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Definitive Guide: Is DHgate Safe and Legit to Buy from? Why Is It So Cheap?

Is DHgate legit, or is it a scam? There are many stories about DHgate’s products and their poor quality. It’s natural for you to ask whether it’s a legitimate website.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

I wrote this review to discuss everything you need to know about DHGate so you can decide whether you want to try shopping on DHGate.

What is DHgate, and is it reliable? Should I try buying items on DHgate or avoid the website altogether?

After reading my article, you should know significantly more about the DHgate platform, why it can be an excellent place to shop, and how to avoid scams and issues when shopping on the DHgate website.

Chapter 1: How DHgate works? Is it Legit?

1. History of DHgate

In 2004, Chinese businesswoman and entrepreneur Diane Wang established the internet marketplace DHgate in Beijing.

In the beginning, DHgate was primarily concerned with giving Chinese small- and medium-sized businesses a platform to interact with foreign customers, notably those in the US and Europe.

As DHgate’s reputation increased and the Chinese economy progressed, the company widened its market and started to provide a larger selection of goods to customers around the globe.

With over 30 million products posted on its site and over 21 million registered buyers, DHgate is currently one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world.

Authenticity and product quality issues, as well as questions about the reliability of some of its sellers, have been problems for DHgate throughout the years.

The company has responded by putting in place a number of safeguards to guarantee the reliability and security of its platform, including a strict buyer protection policy, quality control checks, and seller verification procedures.

2. DHgate is a Legit Online Marketplace

There is a widespread misconception that DHgate is not a legit online marketplace, but that is far from the truth.

Since it doesn’t deal with direct sales to consumers, DHgate itself is a legitimate online marketplace, but its suppliers may not be. As a result, you must do your research on the seller before making a purchase.

Instead, it allows suppliers to offer things through their platform. Since it only allows sellers from China, DHgate essentially serves as a middleman between buyers and sellers similar to eBay or AliExpress.


The seller creates an item listing, complete with photographs, a description, a price, and delivery choices. Buyers then place their orders, pay for them using one of a variety of payment methods, and the seller ships the product.

Furthermore, it has also been a participant in international e-commerce and finance ventures like being a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) since 2011 and making a Sino-Turkish economic platform in 2016.

All of these indicate that DHgate is legit and a reliable online marketplace.

3. DHgate is Pretty Much a Chinese eBay

Since both DHgate and eBay are global online marketplaces that link buyers and sellers, it is possible to compare the two in many ways. The two systems do differ in several significant ways, though.

One of the most significant differences is that while eBay is a more global online marketplace with merchants from all over the world, DHgate primarily concentrates on connecting international buyers with Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers.

As a result, DHgate offers a bigger selection of reasonably priced goods created in China, whereas eBay offers a wider selection of goods from around the globe.

4. The interface of

The interface of is very user-friendly and convenient. It lists the categories on the left side of the interface.

On the top, it lists all the new sales, offers, and deals. New products and popular products are also listed so that customers can find the products that might be looking for.


Furthermore, at the very top, all the terms of service aspects and details of the site are mentioned, such as buyer protection and customer service to aid the buyers in their business transactions.

All these options and more are also linked at the very bottom of the interface so customers can navigate through all possible details and have the know-how of every aspect.

5. The importance of DHgate

DHgate is also one of the largest and the B2B online e-commerce marketplaces in China, standing alongside big names in the industry like Alibaba and AliExpress.

Furthermore, it is used by around 31 million businesses worldwide for sourcing products from China.


Besides, DHgate has hundreds of product categories at very good prices that businesses benefit from worldwide. Hence, in the e-commerce marketplace scene, DHgate is extremely important, and DHgate shopping is a vital aspect of many businesses.

6. Do scams in DHgate exist?

Buyers should exercise caution while making purchases on DHgate because, like any other online marketplace, scammers can be found there.

The most common DHgate scams involve sellers misrepresenting products, offering fake goods, or not delivering any things at all.

It is crucial to remember that not all DHgate sellers participate in dishonest practices; rather, many of them are reputable companies that provide premium goods at affordable costs.

DHgate has put in place several safeguards to ensure its platform’s reliability and security to protect customers from scams.

Among these are a buyer protection policy, which offers refunds and other remedies in the event of fraud or non-delivery, and a seller verification process, which necessitates sellers to produce paperwork and

Chapter 2: The Advantages of Buying from Dhgate

As DHgate is one of the largest online marketplaces for sourcing Chinese goods, there are many advantages to be gained from DHgate shopping. Let’s have a look at these advantages one by one.


1. Reasonable Security on DHgate Website

To safeguard the financial and personal information of its customers, DHgate has put in place acceptable security measures. To encrypt data as it moves between the user’s computer and the DHgate servers, for instance, the website employs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology.

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In order to add an additional degree of security, DHgate has adopted two-factor authentication and asks users to create strong passwords when creating accounts.

Additionally, DHgate has a team of qualified experts who continuously monitor its platform for any suspicious activities and look into any potential security issues.

All things considered, these precautions work to make sure that customers can purchase on DHgate with confidence and without worrying about the protection of their personal and financial data.

2. Variety of products on

Another great aspect of DHgate is that there is a great variety of products all found in one place; this is very convenient for businesses that deal in more categories of products.

The range of goods is from electronics and automobiles to home décor and health/beauty.  This means that businesses can easily source all the products from one place; this saves time and effort to look for products on other sites.

3. Secure payment

Customers at DHgate have access to a number of safe payment methods, including PayPal and credit card transactions. These payment options give customers more security, protection from fraud, and the chance to challenge charges if necessary.

Due to the fact that purchasers may pay for goods using PayPal on DHgate without disclosing their credit card or bank account details to merchants, this payment method is very popular.

Instead, customers can pay DHgate directly through PayPal by connecting their PayPal account to it. Since PayPal gives purchase protection and will refund the whole purchase price if the item does not arrive or is significantly different from the seller’s description, this adds an additional degree of security.

4. Good Quality Products

One advantage of shopping at DHgate is that customers can discover premium goods at low costs.

DHgate can offer products at lower prices than conventional retail establishments or other online marketplaces because it links customers directly with Chinese manufacturers and distributors.

Additionally, DHgate employs quality assurance procedures to guarantee that goods are up to par before being made available for purchase on the marketplace.

This makes it possible to guarantee that customers get high-quality goods that live up to their expectations.

5. Track the Shipping of Your Products

Another security option of DHgate is the option to track the shipping of your product. Once the seller dispatches the order and provides you with the shipping number, you can check it on your account in the section of ‘Order Details’, which will be available after 5 to 10 days.

This option is available for many shipping services like China Post, FedEx and DHL etc.

If there are any issues in the process of shipment tracking, then you as the buyer have some options.

  • Tracking number not given: Ask the seller for the tracking number. If not given, you can take up the dispute with the com
  • Unable to track order: DHgate will consider the number invalid and you will need to submit a ‘return and refund request to get a full refund.

6. Secure Payment Options

DHgate supports various secure payment methods, including PayPal and credit card transactions. These options offer added security and protection against fraud.

7. Convenient Interface

The user-friendly interface of DHgate makes navigation and product search effortless. Customers can easily find the products they need and make purchases without any hassle.

8. Wholesale and Customization Options

While DHgate is primarily a wholesale platform, it also caters to buyers who need individual or customized products. Many sellers offer mix-and-match options, providing flexibility to customers.

9. Fast Shipping

DHgate provides both commercial and economic shipping options. Buyers can choose the method that suits their needs, with commercial shipping ensuring faster delivery times.

10. Excellent Customer Service

DHgate’s customer service team is dedicated to providing prompt and helpful assistance to buyers. They are readily available to address queries and resolve any issues that may arise.

Chapter 3: Misunderstanding in Buyers’ mind regarding DHgate

Several buyers have doubts about the legitimacy of DHgate due to the misunderstandings they have regarding its functions and certain aspects. If you also happen to have some doubts in that regard, keep reading.

1. Longer delivery times? Really!

One of the primary complaints that buyers have about DHgate is that the delivery times for the products are too long.

This is actually not completely correct. Shipping times can vary based on factors such as whether products are in stock or not, the shipping method used, and the shipping address of the buyer.

Unpredictable situations like the Covid-19 pandemic can also affect delivery times.

The shipping of products is done in two ways: commercial shipping and economic shipping. By commercial shipping, we mean options like FedEx, UPS, and DHL; these deliver in 5-7 days.

The other option is economic shipping which usually takes some time to deliver. Since this option is free, there are a lot of variable factors involved such as delays in transfer flights.

2. Free shipping! Then why does the seller charge for shipping

Free shipping option is available on DHgate; if you select that option your parcel will be delivered by economic shipping via services like ePacket or China Post. It is also dependent on the volume and value of goods that you buy.

On the other hand, if you choose the commercial shipping method, then shipping won’t be free, especially for low-volume and value products. Free shipping may still be available if products are very valuable. The costs of shipping will then be added to your expenses.

In short, the free shipping method is available but it really depends on the methods you choose and what kind of products you’re buying.

3. DHgate is only a wholesale platform

The third misconception is that customers cannot buy individual things on DHgate and that it is only for wholesale purchases.

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This misunderstanding stems from the fact that DHgate is essentially a wholesale platform, with a lot of vendors selling a lot of merchandise at a discount.

For buyers who simply need to buy one or a few goods, however, many merchants on DHgate also offer single items for sale. Buyers can filter their search results to just show single-item listings by choosing the “single-item” option in the search options.

Additionally, some sellers on DHgate provide a “mix and match” option that enables customers to buy a range of other products in lesser quantities.

This can be helpful for customers who just need a small quantity of each product or who want to test out various products.

Chapter 4: The Products Available on DHgate

DHgate serves as a one-stop shop for customers wishing to buy goods from various industries thanks to its wide selection of products across numerous categories. The portal primarily sells items in the categories of electronics, fashion, toys and hobbies, home and garden, sports, and outdoor activities.

1. Hundreds of Product Categories


DHgate offers hundreds of categories and products that buyers can choose from, which is very convenient for businesses as most product categories are available on DHgate for reasonable prices. Some of these are:

Products That Buyers Can Choose FromProducts That Buyers Can Choose From
  • Sports goods and apparel
  • Health products
  • Shoes
  • Apparel
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Wedding items
  • Bags
  • Fashion accessories
  • Beauty products: Hair, skincare, makeup, body, etc.
  • Homeware
  • Garden tools
  • Toys and gifts
  • Cell Phones
  • Electronics
  • Computers and games
  • Automobiles and motorcycles

2. Reliable Sellers

There are many sellers on DHgate in many different categories. Although the majority of the sellers are trustworthy, customers should use caution when making purchases. Finding credible sellers in the marketplace is vital for ensuring a secure and reliable transaction.

Checking the ratings and reviews of potential sellers is one of the best ways to find trustworthy ones. On DHgate, customers can grade sellers based on their interactions with them. High-rated and well-reviewed sellers are more likely to be dependable and trustworthy.

Examining the seller’s past transactions is another technique to make sure they are trustworthy. Buyers can evaluate a seller’s reputation and dependability by looking at their past transactions and customer reviews.

3. Wide Range of Choices

When it comes to items and sellers, DHgate gives customers a lot of possibilities. The site features a sizable number of merchants who provide products in numerous categories, giving customers a wide range of options.


Additionally, DHgate enables customers to contrast product details and prices from other vendors. Buyers can use this option to compare prices and make an informed selection.

For customers who require particular products or alterations, DHgate also provides customization possibilities. It is simpler for customers to find products that suit their specific wants and preferences when they can contact the supplier to request customization options.

Do you wish to purchase Chinese goods of the highest calibre? Almost zero familiarity with Chinese markets? Don’t worry! To arrange a free consultation, get in touch with our sales manager. She will help you with any issues you have and try to make the process as easy for you as she can.


Chapter 5: How Safe Is DHgate for Buyers?

DHgate offers a range of security and safety options to protect its customers to pay suppliers online.

1. Buyer Protection Policies by DHgate

DHgate has many buyer protection features in place such as

  • Escrow service: payments go to DHgate and are only released to the seller after the buyer confirms
  • Refund options: if your parcel has not been shipped, you can request a refund within 10 days
  • Shipping status: the shipping status of your parcel can be accessed once you get the tracking number; issues regarding shipping can also be resolved as mentioned earlier.

2. Return Policy Offred by DHgate


Customers who are unhappy with their purchases can return things to DHgate under its return policy. Buyers should review the seller’s return policy before making a purchase because it varies by seller.

Buyers may submit a return request within a predetermined time period, often 7 to 14 days after receiving the merchandise, provided the seller’s return policy permits returns. The return request should state the justification for the return as well as any supporting materials, like photos or videos.

The seller has the choice to accept or refuse the return after receiving the request for it. The customer will be given a return address and directions on how to send the item back if the seller accepts the return.

3. Mediation Services

In case of disputes such as delays in shipment, sudden changes in prices, or damaged products, DHgate offers a mediation service between buyers and sellers to settle the dispute.

The disputes are settled via the Resolution Center and are a great option if the seller and buyer cannot reach an agreement after 5 days.


You can go for this option by clicking ‘Request DHgate mediation’ and then select the reason for the dispute and the desired outcome, which the seller can accept or reject. If rejected, it find a final resolution after you provide some evidence.

4. Dispute resolution in buyers’ protection policy of Dhgate

A key component of DHgate’s buyer protection policy is dispute resolution, which gives customers confidence when using the platform.

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The procedure is intended to guarantee that both the buyer and seller receive fair treatment and that problems are fixed quickly and effectively.

A buyer can submit a dispute on the DHgate platform if they have any problems with their transaction.

The buyer must give a thorough justification of the problem, any supporting data, and the proposed fix. The buyer is then given the chance to respond and offer their perspective on the situation, along with any supporting documentation.

DHgate offers mediation services to help resolve disputes if the customer and seller are unable to do it on their own.

Chapter 6: Best Payment Methods on DHgate

it supports all kinds of major payment methods for the convenience of its customers.

1. DHgate accepts payments through Paypal

One of the most popular ways to authorize payments on DHgate is PayPal. You must choose Paypal as your payment option. You will be taken to the Paypal website where you may send money right to your DHgate account.

Possible benefits of PayPal include:

The payment is secure and traceable.
No troubles with debit or credit cards.
Complete the authorization procedure in a timely manner.
The ability to recover cash up to $1000 is an excellent feature.

2. DHgate accepts payments through Western Union


Yes, Western Union is a payment method accepted by DHgate. For buyers who lack access to credit cards or other online payment options, Western Union is a common way to complete overseas transactions.

Buyers on DHgate must choose this option at checkout and adhere to the seller’s instructions in order to pay by Western Union.

Typically, this entails transferring the funds to the seller’s Western Union account and informing the seller of the specifics of the transaction.

Even though Western Union is a recognized and popular payment option, purchasers should use caution when doing so.

Buyers should only use this method with sellers they trust and for transactions they are certain will be completed because payments made through Western Union cannot be reversed or refunded.

3. You can also make payments through credit cards


Absolutely, DHgate accepts credit card payments using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other well-known cards. Customers who like to utilize credit cards for online transactions frequently use this simple form of payment.

Customers must choose this option at the checkout and provide their credit card information, which includes the card number, expiration date, and security code. To guarantee the security and protection of credit card information, it employs SSL encryption technology.

4. Online Bank Transfer DHgate accepts payments through

BeneficiaryRich Palace Holdings Limited
Beneficiary AddressUnit D, 10/F, China Overseas Building, 139 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Bank NameThe Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Bank Account808-056402-838
Bank AddressL9, HSBC Building, 673 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Similar to an offline bank transfer, you can opt for an online transfer as well to pay on the spot by entering your PIN. Payment is sent directly from your bank to DHgate’s HSBC bank account in Hong Kong.

Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions About Dhgate

1. Is DHgate Legit or is it a Scam?


The question that most interested businesses and individuals want the answer to is if DHgate is legit or a scam. Without a doubt, DHgate is a legit online marketplace from where you can buy Chinese products at good prices and of quality.

As proof of its legitimacy, it offers great security options, customer feedback and reviews, an escrow service, and details of its operations.

All these are extensive measures put in place by DHgate to make sure that customers do not leave unsatisfied and that complete security is maintained.

2. What does DHgate do?

Global buyers and sellers can connect on the internet marketplace known as DHgate. It specializes in giving small and medium-sized enterprises a marketplace where they may sell their goods to clients all around the world.

3. Are customers on DHgate safe?

Yes, shopping on DHgate is secure. Strong security measures are in place to safeguard customers’ financial and personal information. Additionally, it provides a buyer protection program that makes sure that customers obtain authentic products and that they receive refunds if they acquire damaged or fake goods.

4. How Do I Know My Payment Has Been Approved?

If the order status shows ‘Pending payment verification’ then payment needs to be verified and after you provide the required documents, the payment will be approved within 24 hours and show up on your order status.

5. What is the delivery procedure at DHgate?

Many items on DHgate are eligible for free shipping, although delivery timeframes can change based on the seller’s location and the chosen shipping option. The product listing should be checked by buyers for an anticipated shipment time.


In conclusion, DHgate stands out as a reputable and reliable online marketplace for buying quality products. Its extensive product range, competitive prices, high-quality assurance, and buyer protection policy make it a preferred choice for businesses and individuals seeking a smooth and secure shopping experience. Whether you are a seasoned buyer or new to the platform, DHgate offers a diverse array of products and services to cater to your needs. So, explore DHgate today and discover a world of possibilities for sourcing quality products from China.

But with a keen eye and a bit of research, you can find the right sellers and the right products for your business. So start buying from DHgate now!

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