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3 Best Drop Shipping Hair Wig Suppliers and Vendors

3 Best Drop Shipping Hair Wig Suppliers and Vendors

Nowadays people are more and more like to dress themselves, whether it is hair, clothes or shoe necklaces. Under normal circumstances, people will go to the barber shop to perm or dye hair, so as to achieve their ideal image. But often hair or perm can cause great damage to your hair. And it takes a lot of money to make a haircut, compared to buying a wig. Changing the mood of a haircut every day is the pursuit of people now. Therefore wigs and hair have also become a new and hot industry for dropship and wholesale virgin hair as well.

If you want to know the basic knowlege about drop shipping hair and where to find droshipping hair suppliers and vendors, don’t miss our ariticle.

3 Best Drop Shipping Hair Wig Suppliers and Vendors


Why you should do business of dropshipping hair?


Wigs have always been defined as an ornament, and the consumer groups are generally young people who like fashion and personality. They will wear wigs at any occasion to highlight their fashion. Like in the World Cup, wearing a wig cheers for players, at a party, attending a dinner party, attending certain conferences, and so on. With more and more foreign consumers demanding wigs, the current wig market has gradually expanded from the original European and American markets to other countries, and the market prospects are promising.

Of course, if cross-border sellers want to make a wig B2C, they must also pay attention to the analysis of the market and should produce wigs according to the needs and characteristics of users. For wigs, Africans treat her as a necessity, and Europeans and Americans treat her as an accessory.

The ranking of the global hair products industry’s import and export markets in 2016 shows that among the many import and export countries, South Africa ranks third only to the United States and Benin, with the export market accounting for 7.39%. The consumption of hair products in Africa has increased year by year. Buyers are keen on low-priced products and prefer to receive direct hair on their own hair. The wigs of chemical fiber plastics and other materials need to be purchased in about 30 days. The life span of human hair is about 6-12 months, and each person has 3-5 wigs.

Faced with the development prospects of the wig market, there will inevitably be a lot of wig sites in the future, and market competition will become fiercer. Therefore, cross-border e-commerce platform sellers must seize the market demand to create suitable wig products to attract consumers.

3 Best Drop Shipping Hair Wig Suppliers and Vendors


How to choose hair to drop ship?


If you want to choose hair to drop ship, first you should browse pretty hair dropship reviews and know that different customers have common points and differences about the needs of wigs.


Common points of dropship hair


The number of active wholesalers accounted for more than 50%, the amount of transactions and orders were higher than individual buyers;

Most wholesalers are professional wig buyers with high repurchase rates. The average Order Size is US $270-$330;

The average number of people purchasing hair products is on average 14.8 days;

Ninety percent of wigs are sold for blacks and wigs, especially natural ones.

The most popular finished material: human hair fiber hair extension;

Decided to purchase factor TOP3: price, quality, logistics;

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Concerned product information: precise size, high-detailed detail drawing, detailed material composition;

Chemical fiber plastics and other materials wig, need to buy new about 30 days;

Human hair life is about 6-12 months, and each person has 3-5 wigs.

Key product line: 55% hair curtain, 18% wig cover, 16% hairdressing tool, and 10% hair extension. Among them, hair curtains and hairdressing tools are in partial wholesale categories, and there are more personal orders for hair extensions.

3 Best Drop Shipping Hair Wig Suppliers and Vendors


Differences between dropship hair


When comparing the differences, the seller needs to analyze the user groups, which are generally divided into three markets: high, medium, and low. Then how do you choose different brand groups and quality requirements for different user groups? The following takes the U.S. market as an example to talk specifically about how wig shipping should operate according to market demand.

The United States has always been China’ s key export market for cross-border e-commerce platforms, accounting for 79% of the United States wig market. The amount of US imports of wigs and related hair products from overseas continues to grow, reaching US$743 million in 2007, a year-on-year increase of 19.5%.

The requirements of whites for wigs are particularly strict. Special emphasis on the details of the wig, so to be very fine in the system, the current wave of long-wave in the United States market is still more popular, black consumers more demand for wigs have a large wavy, small hairstyle.

In the upscale wig market, consumers particularly like the supple hair. Large demand groups are generally white and black and Jewish rich groups in the United States. Among them, the Jews are very jealous of China, and they generally need to use pure Indian hair. For high-end user groups, inquire about the customer’s needs in advance so that they can better serve customers in the selection of materials and production.

Low-end market wig products mainly include: wool products, wool and chemical fiber products, hair and human hair products, chemical fiber and human hair products and low-end human hair products. The chemical fiber market accounts for 30 – 40%. This domestic manufacturer needs to pay attention. Domestic manufacturers in the product development to keep up with this one. Second, the quality disputes of low-grade products are relatively large, the goods and samples must be consistent, and product consistency must be maintained.

So how to identify the quality of a wig, generally there are four criteria can be referenced:

1. hair smooth and smooth, shiny natural color;

2. light hair when the soft feel and no fall off, knot phenomenon;

3. in Under the premise of ensuring hair style, the lighter the better the design;

4. after wearing comfortable and natural, there is no obvious sense of boring.

Another two points to identify the quality of the wig from pretty hair dropship reviews: First, look at the hair net, the second is to look at the hair. The difference between human hair and chemical fiber hair is: chemical fiber fever there will be a taste of plastic, human hair but a taste of roast meat. There is also a hair that looks smoother.If you look at the hairnet, look at the quality of the texture. Generally, a good hairnet feels soft and is very comfortable to wear. A bad hairnet feels a little hard, and it feels uncomfortable to wear.

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What’s more, there are two main aspects of wig wear:

1. The wig and your skin tone are unworthy: white people wear light colors, dark people wear dark colors, and of course each wig swatch is more or less a bit different. If you want to be natural, choose the common color black and dark brown is good.

2. The fit of the wig and face: after all, real people can’t look like heads. After you buy it back, you can do a little trimming at the corner. Incidentally, buy a wig remember to buy anti-static wig care solution, so that the wig can use longer.

3 Best Drop Shipping Hair Wig Suppliers and Vendors


List 3 best drop shipping hair suppliers and vendors


The wig industry meets the characteristics of e-commerce products, making it suitable for various sales methods, different pricing strategies, and also determines different sales methods. At present, the proportion of wigs in major platforms has increased year by year, and sellers have been more inclined to platform development.

Chinabrands, AliExpress, ebay, wish, and Amazon have become the best dropship hair companies according to pretty hair dropship reviews from sellers, and a few customers have chosen independent stations or platforms + independent stations. Because most of the sellers choose to sell on the platform, indirectly causing some of the sales habits of everyone, resulting in standardization of sales model, single characteristics are more prominent.


1. Chinabrands


The number one drop shipping hair suppliers, of course, was chinabrands. Chinabrands has more than 300,000 , which covers all aspects of people’s lives, of course wig included. Chinabrands selects 10,000+ suppliers worldwide. The number of suppliers determines that you have more choices for products, and reasonable competition among suppliers can provide customers with more high-quality and preferential products.

3 Best Drop Shipping Hair Wig Suppliers and Vendors

Among the suppliers of wigs are: adiors, aisihair, emmor, piaoliujia, qianbaihui, sir hair, mcose, qiyi and yeduo. There are many keywords in the selection of products for customers to choose from: wigs, cosplay wigs, lace front wigs, wig cap, short wigs, blonde wig, curly wigs, purple wig, wigs for black women, pink wig and so on.

And chinabrands is one of the most cheapest dropshippers china, while other China drop shippers can not be achieved. The average price of each wig ranges from two dollars to six dollars. Far less than other drop shippers, not to mention the prices of European and American countries.

With the professional descriptions and high-definition wig images, chinabrands provides the most accurate information for wig. In addition chinabrands equipped with professional QC team – Product quality is the top priority and most of the products are provided by major brand suppliers. They do not compromise on quality issues to ensure that every product is intact. Even many dropship hair extensions companies wholesale dropship wigs from Chinabrands.

In addition, even if customers are located around the world is not a problem, chinabrands is equipped with a sound logistics system and storage system. Chinabrands guaranteed delivery within 24 hours.The logistics network covers more than 200 countries worldwide. Chinabrands directly cooperate with leading global express companies including DHL, EMS and Speedpost to facilitate customer transportation. Before packing and transporting, each item in each package must be inspected carefully by trained professionals to prevent the items from being damaged during transportation.

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2. Amazon


It is one of the dropship hair vendors in the United States and is located in Seattle, Washington. It was one of the earliest companies to start e-commerce on the Internet. Amazon was established in 1995. It started as a book sales business on the Internet. Now it has expanded to a wide range of other products and has become the world’s largest online retail product variety. The company and the world’s second-largest Internet company also include subsidiaries such as AlexaInternet, a9, lab126, and the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Amazon and other vendors provide millions of unique new, refurbished and second-hand goods for customers, such as books, movies, music and games, digital downloads, electronics and computers, home gardening supplies, toys, baby products, food, clothing , footwear and jewelry, health and personal care products, sports and outdoor products, toys, automotive and industrial products. Amazon’s business also includes popular wigs. There are also three reasons why Amazon ranks in the wig field.

First, platform customers have a high degree of acceptance, followed by a high return rate, and the third is easy to build a brand. It is expected that Amazon “requires sellers’ products to be packaged, and that all packaged products will have higher rebuys and users’ feedback than unpackaged products. The same product will be sold on the same platform, with or without packagin. 50 dollars.


3 Best Drop Shipping Hair Wig Suppliers and Vendors

3. AliExpress


AliExpress (English name: AliExpress), namely AliExpress, is an online trading platform created by Alibaba for the global market. Commodities are edited into online information and published overseas through the AliExpress platform. Through international express delivery, the baby will be transported to buyers, and buyers in more than 220 countries and regions will enter into transactions to earn US dollars.


3 Best Drop Shipping Hair Wig Suppliers and Vendors

Conclusion – choose the best dropship hair company


The countries and regions that have the largest number of AliExpress orders include the Russian Federation, Brazil, Israel, Spain, Belarus, the United States, Canada, Ukraine, France, the Czech Republic, and the United Kingdom, with orders exceeding 6.8 million. These countries also belong to countries with relatively large wig sales.

But the price of wigs is usually more than 60 US dollars,It’s a little expensive.

In fact, how large is the cross-border e-commerce wig industry market? In the developed countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, the concept of wig fashion has long been formed, and the current domestic young people are also more concerned about the fashion concept of those countries.

Let’s take a black example: “The natural black hair of the African Americans is curly, so once the hair is rolled up, they will cut it off and bring them a wig. The wife of Barack Obama and many stars are all wearing wigs.” So the industry is popular.Said that as long as the African American market is, the wig business will never fail.

3 Best Drop Shipping Hair Wig Suppliers and Vendors



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