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Top 10 Suppliers of Christmas Decoration Wholesale for Helping in Upgrading your Business

Christmas Decoration Wholesale

Are you searching for a suitable wholesale Christmas decoration supplier?

Alongside being a festivity Christmas is more of an opportunity for the businessmen. It is one high time of year when your business will surely garner profit. Sales get multiplied during December as Christmas approaches.

Getting the best and in-demand wholesale Christmas decorations and ornaments at the right time is very important. Many buyers choose to buy Christmas products to help their business be truly successful.

In this blog, we are going to inform you about the best marketplace for wholesale Christmas decorations. We will also tell you about all popular Christmas items that can increase sales to gather maximum profit for you.

Chapter 1: Where to Buy? 8 Best Wholesale Christmas Decoration Suppliers

In this chapter, we are going to introduce you to some of the best suppliers of wholesale Christmas decorations.

When considering these options, the possibilities may seem endless. Hence, we will present you with a broader view so that you can choose easily.

1. EJET Sourcing 

EJET Sourcing is a world-class company. If you are looking for the best and cheapest Christmas decorations from China, try to contact our team, we have help you solve many different problems.

The company keeps the buyers involved in the process and aids them from sourcing to deliveries. It ensures you provide a pleasant and highly result-driven experience throughout the entire sourcing process.

EJET Sourcing

You can find Christmas-related stuff at wholesale rates for your business. It supplies profitable and high-quality products according to the unique needs of its customers.

2. Christmas central 

Christmas Central is one of the largest online wholesale Christmas decorations suppliers.

It deals with home decors, outdoor décor items, and all the things that can make your Christmas special. Following supplies are the main products you can find from this website.

Christmas central

  • Artificial Christmas trees from 2.5 ft tall to 15 ft tall
  • Tree accessories like toppers, sprays, stands, stars, Santas, snowflakes, and Icicles, etc.
  • Lights from LED to wide range lights
  • Ornaments Christmas decorations like snowflakes, stockings, sprays, candles, and ribbons, etc.
  • Garlands

3. Old World Christmas

Old World Christmas is also one of the best suppliers that have dedicated their inventory to the Christmas only. It is a premier brand of Christmas ornaments.

The owners claim to have affordable prices for the Christmas ornaments with fast deliveries and efficient shipping.

The unique thing about the Old World Christmas is that it provides you with handcrafted ornaments. They have excellent customer service with high-quality material and traditionally designed goods.

Most of the ornaments are made of molten glass so, it is one of the most loved collections of Christmas decorations.

4. Burton+BURTON 

Burton + BURTON was established in 1982. It has an extensive inventory that is mainly related to Christmas. You can find floral supplies, balloons, gifts, decor items, etc. from Burton + BURTON.


It has over 300 employees and an enthusiastic team that is all set to help you out. You can get high-end Christmas decoration stuff at wholesale rate from Burton + BURTON. The prices are reasonable so, you can get a profit through the retail price.

5. Oriental Trading 

Oriental trading is 5th on the list. It was founded in the year 1932, soon became one of the most crucial wholesalers of goods. Now it is deeply concerned with the wholesale Christmas decorations.

It became a major supplier by 1950, and its website was launched in 1990. Oriental Trading claims to provide you with a speedy shopping experience that too through a simple process.

Oriental Trading

Their website is secure, and they also have an exchange and return policy, so, you can buy things without any fear.

6. Sparks Gift Wholesalers

Sparks Gift Wholesalers were established almost 25 years ago. As the name indicates, it is mainly concerned with the shopping of gifts. You can find Christmas gifts of 20 different brands at a wholesale rate from Sparks Gift Wholesalers.

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New products are added to the website almost daily and weekly. They have over 3,000 products in stock, and you can get free delivery on shopping for over £125. The loyal customers are provided cashback of 1% on transactions.

7. Christmas Warehouse 

Christmas warehouse claims to be a one-stop shop for all Christmas-related gifts and decoration items. You can find unique home and office decoration items at the Christmas warehouse.

It has been working for more than 30 years, but the services are available only in Australia. You can find Christmas trees, festive lights, decoration items, and anything you need for Christmas from the Christmas Warehouse.

8. Open A Party 

Open a Party is a Canadian supplier of Christmas-related goods. It deals in wholesale Christmas decorations and serves only within Canadian boundaries.

It has some good stuff related to Christmas, so if you are a Canadian resident then, you can connect it. It also provides you with wholesale Christmas decoration goods.

Chapter 2: What to Buy? Most Demanded Wholesale Christmas Decorations

most demanded christmas decorations

It is very crucial to know which Christmas decorations will get you more leads and profit. If you stock the non-demanded things, then you may endure loss in your business.

Hence in this chapter, we will educate you about the in-demand Christmas decorations stuff so that your business may not get into any loss.

1. Snowflake LED aroma lamps

LED lamps have always fascinated the viewer’s eye. For Christmas, designed lamps with Christmas-related motifs such as snowflakes, baubles, and sparkles would go the best.

LED aroma lamps come in different sizes and shapes, having a hot plate to melt the oils or the wax present, which spreads a specific aroma. When the lights are switched on, the lamp gives a different and eye-catching view.

The lamps are practical, economical, and best for interior decoration.

These LED aroma lamps are one of the must-have decorative ornaments. So, they will surely bring you money in business this Christmas.

2. Festive fairy lights

Festive fairy lights

Fairy lights are small lights hung with a string. These fairy lights can enhance the aura of a place. Decoration of interior, as well as outdoor places, can be done with these lights, for example, Christmas tree, doors, walls, etc.

A relaxed and pleasant atmosphere can be made using these lights to enjoy the festivities.

These lights come in different colors, shapes, and sizes according to the need of the customer. They are eco-friendly, durable, less costly, harmless, and a crucial decorative item.

3. Humidifiers and fragrances

Humidifiers can add moisture and fragrance to the place. People have been widely using these items to make their homes and offices more appealing.

During the Christmas weather, these fragrances and humidifiers provide an amazing and healthy climate.

These could be sent as a token of gift to friends and family as they are attractive in appearance also. The Christmas tree can be kept fresh for a long period of time just because of humidifiers.

People can search for a range of humidifiers according to their needs and functions, from a very low-budget fragrance to a very expensive humidifier.

4. Hanging willow stars

Hanging willow stars

Willow stars are made out of the branches of a willow tree. The willow tree symbolizes safety and hope for the people.

During the Christmas season, these stars are hung in the room, or on the Christmas tree, and anywhere in the home. Willow star enhances the beauty and style of the place.

People demand these stars because of the cuteness they have and because they can be used as the centerpiece in the room. They can also serve for ornamenting the Christmas tree.

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These stars are super attractive and easily affordable. Often bought in a bunch, these stars will surely boost your business.

5. Christmas jingle sticks

Jingle sticks are an amazing token of remembrance. They are mostly wooden sticks with bells attached to them. They can serve as an amazing gift to children on Christmas day. Jingle sticks can be used for festivities and decoration purposes.

Christmas jingle sticks

They are often brightly colored, unique, and cheer up the audience. These could be really expensive and at the same time cheap according to the type of supplier you choose.

Jingle sticks are a must-have item for people so they can get you more clients/buyers.

6. Gift toys and gift boxes

It is a common custom to give gifts to each other on the occasion of Christmas. It serves as a connecting point among the families and friends and also symbolizes a strong relationship.

Stuffed toys and Santa toys for children could be amazing. Gift boxes having mixed products differ according to different ages could be made on-demand.

They could include mugs, beauty accessories, decoration pieces, wall hangings, etc. The gift boxes could be made of paper, teen, or other items at low prices having a variation in sizes.

7. Santa figures

Santa figures

Santa figures are an innovative idea that is getting common in people over time. These differ in size and shape. Santa figures add more class to the decoration.

The price range of Santa figures varies from very low to high depending upon the size, quality, and material of the Santa figures.

People are very much interested in buying Santa figures, and hence these can add value to your business.

Chapter 3: How to Buy? Crucial Information About Wholesale Christmas Decorations

Knowing about the companies that can provide you with wholesale Christmas decorations is not enough. You should know how to buy the stuff and not be on the losing end.

Crucial Information About Wholesale Christmas Decorations

In this chapter, you will know about the four major steps that you will need to follow to buy business-oriented wholesale Christmas decorations.

1. Analyzing the best merchandise for wholesale Christmas decorations

Christmas is a name linked with festive trees, Santa figures, socking, gifts, fairy lights, and jingle bells/sticks, etc. These are the ornaments that you will find in every Christmas shop and store.

So, to stand out among all of them, you should have unique and fancy stuff. The best Christmas merchandise is the one that can attract more customers and convert leads into customers.

Analyzing the best merchandise for wholesale Christmas decorations

You can find exciting wholesale Christmas-related stuff on different online platforms if you follow the right technique. Here are some new and hot keywords related to Christmas products:

  • Christmas decoration lights
  • Christmas wholesale decor stuff
  • Christmas home decor
  • Christmas office decor supplies, etc.

In this way, you will come across a whole new variety of wholesale Christmas decorations.

2. Finding the most reliable suppliers

The success of your business depends on the supplier you choose. A reliable supplier who is cooperative and has a good reputation can make the process smooth.

While on the other hand, a supplier that is new to the business may get into trouble due to short of experience and hence cause you loss.

A reliable supplier is someone who is well aware of the process, knows about shipping, transactions, and quality control. It is the one who is very particular about time management and being true to its promise.

3. Selecting several suppliers to work with for comparing

Selecting several suppliers to work with for comparing

The selection of more than one supplier will have a greater impact on your business. It will give you more options to choose between and so you can get a variety of stuff. More variety means more means to attract customers and hence more sales.

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Moreover, by selecting more than one supplier, you will get to know the price range of goods. A comparison between price ranges will provide you with better opportunities to know the profit margin also.

Hence, you can buy the things that are more eye-catchy and have lesser prices so that you can earn good money through them.

Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale Christmas Decorations


1. Is the Christmas decorations wholesale business profitable?

Yes, the Christmas decoration wholesale business is profitable. Many online stores reported that their sales boosted through the Christmas time period. The inventory collected for the Christmas sale season got sold very quickly and easily.

Christmas trees, ornaments, and fairy lights were among the most rapidly sold things.

So, the business will surely get you profit. You only have to keep a balance between the wholesale and retail price and meet the market standards of product quality to win it.

Covid-19 has already shifted the conventional buying strategy to an online one. So, you should have a pretty online store to showcase the variety you have.

2. Where can I buy wholesale Christmas decoration stuff from China?

One of the most important things to know before starting your business is about the suppliers. Few well-known Chinese wholesale Christmas decorations suppliers are named below.

  1. EJET Sourcing
  2. Chinabrands
  3. DHgate
  4. Global Sources
  5. Ali Express

If you are only interested in the suppliers located in China, then you check all the websites mentioned above. All these websites can provide you with high-quality Christmas decorations at a wholesale rate.

3. How to select the most suitable wholesale Christmas decoration supplier for me?

First of all, find all the best suppliers of wholesale Christmas decorations. The next step is to compare their prices and the quality of goods. Choose the most affordable and most unique goods.

The supplier that has a good reputation provides you quality goods and comes under your budget is the best for you.

You can also consider other points like the ease of shipping, the time required for shipping, and extra charges in mind while deciding on your supplier.

4. What is the cost range of wholesale Christmas decorations?

The wholesale Christmas decorations are of different price ranges. You may find products that are less than $3 for a bundle, and you might also find something that is more than $17 for a single unit out of the bundle.

The cost range of wholesale Christmas decorations is dependent on the suppliers you find. A more variety of suppliers will lead you to see a variety in price ranges.

While buying goods, you should always look for the order limit. Ensure that is the minimum number of products you are allowed to buy at wholesale rate.

Sometimes the bill exceeds your budget only because you don’t check the purchase amount and the minimum order limit.

5. Can I get customized Christmas ornaments?

Yes, you can ask for customized Christmas ornaments if you want.

There are a few suppliers that provide this service of customization. You will have to find the suppliers and tell them about your designs and idea at least a month before Christmas.

It is because customization extra takes time and energy. Customized goods also do better business than normal goods.


Christmas is just around the corner. November and early December are the ripe time to buy Christmas items. In such high time, you can grab the opportunity to uplift your business.

In this blog, we introduced a lot information about wholesale Christmas decorations. For example about some online platforms, and the most-demanded items and so on.

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