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Top 10 Best Taobao Agents: A Comparison Guide

Taobao (simplified Chinese: 淘宝网; traditional Chinese: 淘寶網), the biggest Chinese online shopping platform owned by Alibaba, is giving consumers over 1 billion product listings and has the transaction volume reached trillions of yuan yearly. It is incredible!

The platform is user-friendly, providing extremely efficient logistic service, and I’m sure you can almost find every kind of product from just one single platform at a really good price!

Can I use Taobao from aboard? The answer is yes, sort of. There is a global version of Taobao which is specifically for overseas consumers. But it’s not doing well regarding the localization part and the user experience, in my opinion, is far worse than the Chinese version. Therefore, if you can’t read and write Chinese, you probably won’t be able to see the best of Taobao and will feel it’s painful to order directly on Taobao.

That’s where Taobao agents come in.

What is a Taobao agent? It is a person or organization that buys from on behalf of another person or company in exchange for a commission. Normally, a Taobao agent will be in charge of finding, buying, checking, and shipping goods from the Taobao seller to the client.

Some of the key services a Taobao agent usually offer:

  • They can purchase your requested products on your behalf, eliminating the need for you to communicate with sellers who may not speak English fluently.
  • They handle all communication with sellers effectively, ensuring that your order specifications are understood and met.
  • They offer storage services and product quality checks to ensure that your orders are received and stored correctly and that the items you receive match the specifications and standards you provided.
  • They provide packaging services, including removing unnecessary packages like shoeboxes, to help you save on shipping costs.
  • Using a Taobao Agent means that you don’t have to worry about international shipping. They handle everything for you, offering different worldwide shipping methods that deliver your packages right to your door.

And because Taobao agents’ main purpose is to serve consumers from abroad, especially those consumers who can’t speak Chinese, their websites all have great English-only interfaces.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to the 10 best Taobao agents you must know, to help you pick the right one.

Let’s check them out!


1) Cssbuy

Another game changer in our list is the CSS BUY. Cheapest Taobao agent! Don’t disregard it for the low quality as well. Instead, quality justifies the price.


Moreover, they have safe shipping options. And offer delivery to customers worldwide. You don’t have to worry about any aspect when working with CSS BUY.

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Here are the positive points about it.

  • Cheaper Shipping Service. They have the CHEAPEST shipping service in the Town. You get shipping from DHL or FEDEX at a lower price. It can potentially reduce your financial burden.
  • Multiple Payment options. They have various payment options. It reduces the hurdle of Chinese payment options. And keeps you on the better side with safe transactions.

2) Superbuy

If I have to recommend you a Taobao Proxy agent, Superbuy comes on the list. It is because of dedicated staff working day and night to help you get quality products. They not only work with the big enterprises. But also, you can work as a small business owner.

Superbuy, a Taobao Proxy agent

They have a FREE MOBILE app. Making it easier to find the products you want. And use them to buy the inventory at affordable costs.

Here are some pros of this Taobao proxy service.

  • Easy browsing. They have mobile apps and websites. Both are super fast. Navigation occurs efficiently. And you can save time while finding the best items.
  • Excellent Customer support. Their customer support is always the best one I have ever known. It can help you out during eCommerce challenges. And support you till you have resolved your problem.

3) Wegobuy

As the name indicates, this Taobao Buying agent has industry experts. They know the Chinese market very well. Find out the best deals regarding the products. Get a TOP NOTCH Taobao forwarder to help you save costs on Shipping.

 Wegobuy website the Taobao agent

When working with this Taobao shipping agent, you must negotiate the prices. And go on the deals to avoid any confusion.

Here are the pros.

  • 180 days of free storage. They source the products from Taobao. And store it in their warehouses for 180 days at NO COST.
  • Free inspection photos. They inspect the products. Check their quality. And get the FREE images to help you determine the quality.

4) Pandabuy

Established in 2021, Pandabuy appears to be a NEW in the Market. But believe me, they have the EXPERTS to get you the best products. And find reasonable deals.

Pandabuy website

The PandaBuy team ensures a seamless experience by retaining the lower product prices.

You can get the following benefits when working with PandaBuy.

  • Exceptional Customer service. Their customer service is second to none. You can get an INSTANT solution to all your problems. And iron out the complexity of business.
  • Cheaper Products. They make it easy to get the more inexpensive products from Taobao. You can increase profit margins.
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5) Bhiner

Bhiner is the best Taobao Shopping agent with the expertise. They source the products from Taobao. Test their quality. And only then deliver it to you, keeping your MORALE high.

They have cheaper prices for the products. And ensure the BEST-MATCH suppliers.

Here are the benefits of this supplier.


  • Multiple payment options. They have different payment options, such as PayPal, bank transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union, and Credit cards. You are out of worry about the payments anymore.
  • Cheap Shipping. They have more inexpensive shipping methods. On some shipping options, you get discounts of up to 40%. That saves more of your budget.

6) Ytaopal

Ytaopal is a super efficient TAOBAO AGENT with the best sourcing services. They know what products you should grab. And how you can perform better in boosting the business.

Ytaopal, one ofthe best Taobao agents

Established in 2016, it has handled thousands of customer orders. And completed them within 24 hours. If you can not find any item on the TAOBAO, tell the Ytaopal team. They will get it even from HELL if they have to.

Here are the benefits of this Taobao proxy service.

  • Excellent Customer Service. Their customer service is TOP-NOTCH. Did you have a problem while finding an item? Tell the customer team. They’ll ignite all the fuel to get your product.
  • Quality Checks with photos. They have a detailed quality assessment. During the inspection, they capture the images. And send it to you to boost your confidence in the product.

7) 42agent

One of the first and best Taobao agents? I would indeed say, 42agent. It is not an agent but an EMOTION for the buyers.


With industry expertise, they help you contact the best suppliers on Taobao. Check their deals. Excellent reputation among the sellers makes 42agent everyone’s favorite.

Here are the pros of this Taobao Daigou.

  • Free Unboxing Service. They offer the unboxing of all the products on Taobao. On your request, they can provide detailed videos. Everything is for ZERO COST. That is great when you want to know what you are buying.
  • Transparency Fees. They have detailed pricing on their website. No hidden or extra charges keep you safe from additional expenses. And get you deals in your budget.

8) Leeline Sourcing

Leeline Sourcing has been working since 2009. It has handled millions of deals. And helped the buyers make purchases not only from Taobao. But also other B2B sites.

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Leeline Sourcing

The best thing about Leeline Sourcing is the expertise of a Taobao agent. They do hard work. And find out the best rates.

Want to know why I chose Leeline? Here are the reasons.

  • Quality Inspection. Leeline Has a separate quality inspection team. That means you can use it to get the best quality products from the Taobao manufacturers. And speed up your business progress with high-quality inventory.
  • No hidden costs. Leeline does not charge an upfront fee. So you are out of worry. Moreover, they do not have any hidden charges causing you to fall short of your budget.

9) Budaigou

Budaigou is a TAOBAO AGENT with the skills you need—for example, the pricing, the quality, and the reliable shipping.


They have all the FEATURES for a B2B business. Their experts do a comprehensive analysis of the market. Comply with your requirements. And help you save a better price.

Here are the benefits of this platform.

  • Lower Shipping Cost. Their shipping service is reliable. You can get TRACKING SERVICES at a lower cost.
  • Professional Inspection Services. They have a professional inspection team. It thoroughly goes through all the products from manufacturers. Check the quality. And approve them only if they qualify your ACCEPTABLE QUALITY LIMIT.

10) Panli

Panli was previously known as Panli shopping. It helps the overseas sellers to connect with the local Chinese suppliers. And get customized products to raise business sales.

Panli, one ofthe best Taobao agents

It has senior sourcing experts who have in-depth experience in the Chinese industry. Finding the right item is no longer a big deal.

Here are the pros.

  • Lower Prices. They grab the wholesale suppliers on Taobao. It becomes easier to obtain lower prices and increase your profit margins.
  • Excellent Support. Their customer support is very helpful. You can get instant solutions. And make up the best for your business.


People also ask

Does Taobao ship to the US?

Yes, it does. This Chinese equivalent of Amazon or eBay is a huge and global eCommerce marketplace where you can basically buy everything from tissue paper to wedding dresses at cheap prices. But the main problem for most foreigners is the language barriers and I have to admit that the localization work of Taobao is not doing quite well.

Which taobao agent is the best?

It’s Superbuy in my opinion. I’m using Superbuy and they are quite good. I can tell that their website is quite optimized, straightforward, and user-friendly. They take really great product photos. Their service fees and shipping aren’t the cheapest but definitely reasonable.

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