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women's clothing online store

Places to Find Wholesale High Quality Clothes for Your Online Boutique

If you’re in the business of running an online boutique, chances are you’re also in the business of dressing well. After all, you want to make sure that your potential customers trust you and your products enough to hand over their credit card information – not just take one look at your site and bounce right back out again! To help you find high quality wholesale boutique clothing that you can use to keep your customers satisfied, here are great resources you can use as you shop around for wholesale fashion clothing that will keep them coming back for more.

Web Stores

women's clothing online store

Though many people go straight for name brands, department stores and big-box retailers when it comes to high-quality fashion items, there are a few other places you should check out. Many large department stores like Kohl’s and Macy’s also have their own in-house clothing lines where you can find cheap high quality clothing. And since they sell these items at full price at retail, they’re able to offer significantly lower prices on wholesale purchases.

The same goes for outlet stores like Amazon and Alibaba. Some even buy directly from high-end designers who have too much stock on hand but still want it sold quickly, thereby lowering their risk of inventory loss over time. All of these options provide quality products at great prices. Just make sure you do your research first so that you know exactly what you’re getting before making any purchases.

  1. Nihao Jewelry/Nihaostyles
  2. Chinabrands
  3. Alibaba
  4. Good Clothing Company
  5. Bloom Wholesale
  6. Whole Fashion Square
  7. Parisian
  8. Tasha Apparel
  9. Global Source
  10. NG Apparels

Merchant Square

Merchant Square is a fashion-focused ecommerce site. It’s a one-stop-shop for fashion wholesale and retail buyers, sellers, manufacturers and merchants. Merchant Square gives business owners access to local manufacturers and global suppliers. The site claims it has more than 18 million SKUs in categories including women’s fashions, accessories, children’s clothing, footwear and more. If you are an online boutique looking for some high quality wholesale clothes then Merchant Square is an online marketplace you can use.

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It allows designers and retailers to get direct contact with factories that will sell directly to them without going through a middleman or wholesaler. This means that there should be fewer markups involved so that your customers get lower prices on their orders. You may also find new trends on these sites because they have regular updates of new products that people have added to their websites.

merchant square
merchant square

 Trade Shows

Trade shows are one of your best options for finding wholesale cheap high quality clothing. Of course, it takes time and a little money to participate in trade shows, but if you’re serious about doing business with wholesalers, it can be well worth it. Just be sure that when you attend trade shows, you follow up quickly with those companies that interest you. And remember: just because they aren’t able to sell their merchandise at retail prices doesn’t mean they won’t still be open to selling small amounts of clothing wholesale.

In fact, many wholesalers would rather deal with small businesses like yours than large ones. That way, they know exactly where their products are going and who is buying them. It also gives them an opportunity to build a relationship with someone who could potentially become a long-term customer.

Fashiion trade shows 2022

Etsy Shops

If you’re already operating an Etsy shop or have plans to start one, it’s a good idea to know where your customers are going for wholesale clothing. When you search Etsy, you will find thousands of sellers who sell directly from their shops on Etsy. If you’re looking specifically for high quality wholesale boutique clothing at wholesale prices, then you may want to choose a different option. However, if you’re in need of additional inventory and don’t mind waiting a little longer for your clothing – then searching within Etsy is a great option.

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Many big name brands like Anthropologie and Forever 21 sell on Etsy as well as small local designers so make sure that if an item sounds too good to be true; it isn’t! The last thing you want to do is order something with no information about shipping costs and end up paying more than you anticipated. Most sellers offer free shipping which can help lower your overall cost but still double check before ordering.

The best way to go about finding products on Etsy is to first select Wholesale under Labels (found in every product listing) and see what comes up. You can also look for a specific designer or brand using the search bar located at top right hand corner of any page on Etsy.

Direct Sales Companies

The internet is rife with companies and sites that connect sellers with buyers. Direct sales outfits like Stella & Dot, Thirty-One Gifts, and even Jam berry and Mary Kay have made finding fashion-forward merchandise at wholesale prices possible. With less of a hassle than Craigslist or eBay, these sites can be a great way to find high quality merchandise in bulk. Just make sure you do your homework about shipping costs before making a purchase. You’ll also want to check out reviews from past customers-it’s always good to know what you’re getting into before committing money.

Facebook Groups

Do a quick search on Facebook and you’ll likely find a number of relevant groups. Some, like Shop Owners & Creatives and Fashion Industry Buy/Sell/Trade are open to everyone, while others are private. When you join a group, don’t immediately start posting offers; instead, take some time to do your research by reading posts, liking pages and commenting on topics that interest you.

fashion trade facebook group
fashion trade facebook group

This will show other members that you’re an active participant who is interested in being part of a community and increase your chances of getting included in relevant conversations or threads where wholesale goods are being discussed. If you see something you like, ask questions about it: Where did they get it? What kind of discount did they get? How much would they sell it for? Asking these kinds of questions shows other members that you’re serious about starting a business and looking to buy products.

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After all, if you weren’t looking to purchase items at wholesale prices, why would you be joining a Facebook group devoted entirely to buying and selling?

Final Thoughts

If you’re starting an online clothing boutique and want to buy clothes in bulk from wholesalers, then keep reading. I’ve listed places you can find high-quality clothes at wholesale prices. However, before we get into our list of wholesalers, let’s talk about why it’s important (and practical) to buy wholesale in bulk. Buying clothing directly from suppliers is often very difficult for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

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