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18 Best Rated Shenzhen Markets (Wholesale & Retail)

As one of the largest super cities in the world, the window of China, Shenzhen gathers tons of wholesale markets cover a wide range of product categories such as clothing & shoes, toys & games, electronics and auto parts.

If you’re looking for wholesale markets in Shenzhen for product sourcing, this would be a must-read guide to you.

We’ve listed the best rated markets in Shenzhen, most of them are up for both wholesaling and retailing, and gave an introduction to each along with other details including address and transportation information.

In this article, we aim to introduce the top wholesale market in Shenzhen. After this article, you will be familiar with many new places in this city.

Shenzhen, the paradise of business

Shenzhen is the capital of Guangdong. This city is famous for great technology. Big companies such as Huawei and SEZ (one of the largest economic zone in China) are located in it.

The success of the economic projects in this city has changed it to a modern and important city in China.

Due to this fact, people who are looking for electronic trading devices can go to this city. In addition, this city is famous for trading clothes.

Another interesting point about this city is that the oldest human living evidence, which referred back to 6700 years ago, was found in Shenzhen.

Therefore, it could be claimed that this city is a combination of old and new!

Top wholesales market in Shenzhen

When you say “Shenzhen”, many people immediately remember a city with big markets that many foreigners are going and coming for trading goods.

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This image is not far from the truth. This city is the best choice for people who want to purchase low price goods with high quality. In the following, we introduce the 7 top wholesale markets in Shenzhen.

1) Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing Trade

This market is near to Nanshan or Shekou district of Shenzhen, which is a great alternative for discount and wholesale clothes shopping.

This market is very big, and it is not surprising to be lost in it. There are many stores in this market for jeans, jackets, dresses, shirts and skirts.

Some stores provide western style men and women clothes. Korean, Japanese, and European clothes are found in this market.

The Address of this market is 24. Century Square, 24 Dongbin Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen.

2) Shenzhen Yiwu Smallware Wholesale Mansion

This market is one of the largest wholesale markets in Shenzhen in which you can find many products such as jewellery, men, women and children clothes, cosmetics products, beauty salon supplies, flower and garden products, toys, shoes, hats, and kitchen utensils.

In this market, you can buy products in single and a bunch of stuff. It is essential to know that buying a bunch of stuff includes a big discount.

The Address of this market is 6 Hongii Road, Longgang, Shenzhen.

3) Shenzhen Baima Clothing

This market is a newly established market, 2003. This market has six floors and more than 500 shops are located inside it.

The goods of this market are usually exported out of state. It is also famous for jewellery. In the first floor, you can find jewellery.

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The Address of this market is 1-6/F, Hongzhan Commercial City, Dongmen Pedestrian Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen.

4) Nanyang Haiyan Clothing Wholesale market

This market is one of the largest wholesale markets in Shenzhen for trading clothes, scarfs, jewellery, handbags and watches.

This market is not shiny and glossy place. If you want to go to this market for trading, it is better to know that goods are not displayed in front screens, and you need to spend more times to find your favourite goods.

The Address of the market is: Jiabin Road, Luohu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

5) Shenzhen Taoyuan Clothing City

This city is well known for trading clothes. Many foreigners from many countries in the world come to this city.

This market is well equipped. There are central air conditioning and intelligent electronic monitoring systems in this market. Therefore, you, as a buyer, can, with peace of mind, walk-in this market to find your favourite stuff.

The Address of this market is No.2088, Shenye Logistics Buildings, Baoan North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen.

6) Yuanwang Digital Mall

Cellphones are one of the electronic devices in the world that now have become part of life. This market is one of the most important wholesale markets in Shenzhen, which offers cellphones and iPhones with a great price.
This market is empty before 11 am and no one does purchasing (so we advise you never to go shopping in the morning).
The first floor is the best place for finding mobile accessories and the second floor is for cellphones.
The Address of this market is Shennan Middle Rd, Huaqiangbei, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and China.

6) Manha Digital Plaza

Undoubtedly, Manha Digital Plaza is one of the most famous wholesale markets in Shenzhen for electronic devices. You can easily find mobile accessories in this market.

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Cellphones in all brands are presented in this market. Therefore, it is an excellent target for businessmen or businesswomen to have access to electronic devices.

Some Points before travelling to Shenzhen If you decided to travel to this wonderful city for trading goods, please pay attention to some points.

Although there are many wholesale markets in Shenzhen, before travelling to this city, you must choose the market you want to purchase.

It helps you to manage and organize your time and money to do your best in this great city.

Another point, it is better to spend time to look for goods. Never start buying from the first or second stores you visited.

This point helps you to experience fabulous trading and enjoy purchasing goods.

What is best wholesale market in Shenzhen?

In Shenzhen we have many wholesale market but Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing Trade and SEG market are the best place for import from china

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