Luxury & Precision Portable Player L6 Review


Luxury & Precision is developing portable players honoring its name, they offer a wide range of devices characterized by elegance and quality. Its more recent creation, L&P L6, is made for you to feel and look luxurious as it offers you excellent sound, keeping the functionality and simplicity of its system. This device is all about perfection. Compared to L&P L5, the Luxury & Precision L6 improved exponentially, it has zero noise, the operating system kept it simple for its users and its appearance is just delightful. Even though L&P is not very recognized, due to these features, Luxury & Precision L6 can make it to the European and US market.


Gorgeous, Magnificent are the adjectives for Luxury & Precision L6. This portable player has the same dimensions as its predecessor L5PRO, it is 63 x 123 x 16.9 mm (WxHxD), however, there have been changes regarding design: this one has a backboard made of a solid wood material with the Luxury & Precision logo at the top, the second logo is at the bottom and below the last mentioned says “Only for 199 Club”. The three logos are furrowed precisely in the appealing wood and the rest of the device has a blue-gray color; both features give it a very refined and unique look.&_

Luxury & Precision Portable Player L6 Review

Despite the wood included in the design, L6 is still very light as L5PRO, approximately 195 g. L&P L6 has no longer front buttons, memory buttons have also disappeared; remaining buttons are:

  • The power button; separated from the play/pause button
  • Previous and next buttons
  • The volume adjuster, which is at the top.
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Each one has its function furrowed on them, as usual. Other important details are: the outputs are now at the top of the device and, they added a small LED on the right side.

Luxury & Precision Portable Player L6 Review


This version maintains its 3,5 inches large touchscreen with a resolution of 480 x 320. Though there is a bug left to solve about booting twice to enter the system normally, sliding reaction problem is solved; now the reaction is very fast and the sliding is smoother, comparable with Android system devices. Of course, L&P is going to fix this bug really soon.

Manufacturing and design processes remain excellent. Materials used for this portable player are the best of the best: Brass shield only for HIFI; the body consists of 6 series aluminum-magnesium alloy, it makes it look soft and smooth with quality finishes and, also this alloy is the main piece of the L6’s powerful power supply.

Luxury & Precision Portable Player L6 Review

Operating system

As others portable players from this company, L&P L6 does not operate under Android system, this company has developed its own operating system in order to guarantee excellent sound.

Advantages of this non-Android operating system are:

  • Fast booting
  • Low hardware requirements
  • low-frequency CPU

As a result, lower noise and lower electromagnetic interference (EMI); this improves quality of the sound and lower power consumption, which prevents overheating. Besides, you are able to install online music systems. Those are the most outstanding features but for sure you can imagine how good is this portable player.

L&P L6 offers a new experience, it is made for high-end players who really appreciate quality and enjoy listening music.

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Sound performance

L5PRO is the favorite device of most people, however, L6 had gone through a quality improvement.

L6 has a single port with a higher resolution; compared to the L5PRO, it is really close to the quality level of the golden chrysanthemum. This means that high-frequency instruments sound enhanced significantly, so these sounds are more clear and realistic; respecting the midrange vocals section the charm of the vocals remains soft and very good.

The expansion of the sound field is three-dimensional and natural, this creates a sense of distance between vocal and background; making the experience of listening to the voices in the music more realistic and deeper.

Noise reduction is a PRO in this portable player. The signal to noise ratio is as high as 120db or more; so you can use high sensitivity earplugs with confidence. It is because L&P L6 uses silver military grade capacitors to meet audiophiles’ variety of harsh toss, it results in a perfectly black background and reduction of noise.

What makes L&P L6 so special and takes music to another level is that the DAC adopts 4-channel AK4414 (equivalent to two AK4490). This means that using 4 channels inside one DAC, the consistency will be better than two. Two-channel DACs are good. L6 uses some of the technologies and originals on the limited edition LP5 LTD199.

Summarizing, L6 sound performance has an excellent sound resolution, high transparency, and ample sound field. The only issue is that high quality brings high requirements regarding music and earplugs.

Other features

This device has a Lithium battery with a capacity of 3000mAh and duration of 11 hours on average (off-screen and normal volume); L&P L6 supports several audio formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF, FLAC, WAV, APE, FLAC, DSD and AIFF and it has an internal capacity of 32 GB that can be expanded up to 256 GB MicroSD card; its high capacity does not affect at all the performance of the L&P L6.

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Even though it does not have a Wi-Fi connection, it has Bluetooth; which can be very useful when you are going to transfer music to your device from your personal computer or tablet.

L6 brings a more convenient and intuitive user experience, it has two main menus: one for the song selection and the second for player-related settings.


L&P L6 comes in a box including a screen protector, a velvet bag to transport the device, a USB-data cable, a Chinese manual and a QC card with serial number. Earplugs are high sensitivity to allow you a unique experience while you listen to music (they are not included, but they are available in black and yellow).

Luxury & Precision Portable Player L6 Review


You can find the L&P L6 on Penon Audio or eBay, the price is between U S $1,399.00 and 1,450.00, it is quite cheap compared to other portable players available in the market.

Luxury & Precision Portable Player L6 Review

PROS and CONS: Luxury & Precision portable player L6


  • Elegant design
  • Zero noise


  • Booting bug is not fixed yet

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Luxury & Precision Portable Player L6 Review
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