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Why Choose Door to Door (DDP) Air, Sea shipping from China to Italy?

Are you searching for Cargo From China to Italy ? Door to Door (DDP) Air, Sea shipping from China to Italy is in many cases the most cost-effective solution for importing low-volume and low-density goods, such as electronics, wristwatches, and jewelry. Let’s see how to calculate shipping rates and what factors to consider.

What is door-to-door service?

Door to door service is a service created to simplify and speed up sending or receiving goods. Door-to-door service is currently often used by sellers and buyers of goods because of its convenience.

What are the advantages of Door to door shipping from China to Italy services?

  • With service, this will make your work easier because there is no need for a longer process such as delivery and pick-up.
  • Course time savings, no need to waste time crashing traffic jams or traveling time to couriers, because your goods will be directly picked up and delivered to your doorstep.
  • Cost efficiency is also an advantage that can be obtained when using the door to door services.
  • Door to door service is much faster than conventional express mail services.
  • Packages do not need to be delivered and picked up by both the sender and recipient.
  • No need to be confused by the presence of lartas or restrictions atau
  • Safe for import issues that exceed the limit
  • Solving SNI problems

Airfreight Cargo From China to Italy

The time shipping from China to Italy varies according to the speed and frequency of connections between the two reference regions (Italian and Chinese). The arrival of the ship to the port of destination usually takes at least 40 days, and it should be borne in mind that it takes another 3-5 days to complete the logistics of unloading and delivery to the address specified by the customer. For this reason, the choice of air transport allows Italian companies to market products purchased in China about a month before what happens in other modes of transport.

The time limit for air freight from China to Italy

The timeliness of Cargo From China to Italy is unmatched by other modes of transportation. Large freight forwarder such as Tongdafang International Logistics Co., Ltd. can provide direct flights from airports such as Shenzhen Guangzhou, and Hong Kong to Venice Airport, Milan Malpensa Airport, Rome Fiumicino Airport, etc., Berga Airport Bari International Airport, Comiso Airport, you can arrive 24 hours after the flight, and the time limit guaranteed.

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Five, eight elements of air Cargo From China to Italy

  1. inquiry: Product name (whether dangerous goods)

2. Weight (involving charges), volume (size and whether to soak the goods)

3. Packing (whether it is wooden box, with or without pallet)

4. Destination airport (whether basic point) 5. Time required (non-stop or diverted)

Main Italy airports

  • FCO – Roma Airport
  • SEA – Milan Airports
  • VCE – Venice Airports
  • FLR – Florence Airports
  • NAP – Naples Italy Airport
  • CTA – Sicily Italy Airport

How Long Does it Take to Ship Cargo From China to Italy?

Cargo From China to Italy is the fastest way to export in less than three days. First of all, let’s first understand the country of Italy. Italy is a European country. It consists of the Apennines in southern Europe and two islands in the Mediterranean, Sicily, and Sardinia. There are 22 main ports, namely: Ancona. , Asti, Bari, Bologna, Cagliari, Catania, Civitavecchia, Enna ), Genova, gioia tauro. The number of days for shipping from China to Italy

The voyage times of different ports and shipping companies are slightly different; the difference of several days or even ten days and eight days is normal. According to the author’s inquiry, the voyage time from Yantian, China, to Catania, Italy, is 23 to 28 days. From Yantian, Yantian, to Genova, from Shenzhen, 24 to 35 days, in most cases.

The following can reach the destination port in about 28 days. It will take about 25 days to arrive if it is fast, and if it is slow, it will take more than 30 days. I don’t know what your delivery needs are. If it is a double tax package delivery to the door, this is the business done by the freight forwarding company.

5 main Seaports in the Italy

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