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There are three keys to getting your product sourcing  from China: quality, price and delivery time. What brought you to the decision to manufacture your product in China may be price, but it must not be the sole factor that determines which supplier you choose.

There are many factories available who can make a product for a few cents less than the other guy. But if they can’t deliver a quality product on time, then the price becomes irrelevant. If you negotiate a great price but get a container full of junk, you lose.


To get a qualified product, we need to check this factory from their production line to the warehouse. Sometimes their office also can show customers if the factory is qualified. As we believe that if they can not manage their office, they could not manage the product as well.

Working with our customers, we will always pay attention to the factory’s production capacity. We have our own staff and cooperated with the third party to inspect the factory. What is the condition of the production line? How is warehouse management? Do they have a clean office? How many workers do they have? How is the quality of their ready-made products? Do they have a good review of their customers? All of those details affect us to choose a supplier.

Also our company Always keep close contact with our customers and the factory. Material inspection, middle production inspection, before shipping inspection will secure our customers get the qualified items.


Why price should NOT be the sole consideration when manufacturing your product in China?

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.
— Benjamin Franklin

A reasonable price is the main reason for our customers to move on the product. To get a better price, we always choose at least from 3 major suppliers. Same product, sometimes different prices from different suppliers. Working with our customers, we will choose a reasonable price.


If delivery time is a problem, good price and fine quality makes no senses. Delivery time shall be controlled when we are placing an order. How is the response time of the agent and the factory? How long we need to make for the custom and shipping? What is the best way for shipping, by sea, by air or by courier?
To make sure the negotiated delivery time to be reached, we have to make suppliers prove their production capacity. Always have a back-up supplier is very important when we first deal with a supplier. And working closely with the factory to know the first-hand news of the production situation. For massive quantity order, spread it to different suppliers is also an option. But it will also pressure to deal with different suppliers.

All in all, 3 factors could be controlled if working with an experienced agent. Risks could be lower as well if we work with cooperated suppliers. Ready to get your product made in China? The next step is to provide us with information, prints, and/or a sample of your product. We’ll take it from there, and show you how to manufacture in China every step of the way.

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