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20 Best Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites (electronics, clothes, bags)

Replica products business has a huge market, as they’re affordable, highly profitable, and of high quality. And 90% of replica products are made in China around the globe. Many luxury brand companies have foundry in China. So you find all kinds of fake luxury brand products like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Rolex in China.
But you must have such questions: where to find replica products in China? What should I ask when I import wholesale replica products from China?
That’s why I write the article. I will tell you the top 12 Chinese replica websites and give you some tips to wholesale replica bags, clothes, watches, shoes, and electronics. I bet you will benefit a lot from this post.


1. Why import replica products from China?

As China has a complete industrial chain,and cheap labor and abundant raw materials. The factories can work together to finish the production of a replica product. A replica product usually won’t be manufactured in the same factory. For example, if they plan to make an LV replica bag, the whole manufacturing process will be completed by several factories. Some of them specialize in the zipper industry, some in the leather industry.
Many famous luxury brands have their original factories in China. Some brands has so many kinds of products that they have dozens of original factories in different places of China. For example, Nike has foundries in Fujian, Qingdao, Taiwan, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Ningbo, Jiangxi, China and so on.
These factories are experienced in producing high-quality replica products with the same material as the brand ones. So it’s very possible that the replica products you import from China are made in the same factory as the genuine ones.

2. Where to find replica products in China (bags, clothes, watches, shoes, electronics)?

Because of the property right, the sellers will make some adjustments for the image like blurring. Usually, the logo won’t be displayed in the product details. They will make some adjustments to the original style instead.
For example, the first picture is a real Rolex watch with its logo, while the second picture is a fake one without a logo.
Chinese Replica Wholesale Websites Rolex real
Rolex fake
You can find there are some independent online stores on Google and Social Media like FaceBook, and Instagram, but they may come from some countries that lack good regulation policies. So it is very risky to buy replica products without any guarantees.
You cannot find such online stores major in providing a certain counterfeit category because of the strict property rights regulation in China. But you can buy such products from some Chinese B2B or B2C websites as follows.
Note: the list is just for your reference. Because of the strict property rights policy, we are not sure you can find replica products on the Chinese websites above.

3.What search terms can be used to find replica products?

After knowing where to find replica products, you should learn how to search counterfeits on these Chinese wholesale websites. People will take it for granted that they can enter the brand name to search. In fact, I don’t recommend you to search for replica products in this way, for you can only find very few replica products by searching the brand name directly. As most websites block almost all famous brand names on the searching system.
If you want to search for more replica products, please try the ways shown below.

Image search

You can search replica products by uploading images, but this method only applies to Alibaba, 1688, and Made In China the 3 websites. I take searching in Alibaba for example below.
image search method one

Keywords search

You can use some keywords like:
“luxury brand + product category”, for example, “luxury brand watch”
luxury brand watch
“brand designer + product category”, for example, “brand designer handbags”
Keywords search brand designer handbags
“replica + product category”, for example, “replica shoes”
Keywords search replica shoes
“Europe luxury brand + product category”, for example, “Europe luxury brand belts”
Keywords search Europe luxury brand belts
“AAA +product category”, for example, “AAA watches”
Keyworda search AAA watches
In addition, you can contact the sellers directly online by clicking buttons like “Contact Supplier”, “Chat Now”, “Call Us”, “Negotiate Consult”. What’s more, many sellers will show their WeChat, Whatsapp accounts, or phone numbers in the product listing. You can discuss the product details with them on the chatting app or on the phone.
They will also provide you with more styles to choose from. Through communication, you can confirm some details with the suppliers like warranties and guarantees policy, which is very important.
supplier contact
There is something you need to know. Because 1688 is a wholesale and direct sales website for the Chinese market, which belongs to Alibaba. So the language is Chinese. When you use 1688, you should translate it into English first as the following picture shows. You can click the “G/文” button above and choose “English”. Then the page will be displayed in English as follows.
replica sunglasses C to E
Many sellers won’t display all the products in the store, and they won’t show the product logo. But it doesn’t mean that the seller is unreliable. They just want to avoid the punishment from e-commerce platforms caused by selling replicas.
replica bags in the store
Under such circumstances, you can communicate with the sellers about the product details on WeChat/ Whatsapp, or just make a phone call. Many sellers will explain that you can contact them if you have special requirements or want to get a more surprising choice
whatapp number

4. Tips for wholesaling replica bags from China

When you search bags, you can filter the suppliers according to their location. China fake designer bag sellers are mainly located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Hebei.
And the price of the bag varies, so you should learn the production cost and average price of a bag before you place an order. For example, if the average price of a replica bag is $130, but the price shown in the store is just $50. Under such circumstances, you should consider the difference seriously. You can compare it with the products displayed in other stores.
Although it looks very similar, perhaps the leather is completely different. There are many kinds of leather like Cowhide leather, sheepskin, or original leather. So bags made from different leather materials touch quite differently.
Moreover, it is a complicated process to manufacture a replica bag. Each step will be completed by different factories during the whole manufacturing process, some for hardware, some for sewing, some for leather processing, etc. So the whole production cost won’t be low.
For example, when you want to buy Gucci replica handbags from china, you will notice there will be many stores selling them as the following picture shows. But you can notice that the price and the place are very different.
Generally, the quality of the cheaper bag might be worse than the more expensive one. Excluding the following condition: the quality doesn’t match the price. That means, the seller quotes a high price but the product is of bad quality. What’s more, you’d better choose the bag whose store is in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Hebei, China.
Replica bag

5. Tips for wholesaling replica clothes from China

The main replica clothes manufacturing base is in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Zhengzhou, China. So you can wholesale replica clothes from suppliers located in these places.
When people buy clothes, they not only focus on the brand but also the style. So before you place the order, you should conduct research about which styles of the brand are more popular in the market. Only when you sell those popular styles, can you make good money. Otherwise, you may have a lot of excessive inventory.
For example, you know that a kind of Gucci wool polo shirt is very popular after searching the market, so you can search the copy one on the websites and then import from China.
As shown in the pictures, a Gucci wool polo shirt is $1400, while a replica one sold on the Chinese replica websites is about $10, which is only 0.7% of the original price. And it’s hard to differentiate between them. So people can use less money to enjoy the perfect style and catch on with the fashion trend. That’s why some replica products like clothes are in high demand.
Gucci wool polo shirt
replica shirt
Moreover, you had better not buy all replica clothes you need from the same store. The reason is that it may coexist 1:1 (AAA) grade clothing with some AA clothing in the same store, which is a very common phenomenon.
The material is also an important aspect you should consider before you place the order rather than just focus on the low price. Because the price for different materials must vary greatly.
For example, you want to buy a 100% silk dress, but when you place the order, you just notice the low price and ignore the material. In the end, you receive a dress made from 100% linen. And the products are unsatisfactory. Under such circumstances, no matter if you buy for your own use or sell, both will bring you a great loss. Hence, you should read the product details carefully before you place the order.
Take the Gucci wool polo shirt for example, you can get some information like the place of origin, material, and MOQ in the Product Details part.
product detail

6. Tips for wholesaling replica watches from China

The largest Chinese replica watch production base is in Guangzhou, with many big or small replica watch factories.
Replica watch place
If you want to import replica watches from china, you’d better choose bigger manufacturers. Because they have better technology and polished workmanship, which are very important for watch production. Furthermore, they can be the original factories of many luxury brands.
The most important part of watches is the watch movements which decide the quality of the watch. Some replica watches use Swiss-origin movements, while others use Chinese-made movements. Of course, the quality of watches with Chinese-made movements is not good as the Swiss-origin movements ones, but it’s good enough for you to use several years; furthermore, they have an attractive price.
Depending on the material, workmanship, Chinese sellers divide replica watches into the following 3 grades. The price will vary greatly accordingly.
A Grade: similar to the real one in appearance, but easy to identify whether it is real.
AA Grade: good workmanship and performance, difficult to identify real or not for the layman. Accounting for the greatest quota in the replica watch market.
AAA+ Grade: the most expensive category with the best workmanship among the three grade products. Up to 95% similarity to the real one. Only specialists can identify the difference between the replica watch and the real one.
When you plan to place an order, you can look through the customer reviews in the store to judge the watch quality roughly. In addition, you should compare the product in different stores rather than just focus on one store.
As I mentioned above, when you buy replica products, you should know the information about warranties and guarantees, especially for electronic products like watches, which appear especially important. You can judge the watch quality roughly according to the time of warranty period. Generally, if the warranty period is longer, the component like the electronic chip of the watch tends to be better.

7. Tips for wholesaling replica shoes from China

The most famous replica shoe market Putian is the biggest shoe manufacturer in China. The replica shoe industry in Putian is very mature now, so if you are lucky enough, you can buy many brands of AAA replica shoes there. As the quality of the AAA replica designer shoes is so good with the same material, craftsmanship, and appearance as the original ones, it’s very difficult to distinguish the fake from the real.
Among the different shoes, brand replica sport shoes such as Nike, Adidas, Jordan, etc. are very popular among people, especially the young.
However, before you buy the replica shoes, you’d better compare many stores rather than focus on only one store. You need to look carefully at the product details to confirm the accuracy of the replica shoe design. What’s more, you can also read the reviews written by former buyers. You should think twice if you want to buy products from a store with so many negative reviews or there are no or so few reviews.
Don’t worry if you find there are no logos on the shoes in the pictures. Because of the strict policy, selling replica shoes with logos is not allowed. But you can still contact the sellers online to discuss the custom logos.
Replica shoe custom
Then let’s have a look at four types of Putian replica shoes according to the difficulties that you can get them.
Type 1 :the worst replica shoes in Putian, almost everyone can get them on replica wholesale websites. The price of every pair is less than $16.
Type 2 : cost-effective replica shoes which are much better than the Type 1, and are the so-called super A replica shoes. It’s more difficult to get in the replica shoe market than the Type 1. The appearance is almost the same as the genuine ones, but the material is not the original material. The price of every pair is no more than $30.
Type 3 : replica shoes with the highest quality. The appearance and the materials are as same as the genuine products. But it’s hard for ordinary people to get them unless you know reliable people in the company. The price of every pair is about $30 to $48.
Type 4: genuine brand shoes. They come from the same original orders of the brand company. For example, a brand shoe company place a 2000 order of shoes, but the company may produce 2050 pairs of brand shoes. And the 50 pairs of shoes are the Type 4 shoes. Almost no one can get them except you are the the special member of the factory. The price of every pair is about $63 to $95.
So you should learn more knowledge about the replica shoe market and the details of different quality grades shoes in China to avoid scams before you import replicas.

8. Tips for wholesaling replica electronics from China

The industry of electronic products like fake Airpods, fake iPhones, Apple Watch copy, and its peripheral accessories such as chargers are well developed in China.
Chinese electronic products base is in Guangdong province, especially Shenzhen. And Huaqiangbei is one of Shenzhen’s famous retail areas with one of the largest electronics markets in the world. It’s well known for selling replica electronics. It is said that the Chinese electronics factories can produce replica ones within a week after Apple releases new products.
So if you want to buy replica electronics in China, the products in Shenzhen are the best choice. Because they are attractive both in price and quality. The copy ones just look the same as the genuine ones. If you don’t tell people around you that you buy a replica product, no one can recognize it.
Since electronic products may easily have some problems which are very hard to fix, it’s necessary to scrutinize the stores by comparing them with one another. And you should also confirm the warranties and guarantees policy with the sellers through communication.
Airpods replica and original

9. FAQs about buying replica products from China

How to ship replica products from China to my country?

Because of the property right, the customs clearance process of replica products is a little special. It can’t be exported through the normal channels. Hence, you should find forwarders with special channels to help you handle the import and export of counterfeit products. The most convenient way to find this kind of forwarder is to ask your supplier if they can recommend one to you.

Which is the best Chinese replica website?

If you ask me which one is the best replica clothing site, replica watch site, or replica bag site, honestly speaking, I can’t give you the answer directly. Good quality and bad quality product on every website.
No matter which website you use, you should know one truth: the ways for buying replica products are the same. In addition, the standard for judging whether the replica product is good or not depends on your expectation. If you spend $20 buying an LV Neverfull and you feel satisfied, then it is worthwhile to buy it. Instead, if you have a high requirement for quality, perhaps you need to spend even $300 buying a satisfactory LV Neverfull.

Is it legal to sell replica products?

Obviously, it is illegal to sell replica products. Most replica products won’t come up on regular websites like Amazon and Shopify with a strict regulation policy. If you sell them on such websites, your store will be risky of closing. So you had better sell them via some offline channels like street stores or stalls.


I hope you can benefit a lot from my post and know where to find replica products in China and how to search better. If you think the post is helpful, welcome to share it with your friends.
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