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How A New Dropshipper Sold $3,000 In His 2 First Weeks Dropshipping on eBay

From time to time, we share motivational stories, from inside the community. Stories of dropshippers that succeeded in building profitable dropshipping stores on eBay or Shopify. With the help of our dropshipping tools and the fantastic community, we have on Facebook.

In today’s story, we talk about a guy who sold over $3,000 in his first two weeks dropshipping on eBay.

Who Is This Guy?

Shu Vang

Shu Vang is an active member of the AutoDS Dropshipping Community; he lives in California and works in a 9-5 job to make his living.

How did Shu Discover Dropshipping?

When Shu was surfing the internet, he would see ads of people advertising dropshipping related content, from courses to apps, to mentors.

That is what got him interested in knowing more about dropshipping on eBay. So, he began searching and learning about dropshipping from YouTube videos.

Taking Action

While Shu was watching Youtube dropshipping videos, he came across a video of Paul J Lipsky. Paul is a friend of ours, an old member of AutoDS, and has been using our dropshipping platform and automation services for quite some time now.

In his video, Paul suggested using AutoDS for automating eBay dropshipping. Shu became more excited to try out dropshipping for himself, after seeing how easy it can be. With the right tools, starting your first online business can be much easier than it seems. That is when he decided to get started.

The First Cha-Ching 

After registering to AutoDS dropshipping tools and mainly using the Non-API solution, Shu started dropshipping on eBay. After practicing what he learned from Youtube videos, within three days of dropshipping on eBay, Shu got his first sale on June 14th.

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shu's first sale post about his first sale in anew ebay account dropshipping

Shu learned a method of following successful eBay listings and copying their winning keywords to rank his listings.

Besides that, he was automating a lot of other tasks using the AutoDS platform. That alone saved him so much time and allowed for more time for product research.

Invest In Yourself To Grow

To see better results, you surely need more knowledge. That is what Shu understood early on so, to improve and scale his business he decided to take an eBay Dropshipping Course. This expanded his knowledge, gave him tons of tricks and tips, and good results followed.   

using autods shut has gotten more sales in less than a week

Shu’s Tips to Dropshipping Beginners 

“Before you start, do your research because you want to know what you are doing in the dropshipping industry before you jump in. Watch Youtube dropshipping videos, search on google, find mentors and online dropshipping communities where you can share questions and answers”.

Shu’s Workflow 

Shu searches for products on amazon then posts them to eBay using AutoDS Uploader. Shu also mentioned a tip, which is that he lists products around 6 PM EST, and if he is not available at that time, he schedules it using AutoDS’ listing automation feature.

After listing the product, he starts looking for competitors that have highly ranked eBay listings and then copies their best keywords. From there, Shu starts looking for products that are working for them, and then he lists the products.

Using Virtual Assistants

Until now, Shu had not been using a virtual assistant, he does half the work himself. The rest is taken care of by the AutoDS system.

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But, when sales will increase and his tasks will become overwhelming, he will start hiring virtual assistants to help him grow even more.

What Does Shu Like The Most in Dropshipping?

“Automation” was the answer when we asked Shu, “What do you like most about dropshipping?”.

Then he added that when he tried to list products and write descriptions manually, he found it difficult and time-consuming. Especially when the product is one he doesn’t know much about. Even if he manages to create the listing manually, the listing ends up having an amateur look, which Shu didn’t like.

When it comes to product upload automation by AutoDS, he finds it so useful and time-saving, and the listings end up looking professional.

Sale After Sale to $3,000 in Sales

After two weeks of dropshipping on eBay, testing methods, and comparing results and with the help of AutoDS, Shu reached 3000$ in sales. Having 30 listings on his account, Shu pointed out that AutoDS helped with this a lot. Making that amount of sales in just two weeks while being a freshly new dropshipper isn’t so common.

3000 dollars in sales using autods in under two weeks

We asked Shu: “What is your absolute favorite feature on AutoDS?”  The answer was, “Price Monitoring”. This feature automatically raises or decreases the listing price depending on the source price and the profit configuration on AutoDS

Shu Is Helping a Friend

After the promising results that Shu has seen, he decided to start a new eBay account to see if what he does works or not. He also taught one of his friends, in a session that lasted 1 hour, how to dropship using AutoDS. He started making a case study using his new eBay account and his friend’s account.

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one hour session about dropshippping using autods

Three days after the one-hour session, his friend got his first sale.

Shu expresses his trust in his methods of dropshipping on eBay by saying that since what he did worked for his new ebay account and his friend’s account, then he must be doing it well, overall. Both new accounts got more sales in the first week, which makes Shu trust the process more.

shut case study proves that you can get a sale in under a week dropshipping on ebay using autods

At the end of the new eBay account’s case study deadline, which was only one week, Shu had already made two sales. His friend on the other side made four sales. The case study was proof for those who doubt eBay dropshipping. Not to mention, motivation for those who couldn’t get their first sale yet.

A Dropshipper’s Dream

Shu’s dropshipping goal was to feel free and be able to work from anywhere. He works to make dropshipping replace his current 9-5 job, and become his source of financial stability.

He also dreams of building a community for dropshippers in California to try to help as many as he can. “When you are successful, you want to help others. That is what I want to do,” Shu said.

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