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How to Get TEMU Referrals? – Everything You Need to Know About TEMU Referrals And CashBack

How to Get Temu Referrals?: if you stay in the US and are aware of its fashion and trends – then there’s no way you haven’t ever heard about Temu – the same online marketplace that earned millions of purchases just in a couple of years after its establishment.

Temu is not just famous for one or two things like its vast range of categories and low prices – but its referral program has also recently gained a lot of attention, through which, you can easily earn big benefits like free shipping, free product samples, cash bonus – and much more.

Temu hosts a big referral program and every user is allowed to join and earn free and easy rewards through a code. However, how to get Temu referrals?

Dive into TEMU Referral Program

TEMU’s referral program stands out, letting current users invite pals and earn rewards. It’s a smart move for the company and a chance for users to pocket extra cash or rewards.

Why Is Temu So Cheap

Decoding TEMU Referral Program

How It Works

TEMU’s referral program is a simple two-step dance:

  1. Sign Up: Join TEMU on the app or website to get your special referral link.
  2. Spread the Word: Share your link through messages, email, or social media. When someone signs up and buys on TEMU, both you and the new user score rewards.

The Money Talk

Your earnings come when others join and shop on TEMU using your link. More friends joining means more money in your pocket.

Tips for More TEMU Referrals

Boost your referral game with these tricks:

  1. Social Media Share: Drop your link on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can even spice things up with contests for more sign-ups.
  2. Family and Friends: Share directly with your close ones. Start with those who might dig TEMU’s offerings.
  3. Forum Fun: Join e-commerce forums and groups, but check the rules first. Share your link wisely.
  4. Referral Extensions: Tools like ReferralCandy and Extole make link-sharing a breeze.
  5. Coupon Code Magic: Add a sweetener by creating an exclusive discount code along with your link.
  6. Product Reviews: Slip your link into product reviews on TEMU to catch the eye of potential buyers.
  7. Signature Move: Add your TEMU link to your email signature, forum posts, and social bios for some passive promotion.
  8. Contests Galore: Run referral contests with prizes for a boost in numbers.
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TEMU Rewards and Cashback

Let’s talk real numbers:

Referrer’s Reward: Bag $10 for every successful referral, credited to your TEMU wallet.

Referee’s Reward: Your friend gets a $10 discount on their first TEMU order.

Extra Cashback: Both you and your friend enjoy cashback on purchases—5% for new users and 1% for existing ones.

TEMU Referral Program Rules

A few ground rules:

  • Rewards and cashback apply only to the first successful referral.
  • Cashback hits your account daily and can be used for future buys.
  • Rewards expire in 7 days if left untouched.
  • Play fair; misuse of the program can lead to a promotion ban.
  • Keep an eye out for any policy changes from TEMU.


TEMU’s referral program is a cool way to score extra cash and discounts. Sign up, grab your custom link, and share it far and wide. Your friends join in, shop, and both of you reap the rewards. Spread the word on social media, forums, email—get creative! It’s a win-win situation, bringing in new customers for TEMU and perks for you. So, start sharing those TEMU links!


How to Get Your TEMU Referral Link?

After joining TEMU, find your referral link in the ‘Refer and Earn’ section of your account.

Where to Share Your TEMU Referral Link?

Drop it on social media, messaging apps, forums, your email signature—anywhere relevant.

What Happens After a Successful Referral?

You get a $10 credit, and your friend gets $10 off their first TEMU order.

How Many Referrals Get Rewarded?

TEMU rewards the first successful referral with $10. Refer more friends, but only the first counts.

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When Is the Referral Reward Credited?

Your $10 bonus lands in your TEMU wallet within 48 hours after your referral’s first purchase.

When Does Your Referral Get Their $10 Off?

Your friend automatically enjoys $10 off their cart total on their first TEMU purchase.

Can You Use Referral Credits for Anything?

Absolutely! The $10 reward is yours to spend on any TEMU items without restrictions.

Is There a Time Limit for Earnings?

TEMU referral credits expire after 7 days if not used, so make the most of them.

How Much Cashback Do Referrals Get?

Alongside the $10 off, your TEMU referral enjoys 5% cashback on the first order, and ongoing cashback is 1%.

Can You Share Your Link Publicly?

Yes, go ahead and share your TEMU referral link on forums, social media, etc. Just play by TEMU’s rules.

How to get unlimited referrals on Temu?

Honestly, there’s no way you can get unlimited referrals on Temu, but you can try some easy ways to get more – like sharing the code through social media posts and stories, mentioning it in public communities, or sharing in personal and relevant groups.


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