, machinery, plastics, and lumber.

For freight transporting by rail Door to door shipping from china to Italy, several types of equipment are used. These are some of the equipment and the product type they transport:

  • Boxcar: palletized or large bulk items, such as paper stock rolls.
  • Automotive Racks: automobiles, trucks, SUV’s and mini-vans.
  • Gondolas: scrap metal, aggregates, coal, lumber, and similar commodities.
  • Center beams: bundled building supplies.
  • Coil Cars: coiled steel and steel plate and other high-grade ores.
  • Open Top Hoppers: heavy, dry bulk commodities that are not affected by the outdoor elements. 
  • Refrigerated Boxcar: fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, and other perishable products must be temp controlled.

The trail follows the rail wherever it travels, and one of the significant advantages of rail freight is its dependability. So, DDPCH outlined the four most compelling reasons to choose this mode of transportation when shipping from China to Italy.

  • Rail transport is environmentally beneficial:

Trains burn less fuel per ton-mile than trucks. Furthermore, employing rail transportation instead of driving reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 75%.

  • Rail transportation has the potential to be cost-effective:

Shippers may save 10-40% by switching long-haul freight from road to rail. When compared to road transport, rail has reduced fuel expenses. Rail also has lower driver expenses.

  • Rail freight is quick, dependable, and has short lead times:

Rail freight is a faster and more dependable means of transportation than maritime freight, with shorter lead times. Just Take a look at the distance between China and southern Europe, and you will realize this.

  • With GPS tracking, rail freight is safe and efficient.

Railroad safety has dramatically improved during the last two decades. Rail freight is now regarded as one of the safest modes of transportation.

We provide FCL and LCL rail freight services between China and Europe at DDPCH Freight Services. Our primary concern is fast and dependable transportation times and cautious management of your items.

There are times when nothing less than a complete train would suffice. The DDPCH Rail Door to Door delivery service from china to Italy is the most efficient and cost-effective way to move a lot of single goods from one place to another.

What is Road Door to Door delivery service from china to Italy

Receiving your goods from China to Italy by using road Door to Door delivery service is another way of cargo transportation that is still famous around the world. But if you want to choose road freight shipping from china to Italy, first of all, look at the type of road cargo transportation. If your cargo includes Household goods, Packages, Perishables, Clothes, and Home appliances, choosing Road Door to door shipping from china to Italy is a good option.

Shipping through roadways has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are:

  • Short-distance travel is cost-effective
  • Reaching out to far-flung markets
  • Speedier movement
  • Service circumstances are less favorable
  • Schedule and volume flexibility
  • Maximum traceability is required
  • Paperwork is simple

But the disadvantages that you might consider before transporting your goods by road include:

  • Over vast distances, it is uneconomical
  • The number of accidents
  • For bulk, transport is not recommended
  • Traffic limitations and less load capacity

DDPCH is here to help you find the best solution for your over-the-road transportation needs, no matter how big or little they are.

Our team is proud to be able to provide a comprehensive choice of hassle-free, cost-effective services for your domestic and international road freight transportation.

Because we can combine domestic and international forwarding capabilities in one shipment, we can provide faster road cargo transportation time and efficiency in transporting your door-to-door freight from china to Italy.

Transit Time for Air and Sea Door to Door delivery service

Usually, door-to-door shipping from china to Italy takes about 7-35 days. Each type of transmission takes a specific time. This time is dependent on the transportation type, cargo amount, company, transmitter and destination countries, etc.

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Shipping Time By Air:

Air shipping from China to Italy can take 7 to 10 days with Air Freight. You can contact us for additional information.

Shipping Time by Sea:

Shipping your goods from China to Italy by sea freight from china to Italy takes about 30 days. You can contact DDPCH team for more details about the sea Door to Door delivery service.

Destination    Rome  Milan  Naples
  Sea freight  33-days  25-days  20-days
  Airfreight  7-days  5-days  5-days
Shipping Transit Time

It is suggested that you employ the services of an air freight forwarder. The organization of air freight shipments is the specialty of a freight forwarding firm so that you can receive additional assistance with tracking your order.

How to calculate chargeable weight in Air Door to Door Service?

One of the essential items in air shipping from china to Italy is the cargo weight and amount because the cargo amount mainly affects the shipping price. The chargeable weight is the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight of the cargo, which is dependent on the package’s length, width, and height.

So you might be curious to know how to calculate chargeable weight in air shipping from China to Italy.

It’s simple. Just follow the steps below to figure it out:-

1. Place your consignment on weighing scales to determine the actual gross weight. 2.

Actual Gross Weight equals the weight on the scales.

2. After measuring your shipment, use the formula to get the volumetric weight:-

Volumetric Weight in kgs = (Length x Width x Height in cm) / 6000

  • Compare step 1’s response to step 2’s answer; the chargeable weight is bigger than the two. This is the number of kilograms for which the airline will charge.

Prohibited products in Door to Door delivery service

According to the law, some certain products are prohibited from transportation. The transporter company should take the responsibility to comply with current government regulations because consignments are subject to inspection by customs or representatives of other government officials.

DDPCH ensures all the customers that the prohibited goods and products by law or regulation of any federal, state, or local government will not be transported by our company. Actually, if your shipment includes prohibited goods, the service will automatically be denied by our team.

Here’s a list of prohibited products in door-to-door delivery service for more information:

  • All things whose carriage is forbidden by law in the country of origin
  • Artworks
  • Antiques
  • Tax stamps / banderols
  • Biochemical, chemical agents
  • Medals and coins are commemorative or collector’s items
  • Counterfeit cash and products
  • Drugs
  • Ice cubes
  • Fireworks and dynamite
  • Foodstuffs and other perishables
  • Organs, embryos, and remains of humans
  • valuable metals, precious and semi-precious stones in loose form
  • Magnets and other ferromagnetic materials-containing things
  • Money (money equivalents, credit, and prepaid cards, bank checks, blank checks, stocks, bonds, bills of exchange, gift cards, event tickets, lottery tickets, and active SIM cards for mobile telephones)
  • Animals (including mammals, reptiles, insects, invertebrates, their organs, etc.)
  • Items that are not packaged or are packaged in a dangerous manner
  • Goods with sexual or otherwise objectionable content

Some goods can be transported under some specific terms:

AirbagsOnly build-in / fitted airbags
Beverages that contain alcoholEach time should be contacted separately
  BatteriesOnly batteries that are incorporated into an electrical device can be sent. There must be no more than two pieces of small electronic equipment (cell phones, cameras, etc.) per shipment. Laptops must be shipped in their original boxes and only one at a time. When sending lithium batteries, make sure to specify this in the parcel’s content description.
Asbestos and its derivativesEach time should be contacted separately
  Car batteriesEach time should be contacted separately, and MSDS documentation should be provided
  Electric scootersIt is illegal to ship using a TNT carrier. If sending these types of items with other carriers, you’ll need to contact them separately each time.
Engines, generators, and gearboxes, as well as other fuel/oil-containing automobile partsOnly sections of fuel/oil or other flammable liquids that have been thoroughly cleaned may be delivered.
Plants and seeds Each time should be contacted separately
Medication, both prescription and non-prescribedIt is only possible to ship within the European Union. Prescription medicine necessitates the use of a prescription.
Prohibited products in Door to Door delivery service


As we mentioned, there are several ways for shipping from china to Italy. Door to Door delivery service is one of the easiest and best ways for transporting. We’ll transfer your orders to your home, whether by sea, air, rail, or road.

Also, In both the country you’re leaving and the country you’ll soon be calling home, we’ll prepare and submit all customs-related documents for your household goods. DDPCH makes sure the container containing your belongings has assured a slot on the ship and communicates with the shipping company on your behalf.

You just need to contact us, and we will show you the best ways to have the safest transportation!

Air freight is better or sea freight?

Airfreight is more expensive, but it is quicker, safer, and more dependable than sea freight. Remember that when the cost of transportation is less than 15-20% of the value of the items, air freight is the best option.

What is the best way for shipping from china to Italy?

If time is essential to you, air freight is the best choice, but sea freight is good for you if the price is your priority.

Is it possible to use two types of transportation for shipping?

Yes, you can choose intermodal shipping, which is the movement of goods using two or more modes of transportation. Shipments may move effortlessly between trucks, railroads, and cargo ships by loading cargo into intermodal containers.

 Why should we choose door-to-door delivery services for shipping from china to Italy?

You must be able to trust a supplier to deliver your goods swiftly and securely. Using door-to-door delivery service will expedite your shipping procedure, cut expenses, and increase order fulfillment.

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