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What is DHgate?

Why are products on DHgate so cheap? Your favorite guide about DHgate

Are you curious about the DHgate?

Do you want to learn more about this cross-border electronic marketplace?

DHgate is the Chinese-based marketplace that is one of the largest B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms. It acts as a bridge between manufacturing suppliers and small retailers.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss the most crucial facts about this online marketplace and keep you updated about any necessary information which includes the working and facts about DHgate. The variety of products available in the store along with their price range.

Drop shipping accounts are also necessary to create for importing products. You will also learn about DHgate policies on pricing.

The proven information provided here, will be shown to you about the rumors of being a scam. Besides, the advantages and disadvantages including inclusive information are the key elements for the customers before adoption. The shipping methods along with the price range of products will solely be discussed here.

Chapter 1: Introduction to DHgate

In this chapter, we will introduce you to DHgate and enlighten you about various aspects of DHgate.

1.What is DHgate?

What is DHgate?

China’s is an online cross-border marketplace that facilitates the purchase of goods manufactured by suppliers to medium and small retailers. It is among the largest B2B cross-border e-commerce platforms in China. It is headquartered in Beijing company has offices worldwide, including in the US and the UK.

DHgate is a B2B global marketplace established in 2004 that facilitates the sale of wholesale goods to buyers from overseas, in particular resellers.

2.Working of DHgate

DHgate is an online marketplace that caters to Chinese wholesalers and drop-shippers. Although they facilitate transactions, it is a purchase directly from a third-party seller whose products are advertised on their site. DHgate does not offer shipping or sell anything, but individuals sell it. DHgate cannot assist the consumer after they make payment unless they are required to submit complaints.

Based on reviews from sites like or, DHgate has high scores. The company offers an application for Android as well as Apple.

More than 90% of products available on DHGate do not require a minimum purchase, making it an ideal option to purchase items for your use and find items to drop-ship on your customer’s behalf. The main thing to remember is that there is not a requirement for a minimum purchase, which means you can buy a single item if you wish. Sellers offer bulk and single units to individuals as well as businesses.

3.Facts about DHgate

If you purchase through the Wholesale online store, you will pay via their website, similar to buying through eBay and Amazon. DHgate will accept all major credit and debit cards because their platform transfers funds through the website and not directly between the sellers and buyers. That adds a layer of protection for buyers.

4.Products available on DHgate

It is suggested that you review the seller’s information, which includes “Transactions,” “Customer Feedback,” and “Detailed Seller Ratings,” before placing an order. Do not confirm the delivery date if you have not received your purchase. Items, items, items, your items, Once you have received them, be sure to check the state in which they were received. Do not ever pay the seller directly.

5.Best-selling products of Dhgate

The majority of customers are pleased with DHgate’s online sellers. It is usual for these suppliers to post thorough and positive reviews of DHgate on websites and forums. It is common for people to examine the pictures of the item to get an impression of its quality. It is always recommended to check the reviews written by previous customers.

If you take the time to study reviews, you’ll find that most negative reviews stem from delivery delays or simply because the requirements were not fully understood. Therefore, understanding and reading reviews are crucial.

Chapter 2: Pros and cons of DHgate

Everything has a positive and a negative aspect. To get benefits and stay away from the drawbacks, you should know both sides of the coin. In this chapter, we will introduce you to the pros and cons of DHgate.

Pros of DHgate

The pros of DHgate are addressed below.

  1. Effect of MOQ in DHgate

1.Effect of MOQ in DHgate

The main distinction between the companies that have it in common, Alibaba and DHgate, is their minimum quantity of orders (MOQ). Purchasing items from Alibaba could be challenging (but certainly not unattainable) for dropshipping stores.

  1. Product prices

If we are talking about diversity and variety, there’s no doubt that, from cosmetics to clothes to fitness, DHgate offers a wide range of miscellaneous items.

Alibaba’s selection But, you can get the same items on Alibaba as well, and possibly even more, because Alibaba’s choice is more extensive.

Alibaba is a source for suppliers from all over the world, so if you have an idea, you’ll be able to get it through it.

In addition, since the sellers on Alibaba typically sell their items by the pound, you are more likely to find lower prices.

  1. Multiple payment methods

Transfer wire transfer ware transfer union, Both Alibaba and DHgate provide a range of payment options, including wire transfer, PayPal, Western Union, and even debit or credit cards.

In contrast, Alibaba has partnered with Alipay, an independent payment service provider, to broaden the range of options.

There is also the option of reviewing reviews from customers from both sites to gauge their reliability. The main distinction between them is Alibaba’s Trade Assurance feature that Alibaba provides.

  1. Payment protection services

4.Payment protection services

Additionally, DHgate does offer escrow payment security. We cannot guarantee you’ll receive a complete refund if the high standards for the product are not met or if the delivery is delayed.

  1. Communication medium

Like DHGate, users can communicate with sellers or send them emails. The sellers typically respond in 24 hours or sooner if they are online.

Cons of DHgate

  1. Shipping time

Due to the pandemic, shipping costs are in the air since most people shop online, especially when we buy food items. Shipping costs are an additional cost to your budget for transportation. You may want to look at this if you are shopping online because you may be paying more for shipping costs than the items you purchase on the internet.

That being said, we’ll take a look and determine if online purchasing platforms could aid us in saving money on shipping costs or not.

  1. Product quality

Let’s discuss the quality of service offered by the Phgate store in Dhgate. The store could not provide this new product, but we checked its credentials to see what they do with their other items and services. The store was able to score an average of 4.6 ratings for the authenticity of the items.

  1. Area of approach
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The site is a similar marketplace to AliExpress and Alibaba. However, it has one significant difference. There are numerous counterfeit and fake goods. DHGate is China’s equivalent of eBay in its most basic shape. It is the place to go to purchase goods in huge quantities. It is possible to buy the items in small amounts.

DHGate is considered one of the first and biggest online stores that allow you to locate wholesale items entirely new. They are proud of their unique platform, enabling businesses to buy directly from factories of high-quality products at a lower price. Let’s look at the thorough analysis of DHGate.

Chapter 3: Things you need to know about DHgate

This chapter will inform you about all the crucial things you must know before using DHgate.

1.Payment methods of DHgate

If you are ready to checkout, click the “Proceed To Checkout” button and fill in the billing and shipping details.

  • All-in-all, DHGate accepts.
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • Union Pay
  • Maestro Card
  • Bank Transfer

The general rule is that it is recommended to pay using a credit card instead of the course of a bank transfer so that you can accrue points and mileage on your card. Credit card payments also allow contesting the amount if DHGate’s buyer’s protection refund is insufficient. You are protected by DHGate’s buyer security when you pay through this DHGate platform. If you pay with a credit card, you are doubly secure against fraud. It is risk-free.

2.Buyer protection in DHgate

When you receive the confirmation of your DHGate purchase, you must inspect it immediately for quality. Be sure to take your time to examine your purchase and immediately take action when you receive it in shambles. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you must act within a specific timeframe to claim your refund.

3.Compatibility of DHgate with Shopify

DHgate is legitimate. It also offers an enormous selection of items sold at a competitive price. You’ll receive a tracking number when your purchase is delivered. You can determine whether you received an incorrect tracking number by tracking your items through DHgate’s website.

But DHgate is not operating in a similar way to Amazon. It is a B2B site, which means that sellers will be the ones who manage their shipping requirements.

Another great DHgate alternative to DHgate is eBay. Both platforms permit third-party sellers to handle the delivery.

4.Drop shipping apps used by DHgate


a. Ali Express

Like Importify, AliExpress Dropshipping & More allows dropshipping through various marketplaces.

Other notable features the app offers are:

  • Find AliExpress products inside the app and import them with just one click.
  • EPacket’s shipping filtering.
  • Automatic pricing rules
  • Auto-update inventory.

AliExpress Dropshipping & More pricing starts at $5 per month.

b. Importify

Importify allows you to search for and import items from different marketplaces to your dropshipping store in just one click.

Other advanced Importify features include:

  • Create pricing rules.
  • Create custom product titles, descriptions, pictures, variations, and pricing before publication.
  • Semi-automated order fulfillment service for AliExpress, Amazon, and Dhgate.
  • Locate new suppliers for your products.
  • Automatically assign products to your collection in your store.
  • Splits variants into different products.
  • Connect products you already have in your online store. Importify manages all products in one location. Store.
  • Import the Shopify store’s data into an alternative Shopify store.

c. Others

In 1999, the company was launched. is the top marketplace for wholesale trade across the globe, offering millions of goods across more than 40 critical categories. Customers can visit, request quotes from any vendor in a matter of minutes, and then pay for their purchases in a safe trade assurance method.

5.Importing reviews on DHgate

Reviews can significantly increase your e-commerce website’s credibility and boost the conversion rate. In the study, researchers found that consumers are 270 percent more likely to purchase items with just five reviews. So, you must provide inspections for your dropshipping items.

Chapter 4: Dropshipping using DHgate

If you want to know the procedure of using DHgate, this chapter will help you get the maximum knowledge in a minimum time.

1.Creation of account

First, sign up for a DHgate account that allows you to process drop shipping orders in the future. Additionally, you can access your purchase history and other benefits as a member.

If you are on the DHgate homepage, click on the icon for your account and then click to join freeThe platform allows you to sign-up using your email address, Google account, or Facebook account.

2.Sign up

My Shop is the official DHgate partner SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application. Apart from the capability to import and deliver DHgate merchandise, MyyShop gives you access to an inventory of verified manufacturers who offer high-quality DHgate products and quick delivery times. My Shop claims to carry more than 60 percent of the products ready to ship out of the US or European warehouses.

Furthermore, the Buyer Protection Program offered by MyyShop provides you with an unconditional refund or replacement for orders without the need to return products if you meet the conditions below: fulfilled

  • The maximum value for orders is $15 (shipping costs not included).
  • Within 14 days from the date of delivery.
  • Customers are not happy with the products after they receive them.
  • Each account can only request this service for up to 5 percent of the total quantity ordered.

3.Finding a compatible ecommerce platform

You can connect MyyShop with Shopify, eBay, Rakuten, Mercado Libre, or even set up an online MyyShop store and start dropshipping DHgate products.

4.Connecting both platforms

To connect MyyShop with Shopify, go to My Shop in the My Shop section of your MyyShop dashboard. After that, click the “Add your shop now” button beside your Shopify option.

5.Setting up the account

5.Setting up the account

Setting up rules before importing DHgate merchandise into your Shopify store will help ensure a more effortless and faster import experience.

The first is pricing regulations. To set them up, click the icon for settings at the top-right part of the MyyShop dashboard and select Pricing Rules.

6.Finding good quality products

To look for the top drop-hipping items from DHgate, simply type in any search term related to your preferred dropshipping specifics within the search box. In this case, we’ll take “jewelry” as an example.

7.Importing best products

To ensure that you get a top drops hipping product that comes from a reliable seller that offers fast delivery, there are a few criteria to consider:

  • The seller has been on the marketplace for at most one year.
  • The seller has at least 95% positive feedback.
  • These badges are placed next to the seller’s name, like “Recommended Seller,” “Top Selected Supplier,” or “Top Merchant.”
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8.Updating the order and tracking number

MyyShop will update the tracking number after the seller has started shipping your DHgate dropshipping purchase. Delays, delays: If you experience delays, you’ll need to go to your Orders tab and manually click on the Get Tracking Number button on each order.

In addition, MyyShop will change the order status from In Processing to Shipped and mark the Shopify order as fulfilled.

9.Tracking your parcel

We have already mentioned that DHgate packages are tracked via 17tracks Parcel Apps and Track24. It is not the best user experience to direct your clients to these pages from third parties.

One way to address this issue is to build an individual HTML ordering tracking webpage on behalf of Shopify to allow customers to track their orders directly on your website.

Another option is to install an application such as ParcelPanel, After Ship, Tracking More, or Shipway that will let you quickly integrate a customized order tracking page into your Shopify store.

Chapter 5:  Why are the products so cheap on DHgate?

Most first-time users of DHgate are concerned to know why it is so cheap and effortless to buy from DHgate. We have addressed the same problem in this chapter.

1.Large stock

1.Large stock

Most of the sellers listed on DHgate are suppliers, manufacturers, and inventory wholesalers seeking to clear their stock surplus. Most of the time, these sellers have surplus inventory that they offer at a reduced cost to get it to market quicker.

They do not want to make huge profits, just enough to cover manufacturing costs and perhaps a little less. Therefore, they offer their products at a very affordable price.

2.No third party involved

The cost is lower because there are not any middlemen involved. Sellers or manufacturers offer direct sales to customers, so you do not need to be charged an additional cost. What exactly do I mean by “middlemen”? Let’s take toys as an example.

If you purchase a new toy, you visit a local shop and buy it. It’ll cost you at least $15. It is the lowest price you can pay for an item in your country. Some retailers sell the same toys for just $10. But why is it less expensive? There are not any middlemen in the supply chain. Therefore, I is less costly.

You are left with two options: purchase the identical toy for either $10 or $15? It was $10, was not it? That’s the reason DHgate offers so many deals. This is because it is directly from factories and manufacturers who market their products at very reasonable prices.

3.Online stores

It is real that there are numerous reasons to find items on DHgate at a bargain price. The main one is one that every one of us will appreciate: sellers save money, and they can pass on the savings to the customers. It is simple!

Since there is no physical store to be found and everything is handled online, sellers will save without paying the cost of storage space and staff. They then pass on the savings to the customers. This is among the main reasons the merchandise available on DHgate is much less expensive than at stores or other websites with an offline presence.

DHgate has an online marketplace. This means that it is not restricted to any specific geographical area. Although the company operates in China, its primary functions are conducted online, so it does not have to lease a physical store in your town or country. No matter where you are located, the company can still offer your products at a lower cost than a local retailer.

4.Less manufacturing cost

What is it that makes the merchandise sold on DHgate so affordable? The company has played a significant role in ensuring that prices are lower. The company has invested millions of dollars in creating a safe and secure online platform. They also installed systems to stop fraudulent users from using their website. Because they are so well-known and have high purchasing power, which helps keep their costs minimal?

5.Wholesale selling

One of the primary reasons why the items you can buy on DHgate are so affordable is that sellers offer their products in large quantities. Indeed, most sellers will tell you that the greater the amount you purchase, the lower the price per item. If you are looking to purchase just a few things, the chances are it will cost somewhat more than if you were to purchase 20 or 10 items from the same vendor.

When you purchase wholesale from a manufacturer, you purchase directly from the manufacturer. There is no need to pay additional fees or taxes when buying retail. This can be very beneficial in making sure that the cost remains low.

Shipping costs to China are significantly reduced when you buy products in bulk. Wholesalers and retailers offering free shipping could save you a significant amount of money compared to items that are delivered in smaller quantities. In the end, suppliers pass the savings on to you when you purchase bulk from them.

6.No advertisement

6.No advertisement

DHgate does not invest any dollars in advertisements. There are no advertisements. There are not any billboards, television commercials, magazine ads, or emails to keep relying on word-of-mouth. Reliesword-of-mouthrelies

Instead, the company relies on word-of-mouth from visitors and its rankings on search engines to lure new customers. This is among the reasons that so many low-cost items are available on the site.

DHgate is a well-known site and does not have to pay for advertising. Many suppliers offer the same item in multiple online stores. However, because DHgate has many customers who visit the website and does not need to invest in marketing, the suppliers can cut their costs by 60 percent or more. This means that DHgate is less expensive.

7.Policies on low pricing

The second is to be aware of Chinese manufacturers. One reason China has been a significant manufacturing hub for numerous industries is cheap labor. This lower labor cost enables manufacturers to manufacture goods at affordable prices, resulting in lower prices for customers while still making money.

Additionally, Chinese manufacturers are experts at producing top-quality products at a low cost. Chinese factories were among the first to implement various manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing and robotics, which allowed them to create quality products using the least amount of human labor required. This means that companies can manufacture more items at lower costs, which means lower costs for their customers.

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8.No taxation

We are all aware that when we purchase something, the cost is not just for the product we are purchasing-it includes fees, taxes, and other costs. You must pay for everything when you purchase something from a typical store. Why is it that everything purchased from DHgate is priced so low?

This is because when you purchase through this website, most of the expenses incurred by the regular stores and other e-commerce sites are taken out. Since DHgate is located in China and the sellers are also, there are fewer fees and taxes added to the cost of the items. You’ll spend less money on them, and sometimes much less.

There is not any sales tax (VAT) in China, and there is no federal income tax. The only taxes imposed are local and are paid by the business. Lower, lower. The result is that prices are a bit lower than what they would be elsewhere in Europe and North America.

Chapter 6: Why do buyers think DHgate is a scam?

If you are concerned about the authenticity of DHgate and want to confirm it, then this chapter is specially written for you. Many incidents make a buyer reconsider his choice, few of them are mentioned below.

Why do buyers think DHgate is a scam?

1.When buyers do not receive an immediate response

The seller must respond to the buyer’s request within five days from the case’s inception. If no response is received within the agreed timeframe, the system will issue a refund to the buyer.

2.Buyers blame the customer service for not sorting out the matter between seller and buyer

Informs customers that they are not correct-but; they do not say, “You are wrong.”

  • Be accurate on the factual side. Do not rely on what’s stated; concentrate on what’s been done and documented.
  • You can bring up the topic of “miscommunication.” When using the term “miscommunication,” you do not take the blame…
  • Rethink his perception.
  • Offer alternative options.

3.When customers do not receive the refunding

Company Will not Give You a Refund? Here’s How to Get Your Money Back.

You can try to work it out with the merchant first.

  • Request a Chargeback
  • Sue in Small Claims
  • Pursue Consumer Arbitration
  • Fair Shake Can Help Make Arbitrating a Breeze.

4.Long delivery time

The average time for shipping at DH gate ranges between 5 and 20 days. Two aspects influence the shipping time. The shipping method used and the time required to complete the shipment.

5.Shipping charges when the delivery is free

The cost of shipping depends on the shipping method used and the item’s weight. DH gate, Northgate, Northgate, For the free shipping offered on DH gates it is usually provided by commercial shipping services such as ePacket or China Post.

The majority of sellers say in the listings of their products that they will offer free shipping, which is simply a strategy to draw buyers. However, they will not provide free shipping for every shipping method.

6.A sudden increase in the product price when the buyer places the order

Customs duties are not included in the cost of the product or the shipping costs. You’ll likely have to pay charges for customs on products purchased through DH gate, and the items you buy from DH gate are considered imports because they are delivered from outside.

To prevent any surprises, be aware of the following tips:

  • Ask the seller whether you must pay additional import taxes, duties, or other charges associated with customs.
  • Sellers are not accountable for delays caused by customs officials in your country.
  • Some sellers will offer delivery to your country. This means they’ll ship your order via the warehouse in your country. If this happens, you will not have to pay additional customs duties or taxes.

Chapter 7: FAQs about DHgate

1.Is DHgate safe for my orders and shopping?

With due precautions you can make your purchases safe at DHgate. It is always wise to check if the seller has a previous record of sale and how his reputation is. The sellers who have served more orders and good reviews are more likely to provide your good quality products.

2.Why is DHgate so cheap?

DHgate is a cheap option for buying because it does not charge anything for joining and using the platform. It gives coupons on bulk orders hence decreasing the prices of products. It is like wholesale buying experience where you can get bulk amounts of high quality products on competitive rates.

3.How are the shipping services of DHgate?

The shipping process is slow and needs around a month to complete. This is because the products are shipped directly from China, and if you ought to get your products earlier, you will have to pay an extra amount. Different carriers have different time frames for shipping. So you can check for the most suitable service.

4.Which card does DHgate accept?

DHgate accepts card payments, and you can use any internationally accepted card. Most of the cards are accepted at the DHgate website. For further clarification, you can check it using your card.

5.Can I check the product reviews on DHgate?

Yes, like any good e-commerce platform, you get the transparency of checking the reviews of products and sellers. Some people even post pictures of what they have received. You can spot original and fake sellers by thoroughly checking the reviews.

6.What is the return and refund policy of DHgate?

DHgate pays out to the seller only once the buyer confirms the order. If you find that the product you have received is not the same as shown on the sellers’ page, you can request a refund. So the seller will not get paid, and you will receive your payment.

In case you never received the product, you can file a full refund complaint as once accepted, the buyer can only ask for a half refund. You can also connect with the seller to return the product if it does not match the description provided on the website.


In this chapter, we have discussed the various aspects of DHgate in detail and tried to convey to you ‘why are products on DHgate so cheap?’ If you still have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask us

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