Top 5 Portable Heaters In 2023 That’ll Keep You Warm & Lower Your Energy Bills

Looking for a way to stay warm at home but don’t want to increase your electricity bill?

Millions of Americans are hurt by soaring energy prices. People scramble to find ways to lower their bills anywhere they can – causing portable heaters to become extremely popular.

These next-generation portable heaters only heat up the room you’re currently in so you can turn off your central heating – effectively saving all that wasted energy.

Americans report slashing their electricity bills by up to 75% after switching to one of these portable heaters.

Since these heaters have become so popular, lots of junk products have flooded the market.

We decided to test the 50+ best Portable Heater brands to see which ones actually work as advertised.

The winner is from a small company that, thanks to their new patented technology, have found a way to heat up any room in minutes – without increasing the energy consumption.

Read our top 5 list & full review of the winner below:




"The best in market"

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959 Reviews



"The best in market"

5,289 Reviews

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We Bought & Tested The Most Popular Heaters, Here’s Why HeatWell Heater Is #1

With the recent inflation & energy crisis, I was very happy to be assigned this job.

A way to stay warm – and lower my energy bills at the same time?

Sounded almost too good to be true. 

So I tested over 15 portable heaters (I have the best job in the world getting to test so many products!) and I was very disappointed with the results.

The heaters I tried either warmed up my place really quickly, but when I checked my power usage they had drained even more than my regular radiators.

Other heaters didn’t use much power – but the heating effects were barely noticeable.

I was about to give up hope when I stumbled upon a small company on the news. They had developed a different kind of heater called HeatWell Heater.

Their patented technology was completely different, using all 4 heating mechanisms at once: Convection, Conduction, Thermal Radiation and Evaporative Heating.

None of the other brands had technology like this – and the online reviews seemed to confirm that this heater was different from the rest.

It seemed to actually work!

I got a tingly sensation of excitement in my stomach as I ordered one

First Impression

When I got the HeatWell Heater delivered to my door, only 2 days after ordering it, I was immediately impressed with the delivery process.

I was taken by surprise and hadn’t even seen the actual heater yet.

But then I noticed the size of the package.

“I’ve been ripped off!” I thought. The package is way too small!

But that’s how people have been thinking forever.

Isn’t it funny how we have been rejecting new solutions, ideas, and technology throughout history?

Look at the invention of seatbelts, automated elevators, or the idea to wash your hands before surgery, all of these ideas were opposed for many years before they were accepted!

What I’m getting at is this:
I was afraid I had been ripped off because the package was so small.

Because something that tiny couldn’t possibly heat a room right?

When in fact, I should have been relieved, grateful, that I had just received the latest advancement in technological evolution.


When I opened the box I didn’t know what to think when I saw it.

It looked very high-tech and the materials were of superb quality.

Yet it was so small. Could it really work?


I went over to an outlet and simply plugged it in and pressed the power button.

The light came on about it didn’t seem to work.

Or so I thought…

I went back to get the manual and by the time I found the English part I realized it.

Warm air was flowing across the room – I panicked!

Was something burning? Had I left the oven on with the oven door open?

Even though I’m sure you understand that the heat came from the HeatWell Heater , at the time I still thought It didn’t work.

Why I didn’t think it worked you ask?

– Because it didn’t make a sound!

Yes, that’s right! One of the unique things about HeatWell Heater  is how remarkably silent it is!

Thankfully I eventually walked past the HeatWell Heater  and felt the warm stream of air blowing out of it.

Controlled testing

I decided to do a more proper test since I was so shocked the first time, and this time I was prepared.

I set plugged the HeatWell Heater  into an outlet in my 320 square feet garage.

An in only 3 minutes it went from 61 to 78°F!

I even made sure to check all four corners and the heat had been evenly distributed thanks to its wide cone of airflow!

In addition to saving you as much as 30% on your electric bill, HeatWell Heater  is also the safest option available thanks to its outstanding and almost redundant safety protocol.

Well perhaps it is not safe, I thought. I mean it’s still extremely small so there has to be some flaw, right?

Well actually, there is ONE problem, but I’ll come back to that later, but safety is NOT the problem!

Nope, HeatWell Heater  safety protocol is one of its biggest strengths!

I did some research and it’s all just mind-blowing!

Check this out!


Homes that use regular electric heaters might be in danger.

86% of home heating fire death are caused by electric heaters.

Falling onto curtains, furniture, or any textiles, a fire could instantly erupt.

Thankfully, Alpha Guards has what is probably the most efficient security system.

Tip-Over Protection

In case of Alpha Guard is knocked over, it doesn’t immediately shut off.

Instead, it blows out colder air for 30 seconds to immediately cool itself and its surrounding before cutting the power supply.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

It’s scary to buy something you can’t physically inspect beforehand, and that’s why HeatWell Heater offers a 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked!



"The best in market"

5,289 Reviews

Exclusive 50% Off Discount