JMGO A6 LED HD projector Review


JMGO A6 LED HD projector: an Overview

HD projector is a good replacement for HD television nowadays. Earlier in the 18th century, the only source of our entertainment was television. But with the changing time, human desires also increased. So our need for entertainment also increased which adds projector in the home for entertainment. Earlier projectors were only used in offices for presentation or company meetings. But now it enters in the world of family entertainment through which one can watch movies and feel like watching movies in a theater. So for the entertainment purpose, a smart projector is available in the market, i.e., JMGO A6. Here I am going to do an in-depth review of this new projector. Read the article below to know about the product in details.

Physical overview

JMGO A6 LED HD projector Review JMGO A6  HD projector is a smart LED projector with full HD video resolution. Thinking of its price? Well, don’t worry it comes in your budget. It costs below $350 and is quite affordable. Now you must be thinking of its performance. I will let you know about its performance. But first, let me tell you about its looks and design.

JMGO A6 LED HD projector Review Well as you can see in the image, this projector has quite an attractive look.  It looks like the projector used in offices. It is square with a big eye lens. Two attractive colors have been used, silver and black. The top layer is of silver color, and the bottom layer is of black color. Earlier the old generation projectors came in hidden touch keys, but now this new JMGO A6 comes with a brushed metal surface.

JMGO A6 LED HD projector Review In the image you can see that there are many holes made on the side of the projector, these holes are cooling holes. These holes are made to get a good cooling facility for the product while using it. As good cooling efficiency will also help in maintaining its operating speed, and it will also affect the service period of the projector.

In the very beginning, I have already told that this projector’s design is quite similar to the office projectors. This HD projector is also quite good for home entertainment use. It has so many connecting ports like 2* USB ports, 1* VGA port, 1*Ethernet port, 1*HDMI port, so that it can be connected to your favorite gadgets.

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In the bottom, you will get AC power button to switch on or off the projector.


Along with the beautiful design and attractive color, the HD projector can project pictures ranging from 20 inches to 180 inches, and screen scale is 16:9. This HD projector comes with Android 4.4.4. Some plus points of JMGO A6 is that it does not go out of focus, it also has no virtual focus, and the manual focus mode is given through which you can adjust the focus caused due to rotation of clarity.

The projector has a very good lamp life of 30,000 hrs. As you can see in the image that there is a logo of HiFi in the front, which indicates that the projector has in-built HiFi speaker, it has 3W high power speaker and it uses Dynamic Bass DBE enhancement technology which will enhance its bass playback performance. Along with these features, this product also has electronic frequency division dynamic control technology which helps to balance the performance of three frequency bands while playing sound.


In the beginning, I faced little difficulties in electrical installation, but as we know that the JMGO A6 is not a portable machine. It is so simple that one can easily lift it and easily fix it directly.

Moving ahead, as you can see in the image that along with the cooling hole on the side, composite video input interface is there in the row. You will also get many connecting wires on this device. You can choose the right one according to your need. This product is quite user-friendly as you can see in the given image. The projector is very simple in shape and design; it’s as also long lasting loaded with excellent features which will fulfill all your needs according to your uses and purpose. This is the best product if you want to experience the actual effects and systems.

JMGO A6 LED HD projector Review Along with the features mentioned above in JMGO A6, you will get the luminous efficiency of 300 ANSI lumens with single-chip LCD technology. Not only this but also you will get the native resolution of 1280 * 768 pixels which can project 1080p HD resolution picture quality. The HD projector has 1.6: 1 throw ratio.  You can also experience the maximum projected 150 inches screen. According to the price of the product, you will be getting quite good features with great product performance.

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JMGO A6 LED HD projector Review As given in the images you can see that even in lights you can also see the picture, maybe the picture is not that sharp, but it is manageable to see in lights. Still, I cannot deny the fact that different people have a different choice for colors preference and brightness. There are also some people who think that the screen color is very heavy. After all, different people have different views.

It was all about its looks and features, if you come to its hardware performance, then JMGO A6 runs with JMGO OS system. If you compare with the old generation projectors, this is the biggest advantage you can get in smart HD projector. You get the facility of getting more online resources playback and application download support through the network connection.

JMGO A6 LED HD projector Review Not only has this but also JMGO A6 HD projector has accessible with iQiyi. , Mango TV, Tencent Video, Youku video, and other rich video resources. Along with all these, it also supports learning, entertainment and much other application software downloaded.

JMGO A6 not only play online videos and music resources but it also supports the same screen playback. Here you can play your smartphone contents by using wireless HDMI adaptor. The small screen of the phone is enlarged, and you can play the video of your smartphone on the screen. After connecting microphone, home karaoke is also supported. According to my advice if you want to feel the best experience then just turn off the lights.

JMGO A6 LED HD projector Review Those people who love to play games they will also love this product as it supports the same screen for games and the game lover can play the small screen game on the big screen. They will enjoy the experience of playing a game on a bigger screen.

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  1. The A6 HD projector comes with very attractive looks and colors.
  2. This product is suitable for both office and home use.
  3. It also comes with many connecting ports suitable for your different purposes.
  4. The best part is you will be getting the lamp life of 30,000 hrs.
  5. The projector has a good throw ratio as well as a very high resolution to get better picture quality.


  1. Those who use to see the picture of more brightness this is not the best product for them. Because it has only 300 ANSI of the parameter.
  2. The picture quality experience in daytime is not that appreciable.
  3. This HD projector is very bulky in size, so it’s not that much suitable for traveling purpose.

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Conclusion: JMGO A6 LED HD projector

This product is good in all aspect, but for those people who always like to watch with the brightness of 1000 ANSI or more than that, then I don’t think that those viewers will like this product as it has only 300 ANSI of luminous efficiency. Still according to my experience as I have used this product and I am happy with this product as it gives nice clarity inside the room at night. You can get a better experience if you turn off the lights. You cannot get a much better product at this price.

In comparison to the traditional projectors, the current smart projector is way far better in features and worth paying the price also. JMGO A6 is highly advanced and also loaded with better features. People who are looking for a good quality projector with affordable price, this one the best option for them.

These are the specifications and descriptions of this new JMGO A6 HD projector in details. I hope the above description is quite useful for you. If any suggestion, you can give it in the comment box. And for latest concepts and reviews of new projectors stay in touch with us.

JMGO A6 LED HD projector Review
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