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Customs Clearance in Kuwait Guide for the Importers and Exporters

Exports to Kuwait in China increased to 343322 USD THO in December,” says the latest report of Trading Economics. So, no wonder more business owners in China seeking to know about customs clearance in Kuwait and the finest way to transport goods to this nation.

Documents to Have

Regarding the customs guide of FIDI, you should have the following papers when clearing a sea freight or air freight in Kuwait.

1. Sea Cargo

  • Bill of Landing
  • Packing List
  • Passport
  • Residence permit
  • Temporary Work Entry Visa
  • Kuwait Civil ID
  • Work permit
  • Temporary import license

2. Air Cargo

  • Airway Bill
  • Packing List
  • Temporary Work Entry Visa
  • Passport
  • Kuwait Civil ID
  • A letter from your company in Arabic addressed to Customs

The Procedure of Getting Temporary Import License in Kuwait

You need to have Bill of Landing, Packing List, Passport, Residence permit, Temporary Work Entry Visa, and Kuwait Civil ID to start the process. To obtain such a license, you should visit the Licensing Department Office at the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (Murqab, Kuwait City, building number 2, third floor).

They will ask for the abovementioned documents and issue the license in 7-14 days. Then, you have to deliver them a letter from your company in Arabic to assure the customs that you’re in charge of the goods while being under their sponsorship.

Things to Know in Advance

  • Shipment must contain the name of the owner in all documents
  • They should be palletized
  • Diplomats removals are duty-free
  • The ministry of communication in Kuwait should register all computer modems. Such devices may face up to $400 extra fees.
  • Required papers must be submitted 5 days before the shipment arrival

Duty and Charges

The duty-free entry includes a total C & F value that doesn’t exceed $1,000 on the value of the shipment. All diplomatic sea cargos include 5% duty. Customs in Kuwait decided to charge duty on every sea freight—so, don’t seek exemptions. Some items that have equivalents produced inside the country will undergo 15 to 22% duty.

Prohibited Items

If you’re familiar with the customs clearance in Saudi Arabia or Qatar, you probably know that anti-Islamic goods are banned in Kuwait as well. You cannot bring in pork products, pornographic contents, alcoholic beverages, and/or any material that is against Islamic beliefs.

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However, the following is the complete list of prohibited items in Kuwait:

  • Manufacturing kits
  • Walkie-talkies and radios
  • Firearms, weapons, and ammunition
  • Drugs
  • Gambling equipment or tool
  • Items connected to or produced in Israel
  • Narcotics

What’s the Easiest Way?

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