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Top 5 Packaging Manufacturers in China

top 5 packaging manufacturers in china

Are you looking for the best packaging manufacturers in China?

Do you want to brand your dropshipping products in a nice branded box?

The packaging represents your company, so it is essential to ensure that the packaging design is high quality and creates a lasting impression. Therefore, you must find a reliable packaging manufacturer for your products.

When looking for packaging manufacturers in China, there are various factors to consider. In this blog, we will give you complete information you need to know about packaging manufacturers in china and how to choose one for your business.

So, let’s get started!

Chapter 1: Overview of Packaging and its Functions

Overview of Packaging and its Functions

Before we stick to the central part of the blog, let’s take a quick overview of what we will be discussing in this chapter.

In this chapter, we will be highlighting the importance of packaging and its different types.

We will also enlighten the engaging qualities of packaging that one should consider before purchasing it from packaging manufacturers.

1. What is the packaging?

The word “Packaging” refers to using safety envelopes or coverings to wrap or store goods and other commodities.

Packaging helps to secure the objects from damaging and breaking during transportation. Proper packaging also aids in preserving the food products from rotting for a long time.

Attractive and safe packaging also boosts the object’s market value. Customers might get engaged by the quality and design of the packaging more than the product in it.

Therefore, packaging manufacturers try to manufacture the top desired packaging for their customers.

Packaging has quite an ancient history. A Persian traveler witnessed a seller packing food in paper after selling it to a customer in 1035.

Peter Durant was an English merchant who first invented the concept of packing found in tin cans back in 1810.

2. 6 important functions of good quality packaging:

6 important functions of good quality packaging

The quality of packaging material plays a vital role in grabbing the customers. Therefore, packaging manufacturers do not compromise on their quality to maintain and increase their revenue.

Here we will explain the six most beneficial and essential functions of good quality packaging.

  • Protection & preservation:

Protection and preservation are ranked first on this list due to their positive and pure advantages. However, products may get damaged during shipments because they have to go through different routes.

So, they must be enclosed in the best packaging to prevent any damage.

Moreover, the food packaging in the suitable material maintains its freshness and stops it from decaying.

For example, products in a liquid state like milk and juices cannot stay fresh if kept without packaging for a day or two. Therefore, such products are packed in aluminum-coated boxes or tin cans to preserve them.

  • Containment:

The best quality packaging material is used for containment to maintain the integrity of products. One of the primary packaging purposes is to hold the objects in single units for healthy accommodation.

Therefore, the biggest packaging companies cover the primary containers with the secondary containers to prevent leakage or spillage. In addition, many products are arranged in specially designed packaging to reduce their scattery size.

This packaging helps to set the products uniformly and ensures a smooth shipment with fewer risks of product damage.

  • Communication:


Good quality packaging also communicates with the customers through its notes and graphics. The packaging displays all the required information about the product in it.

Customers come to know about the ingredients, brand names, selling and retail prices, the manufacturing and expiry dates of the products through their packaging.

  • Convenience:

Over time, the product brands have improved their packaging designs. Almost all the brands have brought a variety in the sizes of their product packaging.

One can find a pack in nearly every measure available in the market.

This innovation has made sales and purchases quite convenient. A customer can buy a product in different-sized packets depending upon his requirement.

Moreover, the packaging manufacturers are now making very stable parcels and cans that can easily be held and taken away.

  • Economy:


Packaging works as a shield to protect the objects from microbial contamination, leakage, weather changes like humidity, etc. It also has a vast impact on a country’s economy.

The economy of a country largely depends on its exports. Therefore, the objects or products are packed brilliantly before exporting to ensure their safety.

In this way, good quality packaging works as a backbone in the safe delivery of exported objects, and ultimately, the country’s economy boosts.

  • Promotion function:

Another advantage of best quality packaging is its inability to advertise. The brand’s name and other labels are designed on the packaging with the objective of persuading a consumer to purchase it.

It also contains the required information that tempts the customers to buy the product.

The majority of the product owners approach the packaging manufacturers who design packaging that protects products and makes sure the product’s marketing.

They tend to choose such packaging to increase their overall sales through marketing.

3. What are the kinds of packaging based on nature?

Packaging manufacturers thrive on designing and inventing different types of packaging depending upon the accommodation of objects and the requirements from other areas.

  • Consumer package:

Consumer package means the packaging for daily used items. This packaging is usually tiny in size and includes the goods frequently purchased by the consumers.

This packaging includes the sachets and tins designed to wrap or pack the beverages, cosmetic goods, cleaning products, and other edible things like biscuits, fries, snacks, etc.

  • Bulk package:

Bulk package

Bulk packaging refers to the collective packaging of consumer packages. It portrays the making of a big-sized container or box to enclose the tiny products packed in the consumer packages.

The required objects are placed into the bulk packages to a specified weight and size.

In bulk packaging, the products are shipped collectively in a massive quantity through heavy load vehicles or cargo tanks.

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Bulk packaging is relatively cheaper than consumer packaging, and it is closed with hand tapes after filling in the material to make it more secure.

  • Industrial package:

Industrial packaging is a type of packaging in which tremendous containers or boxes are used to enclose single units.

This type of packaging surrounds the relatively heavy machinery and home appliances like iron, sewing machine, washing machine, etc.

It includes using wooden frames, plastic crates, or stainless steel containers to enclose the required objects safely.

The primary purpose of this type of packaging is to protect the heavy machinery from corrosion and any other damages during transportation and storage. These packages are specially designed to hold heavy machinery and are not reused.

  • Dual-use package:

Dual-use packaging is also used in activities other than packing specific products. This type of packaging has unique and engaging designs that stop a customer from disposing of it after taking the inside product.

Dual-use package

To cherish the children, it might contain beautiful flower designs and the sketch of superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, etc.

Therefore, they do not throw these packages and might use them to hold their toys and stationary objects.

Even homemakers use this attractive packaging material to decorate their houses or contain domestic objects.

Chapter 2: Which Packaging Materials are Commonly Used by Packaging Manufacturers?

Due to the nature of their intended use, packaging materials are available in many different forms to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

For example, pharmaceutical companies often need medication to withstand both high and low temperatures.

Which Packaging Materials are Commonly Used by Packaging Manufacturers

While consumer packaged goods (CPGs), such as food and beverages, require airtight seals that keep germs from contaminating the contents.

Shipping or storage packaging manufacturers employ almost exclusively single-use plastics because they offer lightweight containers which ensure products arrive at their destination without damage.

Whether it’s for shipping, storing, or protecting products, proper use of packaging can be essential in the industry today. So let’s have a look at the common type of packaging materials that are used by product packaging manufacturers.

1. Bag-In-Box packaging

Bag-In-Box packaging

Bag-in-box packaging is a kind of reusable packaging that helps prevent leaks or spills. It comprises a plastic bag situated inside a cardboard box with a handle for handling and made from several layers of metalized film or other plastic materials.

These materials are very strong and maintain the integrity of the bag. Big packaging companies use this kind of reusable packaging to store wine, juice, food products, and cosmetics.

2. Foam packaging

Foam packaging is a lightweight but incredibly sturdy material that is used by packaging manufacturers for protecting sensitive or fragile products during shipping and transportation.

This material not only reduces damage-related business expenses but also eliminates inflationary overheads because it can be reused to its maximum capacity with minimum effort.

While there are a few different types of foams available, the most common include anti-static foam, which is best used for electronic or automobile applications. This packaging material can be molded into any shape.

3. Corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging is the most commonly used packaging material for transportation. This packaging material is made from fluted or rippled corrugated fiberboard sheets.

Corrugated packaging

Large packaging companies use corrugated packaging for different applications, including food packaging, transportation, and shipping.

Corrugated packaging is distinguished from paperboard packaging by its fluting.

4. Glass packaging

Glass packaging is nonporous and impermeable— making it ideal for preserving nutrition, freshness, and taste.

This is why big packaging companies use glass packaging for food and beverage applications.

Glass packaging is recyclable and reusable, and it is widely used in personal care, medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics applications.

Glass packaging

5. Foil packaging

Foil packaging is ideal for any product going through a phase of spoilage or for products needing extra protection.

Whether it’s a classic tortilla chip you’ve been craving all day, hiding some expensive jewelry from potential sticky fingers, or providing a shield to sensitive nursing products— foil packaging is your best bet to avoid spoilage and make your customers happy!

6. Paper & paperboard packaging

Paper & paperboard packaging are usually made using cellulose fibers and additives from trees. These matted webs create strong packaging that is able to protect the items they contain.

In many countries, there are laws in place which encourage the recycling of this type of material to be used for packaging. However, recycled paperboard is normally thicker & more rigid than paper.

Packaging manufacturers commonly use these packaging materials for food items and pet food. Multiwall bags and stand-up pouches offer many advantages over other types of packaging.

7. Plastic packaging

Plastic packaging

It is no surprise why plastic has remained one of the most popular packing materials. Plastic is ideal for product protection, especially in products like medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and food items.

You can also find plastic tubes present in products related to personal care, such as cosmetics or even food packaging material.

Companies looking to package products usually opt for wrapping instead of an envelope, especially when delivering things online.

In recent years due to a rise in concern towards eco-friendly practices, more packaging manufacturers are opting for recycled and lighter weight packaging.

8. Wood packaging

The use of wood packaging has many advantages. Big packaging companies use wood packaging for a variety of products, including drums, crates, and boxes.

This type of packaging is commonly made from either hardwood or softwood materials.

Wood packaging is generally used for tough and long-lasting applications, including food and beverage items as well as shipping containers. The wood packaging is reusable easily for about four to five years.

Chapter 3: Top 10 Things to Consider When Searching For a Packaging Manufacturer in China

Top 10 Things to Consider When Searching For a Packaging Manufacturer in China

When searching for a packaging manufacturer in China, there are various factors to consider.

Whether you’re searching for big packaging companies for sourcing products from China or simply brand your dropshipping items—  there are a couple of basic questions you should ask yourself to find the correct match.

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So let’s get down into these!

1. What are your quality needs?

What are your quality needs

When searching for a packaging manufacturer, the first step is to define your box specifications. What cardboard thickness would you require, as well as would you like to add a premium touch with a special varnish or film laminate?

There are many different standards of quality available at many different prices, so the first stage is to make a budget & understand what are you actually looking for.

2. Where do you want the packaging to be delivered by the packaging manufacturer?

Sourcing packaging from China is only worthwhile in two situations:

  • You get your goods there and just want them pre-packaged in a branded box. Within this case, China is an excellent choice. You will not be charged for customs, and perhaps some providers can provide free shipping in China.
  • You don’t mind shipping delays because you want your box delivered internationally. Undoubtedly, packaging can quickly become extremely heavy. It’s pointless to find lower prices in China and pay for expensive air shipments afterward. The only affordable option for large packages is by boat, but shipment can take at least two months.

3. What quantity volume do you require from the packaging manufacturer?

You may come across offers with extremely low minimum quantities in the United States. This is generally reserved for standard printed packages or even high costs.

Custom boxes indicate that machinery must be calibrated, which usually results in a higher base fee. Therefore, there is little chance that you will obtain a lower quantity than 500 packages for a reasonable price.

On the other side, it will be easier to find low order quantities at a reasonable rate when sourcing through China. This is due to the fact that the labor costs are lower in China.

What quantity volume do you require from the packaging manufacturer

4. Will the box fit your product?

Size does matter. One of the most serious risks of not getting a sample is receiving a package that does not fit your criteria.

If your received boxes are too large, you could still find solutions such as shredded paper to safeguard your item. On the other hand, if the received box is too small, you won’t be able to do anything.

Therefore, the simplest and most cost-effective solution is to ask for a sample from your Chinese packaging manufacturer. In this way, you will be able to see if your products fit the box and inform if it does not.

5. You must tell ecological concerns to the packaging manufacturer

As part of the branding, some people require truly eco-friendly packaging.

Others don’t; however, once they start realizing how dirty the manufacturing could be (forest areas in Asia are being destroyed due to such industries), they’ll spend time looking for recyclable packaging.

You must tell ecological concerns to the packaging manufacturer

6. Do you require a sample from the packaging manufacturer?

When ordering a huge volume of boxes, the first thought is, “I need a sample.” It is normal to ask to see & touch the package before placing an order.

If you want your sample to be shipped abroad, it will typically cost you about USD 40. However, you may be able to find free samples in your region for standard packaging.

Please remember that if your box is custom, you will be responsible for the cost of international shipping as well as machine calibration. Add on top of that the lead time.

7. Do you require photoshoots?

In most cases, people who source packaging from China wouldn’t see the box they purchase because it is either dropshipped or sent to a shipping facility like Amazon.

In these cases, requesting a box photoshoot is beneficial. You can even request to send your item to a printing factory and have a professional photoshoot of both your box and the item.

8. Are you used to working with Chinese packaging manufacturers?

Are you used to working with Chinese packaging manufacturers

Chinese citizens are hardworking people, those who could be tough in business. Many people who try to do business in this country get lost in translation due to cultural differences.

While sourcing an item is a simple transaction, dealing with printed work from another country can be a nightmare due to the numerous factors to consider.

9. Do you require extra branding items?

Obtaining a package is an important stepping stone to product branding. What will happen after that? You could use numerous other branding elements to boost your sales, including coupon cards, stickers, and flyers.

So you need to ensure to choose a packaging manufacturer who can meet all of your requirements. You must not end up wasting energy trying to manage shipping and packaging from various suppliers.

10. Do you have your design ready?

Do you have your design ready

The most difficult aspect of printing is frequently the numerous exchanges between you & the printing team.

In order to achieve high-quality printing, your design must be tailored to the printer’s specifications; dimensions must be followed, colors must be calibrated, and so on.

As already said, it is difficult enough to handle a design while working with a Chinese supplier. So, the best way to deal with Chinese suppliers is by hiring a sourcing agent in China, such as EJET Sourcing.

They have a team of international & fluent professionals who can help you source high-quality packaging at the best rates.

Chapter 4: Top 5 Packaging Manufacturers in China

In the previous chapter, we have explained all the essential measures in detail that one should consider before sourcing packaging from China.

Here we have gathered the basic information about some of the best packaging manufacturers in China after deep research.

So let’s dive right in!

1. Nine Dragons Paper:

Nine Dragons Paper

Nine Dragons Paper is a reputed group of paper manufacturing companies. Its headquarter is located in the famous city of China, Hong Kong.

It is an eco-friendly company that recycles waste and used paper materials and modifies them to the required packaging forms.

Nine Dragons Paper is famous for the high-quality manufacturing of container boards, coated cardboards, and unique corrugated boxes. This group of companies is also regarded as the “one-stop-shop” because it facilitates the customers in every aspect.

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The customers can find everything related to paper materials and package with this company. Nine Dragons Paper has achieved a milestone by installing branches in many other countries and cities.

In 2018, this brand scattered its roots to the US and opened two paper mills, one in Maine and the other in Wisconsin.

This group of companies is supervised and headed by Chairwoman Cheung Yan, also known as the ‘Queen of Trash’ and ‘Paper Queen of China.’ Liu Ming Chung is the CEO and deputy chairman of this company.

2. Shandong Chenming Paper:

Shandong Chenming Paper

Shandong Chenming Paper is enlisted as one of the largest paper-manufacturing companies. It’s headquarter is present in the Chinese city Shouguang, and it was founded in 1958.

Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Limited has achieved numerous awards worldwide for excelling in technology and making inventions.

This group of packaging manufacturers is famous for manufacturing white cardboards, writing papers, the paper used in newspapers, lightweight paperboards, copper-coated paper sectors, and duplex press paper.

This company is also involved in many other businesses like real estate and architects, hotels, restaurants, forestry, etc.

What’s best? This packaging manufacturer generates a considerable amount of revenue every year that supports and increases the overall economy of China. Chen Hongguo is the chairman and executive director of this reputed company.

3. Shandong Sun Paper Industry:

Shandong Sun Paper Industry is a multinational packaging manufacturer group of companies inaugurated in 1962. It’s headquarter is present in Yanzhuo, a district of China.

It is affiliated with Timberland (America based footwear manufacturing company) and provides raw materials like paper pulp.

It is included in the list of the top 50 paper manufacturers worldwide. This multinational company owns Shandong International and Sun Food Packaging Material. It also runs various side businesses like hotels and restaurants.

Shandong Sun Paper Industry

In recent years, it has been deeply involved in investing in science and technology fields. This cross-national group is also struggling to research and use eco-friendly materials to overcome pollution.

Shandong Sun Paper Industry is progressing to reach heights under the presidency of Li Hongxin, who has been serving as the chairman of this multinational company since 2009.

According to some sources, this group of companies generated a massive revenue of $3.2 billion in 2019.

4. Xiamen Hexing Packaging Printing:

Xiamen Hexing Packaging Printing is one of the renowned Chinese packaging manufacturers.

It was constructed in 1993 in Xiamen, but it took a few years to operate due to some issues. Now it has become a brand with numerous branches operating worldwide.

Xiamen Hexing Packaging Printing

This multination firm was honored in 2008 to have included in the list of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Xu Xiaoguang is the chairman of this firm.

This firm owns various subsidiaries, like Wuhan Huayi Flexo Printing, Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd., Xiamen Hexing Intelligent Integration Services Co. Ltd., Xiamen Hexing Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., and many others.

Xiamen Hexing Packaging Printing manufactures a wide variety of products, including corrugated boards and covers, multi-colored sheets, different books and notebooks, magazines, honeycombs, paper pulp, polyethylene containers, and other packaging materials.

5. Shanghai Zijiang Enterprise Group:

Shanghai Zijiang Enterprise Group is basically a private multinational company that invests capital on different platforms. For investment purposes, it holds two reputed companies, Zijiang Enterprise Stock and Weltech Stock.

Its progress started in Shanghai, China. Shen Wen is the current CEO of this group. Now it is primarily operating to manufacture and sell the packaging materials exported worldwide.

It has a long-term affiliation with various globally recognized brands, including KFC, Nestle, Unilever, and Coca-Cola.

It manufactures anti-theft caps, labels, pet preform bottles, crown caps, and large containers and boxes for industrial use. Moreover, it also performs paper packaging, soft packaging, and packages to enclose the magnesium alloy products.

Chapter 5: FAQs about Packaging Manufacturers

FAQs about Packaging Manufacturers

1. What are the advantages of working with packaging manufacturers?

When you choose to work with big packaging companies, you can typically expect to see the following benefits:

  • Great control over quality.
  • Value through design.
  • Several added value services.
  • Bespoke tailored products.

2. What is the difference between packaging manufacturers & suppliers?

A supplier is generally an organization that provides goods or services in the business world. Their key responsibility is to deliver goods & services manufactured or supplied by another person.

They do not manufacture or produce their own goods but rather resell goods made by their partners.

Whereas a packaging manufacturer, as the name implies, is an organization that engages in the process of converting raw materials into an item. As an example, consider transforming corrugated cardboard papers into transportation packaging.

3. What packaging manufacturers should you work with?

When it comes to choosing the type of packaging manufacturer that is better suited to provide your company, there are no right or wrong answers.

It’s also critical to know your budget and what you really want to obtain with your packaging. Also, you need to consider whether the manufacturer fits your business. Regardless of your path, make sure the quality represents your company and goods.

4. What are the common kinds of materials used for packaging?

  • China jars
  • Straw baskets
  • Tin containers
  • Cellophane paper
  • Earthenware
  • Glass
  • Cardboard containers
  • Wooden boxes
  • Plastic containers
  • Gunny
  • Cushion materials
  • Paper bags


Choosing the right packaging manufacturer in China is vital for your business. The packaging of your products can be a deciding factor in whether or not your customers will buy your products.

Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable packaging manufacturer in China.

With that said, our blog post comes to an end. We hope you found it useful. If you have any questions about choosing packaging manufacturers in China, please contact us, and one of our agents will guide you throughout the process.

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