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Introducing Bracelet Clasps

Bracelet Clasps Types – How to Import these from China?

What are your opinions about bracelet clasps? Do you check the bracelet clasp types before buying your jewelry?

In this blog, we will discuss the various bracelet clasps that can help keep your jewelry safe and decrease the chances of losing it. Bracelet clasps are the least appreciated part of jewelry while they serve the most crucial purpose; to hold your jewelry. There are many types of clasps that provide different benefits to you. Some clasps are designed to be prominent and add beauty to the jewelry pieces, while others may be hidden. You can find multiple types of jewelry clasps in the market, and it can be troublesome to choose one.

Here in this blog, we will introduce you to the best types of jewelry clasps and add more information to your previous knowledge.

Chapter 1: Introducing Bracelet Clasps

Introducing Bracelet Clasps

Bracelet clasps are widely used in the fashion industry to hold jewelry together. These are hot-selling items and provide multiple benefits to the users. In this chapter, we will introduce you to the essential knowledge of bracelet clasps to help you with the right bracelet choice.

1) What is a bracelet clasp?

A bracelet clasp helps an accessory or bracelet be put on and taken off effortlessly without any problem. The Bracelet clasps are essential in enhancing a bracelet’s beauty, elegance, and finesse. However small, these clasps are a vital part of jewelry. They help in bringing robustness and longevity to all jewelry types, including bracelets.

2) Jewelry items that need bracelet clasps

Previously the bracelet clasps were very commonly used in different jewelry items. They were designed in such a way that they could hold any jewelry effectively. Jewelry items that require a bracelet clasp include:

  • Necklace
  • Anklet
  • Bracelet

3) Strongest bracelet clasps

The toggle clasp is considered the most strong bracelet clasp. The working of the toggle clasp is simple. An iron bar is fastened into a circle and positioned in such a manner that helps keep the clasp strong. This type of clasp is much stronger and difficult to break. They are used frequently for securing bracelets and anklets.

4) Significance of bracelet clasps

Bracelet clasps play a very significant role in the making of jewelry. Most people do not pay heed to clasps while purchasing jewelry. Interestingly, these clasps help make the jewelry by keeping it in place.

The longevity of your jewelry depends upon how strong and secure a clasp is. Additionally, one will be unable to open and close the jewelry without the presence of a clasp.

5) Spring ring clasps v/s lobster claw clasps

Spring ring clasps v/s lobster claw clasps

Both the spring ring clasps and lobster clasps are commonly used. Lobster clasps resemble a lobster claw which is why it is named so, while spring ring clasps are circular-shaped and operate through the spring mechanism.

Lobster claw clasps come in various sizes and can go with any jewelry, while spring ring clasps, on the other hand, are limited to be used in bracelets and necklaces that are lightly weighted owing to their design.

6) Hidden jewelry clasps

Hidden clasps appear to vanish once attached, which helps the jewelry components to move un-disturbed throughout the item. These clasps are screw-like and embedded into the beads containing holes for proper fixing. They are not only secured to a greater extent but also give a clear and sophisticated appearance to the jewelry.

Chapter 2: The 14 Trendiest Types Of Jewelry Clasps

14 trendiest types of jewelry clasps

With the increase in awareness, various bracelet clasp types are getting very famous among the masses. Now you can find the most fashionable clasps that can strengthen your bracelets and make them look elegant. In this chapter, we will introduce you to 14 trendy types of bracelet clasps so you can buy the best for yourself.

1) The swivel bracelet clasps

This type of clasp resembles a lot of the lobster clasp except for the fact that it allows a 360 degrees rotation. Due to this rotation, this clasp is ideal for jewelry that moves a lot.

2) The lobster claw bracelet clasp

Likely the most generally utilized kind of jewelry clasp is the lobster clasp. It is called so because it looks like a (lobster) ‘hook’ and possesses a lever on one side. Lobster fastens or clasps are spring-stacked, and their best component is that they’re self-shutting.

Lobster clasps can be in different sizes and styles and can likewise be planned in different shapes. It’s profoundly practical and ideal for practically a wide range of gems. The size of the claw ought to correspond to the size of the adornments. A little lightweight lobster clasps function admirably for a comparative chain, while an enormous, thicker chain ought to have a more oversized clasp.

3) The magnetic bracelet clasps

Magnetic bracelet clasps are made in such a way that the two ends of the ornament contain a half portion of the clasp. At the point when united, these two sections snap shut. Attractive magnetic clasps make use of magnets.

The style of the clasp is rich and can be effortlessly incorporated into the general adornment plan. While magnetic clasps are exceptionally secure, they can break apart whenever pulled with force. Subsequently, involving this clasp for lightweight jewelry is ideal. The principal advantage of these clasps is that assembling with one hand is exceptionally simple.

4) The hook clasps

Hook clasps

This type of clasp is the simplest to use as it makes use of hooks. It, consequently, fits both the accessory, armband, and anklets too. So the snare is set on one side, and afterward, on the opposite side, you have a ring. It’s agreeable. However, you can likewise make it more straightforward if you have a wire. Simply ensure you have a bent part at the base of the ornament. It takes the ring on one side and the shape on the other.

5) The spring ring bracelet clasps (aka bolt ring clasps)

These types of clasps are most commonly used, and it works using a spring system. At the point when you pull back on the little switch, a somewhat opening shows up, permitting you to fit the opposite end through. Just like the lobster clasp, this type of clasp is also self-shutting. Little spring ring hooks function admirably with lightweight chains. While they’re very secure, they can be irritating to put on, particularly assuming that the ring is tiny.

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6) The button bracelet clasps

They are formed very much like the button and appended to one of the ends of the ornament. The opposite end, however, has a circle that you should make greater to fit the button. They are easy to utilize. However, they are likewise agreeable to wear; this way, you will not require help. Such a button clasp can have any shape or style, yet additionally, they’re various varieties. It’s good to use if you experience sensitivities from multiple types of jewels.

7) The adjustable bracelet clasps

The adjustable bracelet clasp is not an extremely common type of clasp nowadays, but still, it is used and proves to be helpful. It’s a snare and eye sort of hook. In utilizing such a clasp, then, you need to pick a more drawn-out length so that you can easily make adjustments. They leave some space for changes according to the size.

8) The ball clasps for bracelets

ball clasps for bracelets

The ball clasp is likewise alluded to as a bead clasp. Assuming that you have looked carefully, we think you will see that the catch is made with a pearl and that it is a roundabout gem latch. Keep in mind that the ball catch can be highlighted by utilizing a gemstone and finishing. Please take a look at this one; for instance, it includes the utilization of a pearl. They will work for your accessory and arm bands as well.

9) The barrel clasps for bracelets

This type of hook is not commonly used. Specific individuals call them torpedo clasps, which work practically in any style. It is not difficult to make it work since you simply connect the strings on it and then turn the hook to open or fix the piece. It gives off an impression of being one of the most reliable techniques to use in getting the gem.

Keep in mind that when you turn it, it will seem to be a barrel, and, in this way, it is given this name. This is not suitable for those with hand joint issues.

10) The multi-stranded bracelet clasps

Assuming you mean to have gems with multi-strand, you should sort out some way to make the fasten work for you. For this situation, you have around three openings to connect the strands, accordingly staying away from the tangling. From this, then, at that point, you will handily make the ideal layer.

You can have various sorts of clasps in this classification. These models, consequently, will hold each strand set up, keeping away from the releasing and tangling, So you will not misconnect the gems, and it will look great.

11) The buckle clasps

An intriguing sort of hook, clasp fastens are more about saying something. Here, the clasp is essential for the ornament and is certainly intended to make it beautiful. The buckle clasp works like conventional clasps but is undeniably made of metal. They are very interesting and not one you’ll run over frequently.

12) The toggle bracelet clasps

The toggle bracelet clasp works simply – a long, slender bar is embedded into the circle upward and then changed by going across evenly. The bar turns into the lock, as it cannot get through the loop except if changed likewise. Toggle clasps are ideal for more significant, heavier gems pieces as this keeps the bar set up. It’s an exceptionally safe sort of hook and can hold any kind of gems. If you are doing it with one hand, putting a clasp on it can be precarious. Nonetheless, once set up, it’s exceptionally protected.

13) The fishhook bracelet clasps

fishhook bracelet clasps

Fishhook catches are not quite as common as different sorts of fastens. They are very rich and can be a vital piece of ornamental designs, including gemstones, pearls, or jewels, even though it’s a metal clasp squeezing into a segment inside the oval-molded box. It’s known as a fishhook because it is molded like a fishhook. This sort of catch is ideally suited for lightweight neckbands and armbands. The vast majority lean toward them for neckbands.

14) The box clasps for bracelets

The box clasps are most generally used. You will cherish the way that they are snappy, but they will mix consistently with different pieces of the gems. This type of clasps is mostly used when you are making the wristband. You can add pearl, gemstone, or jewel to make it shockingly better in style. The drawback of such a clasp is that it often gets stuck. This implies you need to haul it out, and that could end up harming it. They are not great for every kind of gem.

Chapter 3: Choosing the Best Jewelry Clasps

Choosing the Best jewelry Clasps

Jewelry includes all the ornaments that people use to enhance their beauty. It has rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, earrings, etc. All of these jewelry items do not need clasps. In this chapter, we are going to discuss the best bracelet clasps types for different jewelry items.

1) Clasps for various types of jewelry

A variety of clasps are used for various jewelry types. The choice of clasps depends upon the des convenience or for securing jewelry in addition to designing. We cannot easily label a clasp to be perfect for all kinds of jewelry. For this, here we are addressing all types of jewelry separately.

a) The best clasps for bracelets

The best clasps for bracelets include:

  • Lobster clasps

Lobster clasps are named like this because they resemble lobster claws. It contains all lever which is pushed down to open the claw, and the claw gets closed upon release of the lever. It comes in many shapes and sizes and is ideal for use in any type of jewelry.

  • Hook clasps

Hook clasps have a simple design. The clasp consists of a metal-shaped claw. This claw is S-shaped, open at one side, and snares onto a ring on the other side of the jewelry. The presence of rings allows you to change the overall length of the bracelet. Hook clasps are very strong and are utilized in many jewelry types.

  • Spring ring clasps
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Spring ring clasps consist of a circle that works on the spring mechanism. Pushing back the small lever results in an opening where the other end of the jewelry is inserted. The lever closes on its own. These clasps are best for lightweight jewelry like bracelets.

  • Torpedo clasp

A torpedo clasp adds more beauty to the bracelet and is used as an extra bracelet design. The torpedo clasps consist of flat thread closure that is opened and closed via twisting. They mix in the design when closed, allowing the structure to flow seamlessly across the jewelry. They are almost similar to that of barrel clasp but are a bit narrower and more extended.

b) The best clasps for anklets

Best clasps for anklets include

  • Box Clasp

It is a fashionable and refined form of the clasp. It is famous in terms of refinement. A tab is present at one end of the jewelry that is positioned on the other end, which is a frame box-shaped shaped. These clasps contain side safety clips as additional security.

  • Toggle Clasp

Most frequently used clasp for anklets. These are considered the strongest clasps with a simple design. It consists of an iron bar that is fixed into a circle. The iron bar is oriented in a position that makes the clasp stronger and sturdier.

  • Hidden Clasp

Hidden clasps are named so because they disappear as soon as these are attached. They are screw-like and inserted into the beads that contain holes for proper fixation. They provide a clear and sophisticated appearance to the anklets in addition to being the more secure type of clasp.

c) The best clasps for necklace

Best clasps for Necklace

Putting on the necklace effortlessly is significant when getting prepared for the day. Nothing is more awful than putting on the necklace, the clasp of which is troublesome. Furthermore, you assuredly do not have any desire to end your day, understanding that you have missed your necklace just because the clasp was unraveled or broken. Best clasps for necklace include:

  • Spring Ring closure

A spring ring closure clasp is used for light weighted necklaces. It is a cost-effective choice. They vary in size, and the extensive spring ring closures make your choice easier and add more confidence in choosing this type of necklace clasp.

  • Lobster clasp

It is a commonly used necklace because of its easy handling. They are considered more secure as compared to the spring ring clasp.

  • Magnetic Clasp

The magnetic clasp is also an eye-catching choice for necklaces. The chain can be closed quickly with just a click of the magnets attached at both ends of the necklace. It has simple functioning.

  • Toggle clasp

A toggle clasp consists of a circle and a bar. It is simple in design and enhances the overall look of the necklace. It is made such that the bar is passed through the loop. The bar gets fixed owing to the weight of the necklace preventing the bar from coming loose.

  • Layered Necklace Clasp

Layered Necklace clasps are in trend nowadays. It helps you to wear multiple chains at a time without being tangled and helps you in getting a different look every time you go out. You just connect the ongoing chain to the “O” ring of the clasp. The “O” ring on your chains then interface with the opposite side of the layered neckband clasp.

d) The overall best types of clasps

Hidden Clasps, Lobster Clasps, Hook Clasps, Spring ring, Clasps, and Toggle clasps are overall the best types of clasps.

2) Bracelet clasps for multiple functions

Some of the clasps are only for strength, while others provide elegance, grace, and flexibility to the bracelets. Only a few bracelets clasps can provide all these functions at once. Here we are discussing some of such bracelet clasp types.

a) The most fashionable jewelry clasps

Fashion trends are changing daily, and according to the latest trends, the following are the most fashionable jewelry clasps for you.

  • Mystery clasps

Mystery clasps are like screws. These are inserted into the beads containing holes that help in adequate fixing of both ends of the necklace. They give jewelry a precise and sophisticated appearance. Mystery clasps also provide additional security to the jewelry.

  • Torpedo clasps

It is a cost-effective and exceptionally secure type of clasp. These are considered a perfect addition to any jewelry type. The torpedo clasps enhance the beauty of any jewelry item in which they are used.

  • Layered Necklace Clasp

Layered necklace clasps are known for their versatility. Numerous chains can be worn at a time without the problem of tangling, making your everyday look new. It is seeking more attention in the present time because of its uniqueness.

b) Mystery bracelet clasps

Mystery clasps are an excellent means of fasting the jewelry without being noticed. These screw-like clasps are engraved within the beads tin o aid proper fixing. They provide the jewelry with a clear, stylish, and refined look. Mystery clasps are known to give more security to jewelry.

c) Strongest bracelet clasps

The strongest bracelet clasps are Toggle Clasps. They are used extensively to make bracelets, necklaces, and anklets secure. They come in different shapes and designs. It is a two-piece clasp, and each piece is attached to the alternate ends of the jewelry.

One piece is a circular shape or any shape with an open back, while the other piece is a wide bar. Inserting both pieces result in a secure and robust connection. These clasps work simply, and the bar is affixed into a circle. The position of the iron bar keeps the clasp more vital. This type of class is sturdier and more difficult to break. Bracelets and anklets are frequently secured using Toggle Clasp.

d) Multi-functional bracelet clasps

Multifunctional lobster clasps can be used in any jewelry type, including anklets, bracelets, and necklaces. They are known for their durability and strength. One reason these clasps are commonly used is their simple design and operation. They can be opened and closed quickly.

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These clasps are designed in several designs and sizes, which is why it fixes any jewelry accordingly. A tiny clasp is designed for a piece of lightweight jewelry, and an oversized clasp is designed for heavy jewelry, respectively.

Chapter 4: Buying Bracelets With the Best Clasps


Buying Bracelets With the Best Clasps

Buying and sorting different bracelet clasp types can be difficult if you do not have a prior jewelry shopping experience. This chapter intends to act as your favorite and most simple guide to finding the best jewelry clasps.

1) Finding the most secure bracelet clasps

If you’re searching for the most reliable fastener, your best choice can be a lobster clasp or the spring hook. These can be effortlessly closed, yet they are not as simple to open. That is why you will not ever get these kinds of fastens falling or opening up, and these are the most easily used clasps.

2) Wholesalers of bracelet clasps v/s retail stores

Wholesalers sell the bracelet clasps in bulk or large quantities to shopkeepers. Thus, they offer the bracelet clasps at a discounted price, whereas retail stores sell them directly to the customers, so they have to sell them at a higher price. Elegant and delicate clasps are often expensive. You can easily find such wholesalers on e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba or Banggood.

3) Figure out what you need

When you want to purchase a clasp, first, you must make your mind clear about what kind of bracelet or neck clasps you require and what type of clasp you will feel more comfortable with. It would be best if you did some research before purchasing the clasps. For instance, if you want the most accessible clasp to handle, you should go for the lobster clasp as it opens and shuts effortlessly.

4) Testing various bracelet clasps

At the point when you consider purchasing beautifully designed jewelry, many factors come into your mind: the sort of adornments, the metal and gemstones, the wearability of the piece, and so forth. One fundamental component of pieces of jewelry and armbands is the clasp. Gems clasps are essential concerning capability and security, so you need to test various clasps and select them according to your desire.

5) Choosing the most multi-functional clasp for your bracelet

It is challenging to choose a clasp according to your need. Trying to choose a multifunctional bracelet clasp means that it should not only be easy to use the clasp, but also must look extraordinarily beautiful.

6) Keeping up with the trends

There are many prime factors that you must keep in consideration while buying clasps but making a choice of clasp that is trendy is also essential. Modern clasps will keep you up to date according to the ongoing fashion, so whenever you want to buy necklace and bracelet clasps, choose the trendy ones.


Chapter 5: FAQs About Jewelry Clasps

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which bracelet clasp type is the most secure one?

Lobster clasps are the most secure bracelet clasps. These items get manufactured using levers and claws to add extra safety elements so that your jewelry can stay intact. The other sustainable option is spring clasps. These bracelet clasp types are intricately designed and challenging to open.

2) Can I gift a bracelet to my friend?

Yes, a bracelet can be a memorable gift for your friend as it can be worn all the time. Friendship bands were the trend of every decade and are still used, so you can customize that trend by gifting your friend some unique bracelets.

3) Which jewelry items come without a clasp?

Mostly we see clasps with bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. All other jewelry items mostly do not need a clasp. These include long necklaces, earrings, rings, nose rings, bangles, etc. Stretching bracelets and cuffs also do not need clasps.

4) How can I find the most suitable bracelet clasps types for myself?

To find the clasps of the most suitable bracelets for yourself, you must know what you are looking for. Everyone has different opinions and different concerns. So, if you cannot compromise on the security, you can use lobster clasps, while if you want to have some trendy bracelet clasps, then you can check out the mystery clasps.

5) Which bracelet clasps type is better for skinny wrists, spring ring clasps, or lobster claw clasps?

Spring clasps and lobster clasps both are very frequently available in jewelry stores. Most of the jewelry has these two types of class. Lobster clasps, however, are more secure than spring clasps. Lobster claw clasps are easier to use than spring clasps. You can use the clasp yourself after a few practice sessions. So, we recommend you lobster claw clasps.

6) What are the best bracelet clasps types available in the market?

By and large, the most secure clasps to utilize are lobster, lock, or eye clasp. These choices can go for both bracelets and necklaces. These are the trendiest and most secure bracelet clasps available today. Other options may include mystery clasps, spring clasps, and box clasps.

7) Which bracelet clasp type is suitable for a charm bracelet?

You can use any kind of clasp with your charm bracelet. It is rarely a matter of security because, mostly, you may have the vibes. For instance, if you have a silver sterling charm bracelet, you should go for a silver-colored clasp and match its design with that of the bracelet. You can also totally ignore the aesthetic appeal of clasps and rely only on functionality.

Conclusion: Which Clasp will be best for you?

Indeed, there will be countless variables to consider before we choose any jewelry. Do you want the wristband, neckband, or anklet? Do you like heavy or light weighted jewelry? You can easily find bracelet clasp types that are secure, trendy, and flexible in the market. However, just relax. You should not pick the clasp that promptly fixes. The main thing to consider is whether it matches your longings and solace.

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