P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills


Most of us are already having much idea about how to use a projector! Today you only need any smart gadget that can be paired to or connect with the projector either wired or wirelessly, that’s it! In this post, I am going to present a review about one of the LCD portable speaker, i.e., P7 M7. You will come to know about its useful features, specifications and the essential Performance!

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

Modern projectors do come with many interface connectivity solutions. You can join any gadgets with the projector via USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, HDMI, etc. It will not only give you more options and flexibility of using a projector but can also work best to save your valuable time daily!

How Did I Meet P7 M7?

Exactly two months before from the day I am publishing this post I have gone to visit a parents meeting program at the school of my neighbor’s children! The fact is my neighbor went out of the town due to his urgent business needs. Therefore he informed me to take care of their children till they are back.

He also requested me to attend their school meetings to get updated with their children performance. My neighbor‘s children were residing with a maid and their driver who daily drops and pick them from the school and tuitions classes. I didn’t mind helping my neighbor any time and step into the school!

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

I would say,

It is a good infrastructure school with big classrooms and a vast playground for the children to play. I reached there 1 hour before the meeting schedule. I am always having the habit of reaching anywhere ahead of specified time because I hate getting late! Anyways, I was wandering here and there to explore more about the school.

Suddenly I got a big notice board, where there is much information clipped on it written on different colors of sticky notes. It looks impressive and better other than having a whiteboard with handwritten details! Excuse me; I don’t want to discuss here my childhood!

In the same board,

I saw information regarding the fact that soon the school will be organizing an interschool state level chess competition. Further thought I should ask my neighbor to let his children participate in it if they are useful at chess.

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

I successfully attended the meeting and came back after taking their reports. As soon as I reached my home, I called my neighbor and informed him about the upcoming chess competition. What I get the answer in reply? Is what I never think of it before!

He says his children are already joined a chess academy few days before and after schooling they use to go there! I got surprised by listening to it since I never come to know about Chess Academies!

Use of P7 M7 on a Chess Academy

  • I am excited to visit such academy to see how they are training their students. Next morning I visited there I saw;
  • A hall with some small rooms beside the same, possibly for their official or meeting purposes.
  • A good setup hall! It includes laptops that were loaded with chess software with comfortable chairs for the students to sit on and practice.
  • There were big demonstration boards located each after a certain distance on the walls.
  • A separate section in the same hall having Multimedia chess DVDs and a small library of Books written by chess experts or so.
  • There are different setups of chess tables with chairs.
  • International standardized chess sets.
  • Digital chess clocks those were certified by FIDE.
  • Lastly, what lures my attention, a PROJECTOR!
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P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills Yes, there was a projector as well, and it adds to my excitement! I wanted to know which projector they are using and from how long. Also definitely I also want to add up to my knowledge about for which purpose they are using the projector! I have taken the help of a chess instructor to get all the information regarding their place and activities.

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

To Project Chess Training Sessions!

It is the primary purpose regarding which they are using the projector. The Chess academy usually comprises modern methods to train their students. I can see some students there practicing the chess. I liked the site there where nearly people from different age groups are enhancing their chess playing skills.

The academy is having a proper syllabus organized in different levels as a complete chess course. I finally came to know that they are projecting their training sessions on a big screen using the P7 projector. I had his words about their experience with the same projector that I am going to share with you soon!

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

People those who want to know more about the chess academies. For them, I can say – They have regular batches in which you’ll get trained both on chess software and boards. They will give you homework so that you will be in touch with the course at home as well.

After completion of a course, they conduct both theoretical and practical exams. They will give tips and tricks regarding preparation for chess tournaments. They encourage and give you opportunities to participate in various levels of chess tournaments!

Now, coming back to the discussion regarding M7 portable speaker projector. Let us get familiar with its features and specifications as per different criteria’s,

Hardware and Design:

P7 M7 is a well-built small-sized projector. You can carry it easily while traveling. It is the best option for professionals as well those who need to use the projector in different places and environments. It is a good option for the people who hate about wasting time on mounting it on brackets or further installations.

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

On the top of the projector unit,

There are specific buttons to operate the projector. You can see a Power button, Ok button, Input button, Back button and separate buttons for Left and Right navigations. There is a small LED indicator as well that can help you to get the status of power, especially during night hours. The unit can consume about 30W of the power. M7 LCD projector unit needs 100-240V of the power supply. It produces a notice of around 30 dB.

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P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

You can easily control the focus of the projector lens from the side. At the back of projector’s body, there are ports to connect the power cord, an AV port, a 3.5mm Audio port, an HDMI port, a USB port and a TF card slot. The projector back is also having the air vent for heat dissipation.


It supports Full HD, i.e., 1080P display resolution. You can enjoy watching High-resolution movies on M7 with the comfort of your bed at your home itself. You can also enhance your gaming experience while playing on Gaming consoles. By attaching it with home theater speakers on to the projector.

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

The projector is based on LCD technology and comes with a native projection resolution of about 320 x 240. The projector has a throw ratio of about 1.65. You can watch the videos and images without the hassle that supports aspect ratios of either 16:9 or 4:3.


The projector can be able to produce more colorful and more explicit vivid images. Due to the brightness of the lamp that is 600 lumens with a contrast ratio of 800:1. The projector is based on DVB-T. The lamp is based on a highly efficient LED light source that consumes around 20W of power.

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

It can be used for up to 20,000 hours. You can set up the projector as per your needs within a projection distance of up to 0.79 to 3m. The projector can display an image of size from 23 to 90 inches.


P7 M7 does come with a remote control for the comfort while using the projector. You can handle the same to operate the projector at a distance of maximum up to 5 m. The remote gets the power from the two AAA batteries of 1.5V.

You can attach your Tablet, USB drives, DVD player, PC, TV, Laptop, Set-top box, TF card and many more things. You can connect an SD card of up to 32GB with the projector. The projector has a built-in speaker to give you pleasing sound experience. The output parameters of the speaker are 4 ohms or 3W.


The projector can support specific image formats like BMP, JPG, and PNG. Talking about the audio formats, you can play files that are having MP3, ASF, ACC, WMA, OGG, and WAV as extensions.

You can watch nearly all types of videos that are available to you in different formats. For example, RMVB ( R40 ), 3GP ( H.263, MPEG4 ), VOB ( MPEG2 ), AVI ( XVID, DIVX, H.264 ), MOV ( H.264 ), FLV ( FLV1 ), MKV ( XVID, DIVX, H.264 ), MPG ( MPEG1 ) and MP4 ( MPEG4, AVC ).

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

You can purchase the M7 portable LCD speaker projector for your homes or business needs at a price of around $55. The package comprises 1 P7 M7 Mini Projector, 1 AV signal able, 1 Remote controller, 1 English User Manual, 1 AV Signal Cable and a Charging Adapter.

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For you know, the product weight around 0.5 kg and is having the dimensions of 5.00 x17.80 x 10.30 cm / 1.97 x 7.01 x 4.06 inches as Height x Length x Width respectively. Similarly, the whole package has the projector with its accessories can weight to about 1 kg and is having size about 9.00 x 30.00 x 17.00 cm / 3.54 x 11.81 x 6.69 inches as Height x Length x Width respectively.

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

P7 M7 LCD Projector Review:

At last, it’s the time to share with you the feedback and review of a real user that you are waiting. I would like to thank that Chess Academy instructor for his valuable discussion about the projector! He helped me much in gathering all the necessary information that I need regarding the projector.

His experience with P7 M7;

He told me that they liked the performance of the M7 LCD portable projector in their academy. It helps them to project a big display of around 100 inches on average that they can use it to instruct more than one or two people at a time.

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

The projector can help their students to stay focused during a training session and can discuss with each other on a common problem. They use to present motivation speech using a projector to many batches together before a chess tournament or so. It can encourage them and help further to perform well.

They allow a batch to use the projector to discuss any tournament strategies or improving their performance. M7 can also help them to prepare a game plan and chess playing style within a group.

My review on the projector,

First of all! While discussing with the academy instructor, I also requested him to start the projector. He agreed and showed me its projection output. What I can say for now is that I got impressed with its initial impression. Its display is reasonably bright with fantastic sound quality.

Chess is an excellent source to enhance your mental skills. It can prepare you to think well before doing any activity. An excellent source of practicing creating planning and strategies. So M7 Projector can provide a big help to you in polishing your chess playing skills to prepare for any Chess tournaments or so.

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills

If you are also a student at a Chess Academy, then I think if possible you should buy this projector for your home. You can practice again whatever you have learned on the academy on your home projector itself. Much more than that I hope it can help you to complete the homework given by your academy.

I am impressed with how P7 M7 speaker projector is helping an academy to train their students effectively. Never thought we could use the projector technology to enhance the chess playing skills. I am looking for much more things to discover ahead!

P7 M7 Review: An LCD Projector to Enhance your Mental Skills
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