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How to Buy Home Decor Products from Suppliers in China?

Obviously, You will need Home decor manufacturing suppliers for your business. But, the thing is, How do you find these homeware suppliers?

Starting an online home decor products business can be daunting. But, more daunting is getting a supplier for that online homeware business. See, the home decor niche contains a lot of items and every one of those items can turn a lot of profits. But, the thing is these items come in a variety of shapes, colors, designs, and categories. Moreover, this niche market has a lot of suppliers.

Choosing between what to sell, where to source, and how to get buy that product will make you pull your hair. But, don’t worry, EJET has got your back. We have compiled a definitive guide that will help you in buying from home decor manufacturing suppliers in China. The guide contains every detail that will help you in making an informed decision.

Chapter 1: Home Decor Products- What Do You Need To Know?


Wh entering a home decor business good? Is it worth it? Should you do it? These are the type of questions that should come to your mind when you are planning to start a business. If they are not on your mind, you are motivated enough to start that business. To motivate you, we have added a section.

1) What are Home Décor Products?

If a person starts constructing a home, the only reason he/she is doing it is to make it look good to the eyes. Everything is planned out like where the kitchen will be. What will be the color of the walls? What style of tiles to choose? But, the thing is, none of that color, design, or location looks good if there are no decoration items in the house.

But, people do take home decor products into consideration. Some will place rugs on the floor. Others add wall clocks, while some work on the window color styles. Whereas, some add modern design future on rooms. The items that enhance the look of your house, such items are called home decor items.

2) Statistics of Home Décor Products Demand?

Due to COVID-19, a lot of online store businesses have seen exponential growth. The furniture niche market was the one that witnessed sales revenue. According to the reports by Statista, furniture products eCommerce stores have seen 14.5% growth in 2021. It reached a total of $53 million from $47 Million in 2019.  Like that, the wall clocks market is expected to reach US$73.3 billion by the year 2027 ( Reports By Businesswire). Not only these but there also are other products that are greatly in demand. For instance, cushion covers have huge demand in the UK. Asian suppliers are seeing a 7.1% increase in 2022, compared to last year.

The point of telling you about these numbers is those home decor products are hugely in demand and will stay in demand because these are considered essential items of every home. As a result, these items can be a game changer if you know to start an online home decor business. If one does make the right decision on choosing the product to sell, chances are that he will land a great number of profits.

3) Why Do People Need Home Decoration Products?

Why Do People Need Home Decoration Products

People will always need home decoration products because they want their homes to look good. Not only it is about them. They want others to see their home as heaven. Honestly, no one likes to enter a home that has blank walls, no rugs, no bedsheets, and sofas covers. So, people buy all kinds of products that can make their homes look stunning.

Every now and then, a house is contracted somewhere on this planet. As a result, for completing that home, these people need home decorating suppliers. This is a perfect opportunity for a home decor products supplier to take advantage of. The demand for homeware products is huge and will continue to stay huge.

4) Is Selling Home Decor Products a Good Business?

Yes, selling home decor products is a good business because now the world has gone online. Now, no one wants to visit a decoration store and buy products. People want to order these products by just sitting on their sofa. All they want is a variety of products they can scroll through and a seller that sells high-quality products.

Combining all this, home decor products selling is a good business, provided you know what is in demand, and you are selling high-quality products. Platforms like Amazon FBA are already helping sellers in making sales. Moreover, Sourcing Agents like EJET is already providing sellers with high-quality suppliers and products. So, take the leap of faith and start selling home decor products business.

Chapter 2: Starting A Home Décor Line- How To Do That?

Starting A Home Décor Line- How To Do That

Starting an online home product business for the first time can be a hard step because you don’t know what you are doing. However, EJET has compiled a section that shows exactly how you do it the right way. Here are the steps that will help you in starting a home decor line business.

1) Decide The Market that you will target and The Product you will Sell

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is select the market that you want to target. Remember, this is an important step in the foundation of the business. That is because your market and audience define the number of sales. For instance, the USA is the biggest market for wall clocks. Whereas, in Europe, you have a great chance of selling cushion covers. Similarly, the UK is the market where you can sell curtains.

In an online product selling business, you have to know what is the demand for that specific product. If you don’t know that, you will launch a product that will fail. So, selecting the right product is also an essential step. Do the market research of products and see how well are they performing. Then take that product and modify it. Or, you can also design your own decoration product from scratch.

2) Set up an Online Store

By setting up an online store, we mean leveraging the power of the internet. You can start the business with the help of your own website. By a domain and start with a catchy name. Use Freelancers from platforms like Upwork or Fiver who will help you in setting up your website. Setting up the Shopify website is the best method if you are looking to cut down overheads.

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Or, there is an option to sell on giants like Amazon. With Amazon FBA, you don’t have to worry about logistics. Amazon will do that for you. If you are creating a product from scratch, you can go for Amazon Private Label. Amazon wholesale is also an option if the budget is low.

3) Talk with the Home Décor Manufacturing Supplier

The next step is finding the right home decor manufacturing vendors. The best part about this step is you can do it by sitting on your Sofa. Chin is best known for online product buying. And, home decor products are one of these categories that has gained a lot of attention in China.

You have the leverage to use Alibaba or Dhgate. These online directories contain plenty of suppliers who can provide home decor products to you. With these sites, you can see the rating of suppliers and the reviews they have. That will help you in selecting the right supplier.

After you have selected the supplier, it is time to convey the important details like product design, color, and minimum order quantity. Ask for the samples if the supplier is right for you. Inspect the samples in every possible way.

4) Gather the Paperwork and Certifications from that Home Decor Manufacturing Supplier

If the samples look great, place the bulk order. The next step is starting the paperwork. Look what type of certifications are needed to import the decor product in the country. See, the compliance details. Make a contract for the supplier. Gather information on shipping methods and fees. Plus, let Amazon know that your shipment is coming if you are an Amazon FBA seller.

5) Market and Sell your Product

After every step is performed and your home decor business is going in the right direction, it is time to start selling. While doing that, make sure you are advertising correctly. Do market the product and optimize your listings. Come up with new ways of selling home decoration items.

Chapter 3: Is Home Décor Business Right for you?

Is Home Décor Business Right for you

People always get second thoughts whenever they are planning to start a home decor business. But, to clear those thoughts we gave some analytics related to the business. But, if that is not convincing, let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of starting this business.

1) Advantages of Starting Home Décor Business

First, we will talk about the advantages of starting a home decor business.

a) Ability Start from your Home

The home decor business is one of those businesses that you can start by just sitting at your home. Since it is an online world, you don’t need to visit suppliers in person. That can be done using just a laptop. From setting up the website to confirming orders and delivery, every process related to order fulfillment can be done.

b) Quick Building Time

The home decor business does not take that much time when people are building them up. Since there is a huge demand for home decor products, as soon as you launch your product, you will witness sales that are way beyond expectations. But, the idea behind this is that you are selling a quality product that is in demand.

c) Sell Your Products at Various Places

One of the best advantages of selling home decor products is that you can sell these products anywhere in the world. If you have a large catalog, you can easily launch that whole catalog in a country using services like Amazon FBA, or eBay. People who are concerned about the looks of their home will always buy the products regardless of whether they want that product or not.

d) Ability to Sell Online as well as Offline

If you can afford overheads and additional costs, you can also sell home decor products by opening up your store. Plus, there is always an option to sell your products in other stores. If your brand is known in the area, you can contact different stores to set up a shelf for your products. With that, you can sell the products by giving a certain percentage to the store owner.

2) Disadvantages of Starting Home Décor Business

Yes, there are disadvantages to starting a home decor business. However, these disadvantages do not reflect your ability to start a business. If done right, these disadvantages can be minimized. Mentioning these disadvantages is to just give you a heads-up of what you can expect from this business.

a) Targeted Market

One of the first disadvantages of the home decor business is the targeted market. See, home decor products are ones that come in a variety of shapes and colors. Every now and then you will see updated models of those cushion covers, wall clocks, and more. The thing is if your target market sees new designs, they tend to move towards those designs. So, catering to the home decor targeted market is an issue that can be resolved if you stay updated with the market trend.

b) Not the Right Supplier

Not selecting the right supplier is one of these disadvantages that can ruin the reputation of your business. In home decor business, every type of supplier is available. If you somehow selected a supplier that is not selling high-quality products, your business is at risk. So, selecting the right supplier is essential. That can be done by doing a lot of research.

c) High Storage Costs

If you are dealing with large products, you will have to face high storage costs. Since you have to rent out a space to store those furniture items, you will have to pay huge storage fees. Business models like Amazon FBA will also charge you high fees for storage and order fulfillment fees.

d) Shipping Costs are High

Lastly, shipping costs are also high with large home decor products. Since the only method that will be feasible for you is sea shipping, it will also charge you a lot because of the weight and dimensions of the product. If small items, there won’t be an issue with shipping fees.

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Chapter 4: Top 10 Home Décor Products in 2022?

Now that you have an idea about why is it worth starting a home decor line, let’s talk about the products that are trending in 2022. This will give you an idea about what to go for when you are starting product hunting for your home decor line business. These products mentioned are easily available from home decor manufacturing suppliers. Moreover, they can be customized according to your requirements without any major money investment and hassle.

1) Rugs

Rugs and Mats

The most trending item of 2022 in home decor products is rugs. Rugs have seen massive growth in 2021 and it is expected to reach more sales in 2022. The reason for that is, nowadays, there is a trend of placing rugs on room floors. First, they enhance the look of the room. And second, these items keep the cold floor away from feet.

2) Artwork

Artwork is the item that is on the second number in the list of trending items for 2022. And, honestly, it will stay in that position. Before the trend, only the rich were able to buy artwork for their home. But, now, such artwork pieces are available in pennies due to the fact that now they are easy to produce. Different sizes are available in artwork and they can become a good opportunity if you have a good design.

3) Pillows and Throws

Pillows and Throws Home Decor

Obviously, every household needs pillows and throws because every person has to sleep sometime. There is a huge demand for pillows and throws in American and European countries. Moreover, people are watching the latest home decor designs like placing more pillows and throws on the bed due to Tiktok. Because of that everyone wants to put pillows on their bed. Hence, the demand is high and if you offer a quality pillow/throw, it can be a big opportunity.

4) Decorative Accents

We are sure that you have seen walls that contain abstract designs like golden strips made out of steel. Or, silver plates running alongside the wall. Well, these are known as decorative accents. They enhance the look of your walls and rooms. They are in huge demand because home decor manufacturing suppliers have made it easy to install these on walls. There is no need for nails and hammers. These accents contain stickers at the back. Just, remove the sticker, and you are good to go. Moreover, they are available at cheap prices. Who doesn’t want their walls to look good without needing to pay hefty prices to interior designers?

5) Mirrors

Wall Mirrors Home Decor

How can we forget mirrors when talking about top trending home decor items in 2022? Mirrors have played an important role in every household. And, will continue to play that role. Back in the day, there were plain straight mirrors. But, now home decor manufacturing suppliers are coming up with abstract designs. And, the best part is, nowadays, the mirrors are not that expensive. However, mirrors are sensitive products and can break easily. If you can afford that, selling mirrors is a good option.

6) Wall Décor items

Stickers, wall panels, wooden prints, hexagonal mirror stickers, and all items related to decorating the walls come in wall decor items. If we specifically talk about wall decor items, anything that can change the look of your plain wall is considered in that category. That means the list is long. Wall decor items are always trending. However, you have to know specifically, which wall decor items are trending.

7) Lamps

Starting a Lamp store is also a good business. Lamps come in a variety of shapes, colors, designs, and more. There is also an option to sell-side lamps. However, there is a catch with side lamps. You have to arrange proper certification for these products because they are considered electronic products.

8) Clocks

Clocks Home Decor

Walls clocks are also trending in 2022 and honestly, these items will continue to be on the trending list. That is because they are essential items in every house. However, you have to make sure which of the wall clock designs people are buying. For instance, right now, customers are buying laser-cut wooden clocks because they have beautiful aesthetics and are easy to install.

9) Window Treatment products

Windows treatment products like curtains, blinds, shades and shutters are also on the list. Home decor manufacturing suppliers are making such items are very cheap prices. And, the best part is you can customize them according to your design specs. They are a good opportunity if you are starting Amazon FBA or a Private Label business.

10) Holiday Décor

Holiday Décor

Holiday decor products are trending. However, these items are only trending in their seasons. For instance, rings for Christmas, and spooky pumpkins for Halloween. If you come across an opportunity to sell these products in their peak seasons, they can give you good profits.

Note: If you are looking for trending products to Sell, click on the link that is mentioned here.

Chapter 5: How to Buy from Home Décor Manufacturing Suppliers in China

How to Buy from Home Décor Manufacturing Suppliers in China

Buying from home decor manufacturing suppliers in China can be a daunting process. However, if you follow these steps, you can avoid all those headaches. Let’s talk about how you can buy from these home decor manufacturers.

1) Decide the Home Décor Manufacturing Product that you want to buy

The first step towards buying from home decor manufacturers is deciding the product that you want to buy. We have added a detailed list of the trending products in 2022. But, you also have the option to do your own research and see what type of home decor item is trending in the area you want to sell.

Do proper market research using tools like JungleScount and AMZScout. Analyze the trends and calculate each factor that can contribute to the foundation of the business. Using these analytics, make an informed decision and move towards the next step.

2) Find A Reliable Home Decor Manufacturing Supplier

Once, you have a product, it is time to find a home decor manufacturing supplier who can make that product for you. Now, there are two ways you can find homeware distributors. The first method requires you to visit China by yourself and see meet the suppliers face to face.

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The second method is leveraging the power of B2B sites like Alibaba or Banggood. If you ask us, going for the second method is the best option. That is because you can select the supplier based on their ratings and past reviews. Moreover, it will also save your traveling costs.

Gather a list of top Wholesale home décor manufacturers using their reviews, MOQs, prices, and extra services. Then filter out the ones that are offering the best deals. Make sure that your final list contains at least 3 suppliers.

3) Request Samples

After you have those 3-5 suppliers, it is time to select the one that is above all of them. You can do this by asking the samples from each of those suppliers. Remember to ask for 4-5 samples per supplier so that you can analyze every little detail. After analyzing the suppliers, select two suppliers from the list. We prefer selecting two suppliers so that you can have a backup supplier if the primary one has ghosted you.

4) Decide Payment Terms and MOQs

Decide Payment Terms and MOQs

Decide the payment methods, shipping methods, and minimum order quantity with the primary supplier. And, do talk with your secondary supplier and put him on hold. Make sure the shipping incoterms, payment type, and order limit is clear so that you don’t have issues in the longer run.

5) Place The Order

After everything is clear, it is time to place the order and let your Amazon FBA warehouse know that your shipment will be arriving.

Read more about Trending products you can sell on Amazon.

Chapter 6: Tips on Finding The Right Home Décor Manufacturing Supplier in China?

Finding the right supplier is one of those processes that need to be done in the most accurate manner. That is because your supplier is your backbone and if the backbone is not strong, you can face supply chain issues. So, what can you do?

Well, using these tips, you can reach your potential supplier sooner than expected. Because you have enlisted the best tricks in finding the right business partner.

1) Use Online Directories to Find Home Decor Manufacturing Suppliers

China Wholesale Websites

Online directories are the most efficient method if you are looking for home decor manufacturing suppliers. There are many reasons for that. First, you get to scroll through the suppliers by just sitting on your sofa. Secondly, online websites like Alibaba give detailed analytics of suppliers’ past dealings. You can see the reviews and ratings. Moreover, these online directories contain millions of suppliers. So, you have to option to select the one that is right for you.

But, the idea behind selecting a supplier is to go for the one that offers the best deal. For instance, their MOQ is acceptable. Their prices are economical. They have good past reviews and ratings. Plus, they are easy to communicate with. All of these processes can be catered for using these online directories.

2) Contact with People Who Are Already in The business

The next tip is to contact the people who are already selling home decor products and are in contact with a home decor manufacturer. Yes, they won’t give you the details of their own suppliers. But, they will give you direction on how to find suppliers, what to avoid, and what to look for.

3) Go to Trade Shows and Webinars

If you can afford to go to Canton fairs and trade shows, that is the best option. With these, you can see the supplier’s catalog live and can assess the products right on the spot. Moreover, you will also see how well the supplier is communicating and whether the supplier is a scam or not.

4) Request Help from Sourcing Agents

The last resort and the best resort is contacting people who have profound knowledge of China. Such individuals are known as Sourcing Agents. EJET Sourcing is one of these agents who knows the ins and outs of China. We can provide you with detailed insights into the best home decor manufacturing suppliers. Our deeply analyzed reports will help you in making an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Decor Manufacturing Suppliers/Products

1) How To Buy Wholesale home Décor Items from Home Decor Manufacturing Wholesalers?

There are many ways through which you can buy home decor products. However, the selection of one of these methods depends on your product type and budget. If you want to buy wholesale home decor items, the best way you can do it is by reaching online B2B sites like Alibaba. Alibaba has millions of home decor manufacturing suppliers. After you have selected the supplier, discuss payment terms and ask for a sample. Then, place the order if your gut feeling is right.

2) Is Cushion Business Worth It?

Yes, the cushion business is totally worth it because, right now, there is a huge demand for these products. If you have a unique design and strong marketing campaign, you can easily make millions in profits.

3) Which Home Décor manufacturing supplier is Best?

Shenzhen Merlin Living Collection is one of the suppliers that is taking the lead in this race. The supplier has a huge catalog and offers optimum prices. Moreover, they do customize the products according to your brand name. Combining that, they are a good deal if your budget is slightly higher than normal.

4) Where can you Buy Home Décor Products from Home Decor Manufacturing Suppliers?

In China, you can buy home decor products by using these ways

  • Online directories like Alibaba or GlobalSources
  • Trade shows and Canton Fairs
  • Sourcing Agents like EJET Sourcing


Starting a home decor line can be a hard step because there are many products that come under this category. And, if you want your business to be successful, you have to select a product that is trending. Not only the product, but you also have to select a supplier that can act as a partner for your home decor business. So, for such individuals, we have created a guide that contains the list of best home decor items to sell. Plus, we also arranged a dedicated section on how to find the right home decor manufacturing supplier.

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