EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector: Full Review


EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector Description

EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector is one of the finest portable projectors available. It is an emerging brand developing numerous technology devices. As such, they are available at great prices. Inside the packaging, there are some common items like the projector with a lens cap, a power cable, a remote control, a VGA cable, a composite AV cable, a spare fuse, a clean lens cloth a user manual and a warranty card. Equally important, it has comparable design as other projectors already in the market.

Ever thought of getting an affordable projector? Most noteworthy, it is a device having a design for entertainment, business as well as family. Hence, you are at the right place. Below is a review of the CL720D projector.

Why Buy this Projector?

Easy Setup Process

Setting up the projector is easy. It is important to realize that the EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector follows the same rules as other devices setup. Unbox the item and plug in the power cord. Securely place it on a flat surface, connect the device you want and power it on. For instance, adjust the lens for a better view and manually correct the trapezoid effect. All things considered, enjoy your movies or images on a huge screen.

The Best Home Theater LED Projector Available

This device undoubtedly supports the LED family. LED is a fast growing technology and nowadays almost all electronic devices have such feature. The projector consumes only 4.5 Watt of electricity thus, contributing to being environment-friendly. It has a LED long time life of 50000 hours.

The EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector supports 1080p files format with standard DPI resolution. The home theater projector has a 5.8-inch LCD panel which produces a fantastic, thorough crystal clear image. All this is beautiful detail at 1280×800 DPI resolution. Having a 3000 lumens output, the EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector makes the colors more vibrant resulting in a brighter image. With a contrast ratio of 1000:1, images project onto a large screen, therefore, causing no degradation of the image quality.

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Latest HD Media in EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector

EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector: Full Review Furthermore, the projector supports the latest Full HD media aspect ratio 4:3 and 16:9. Hence, it is suitable for broadcasting standard TV channels together with blockbuster movies. EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector: Full Review EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector comes with the WUXGA (1920×1080) input which allows viewing the latest HD Media. Another great feature in this projector is the 30 Degree keystone correction. It has a manual focus which therefore does not distort images and is easily set up.

Multi-Function Interface

EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector: Full Review Also, EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector has numerous input ports. Therefore, it supports a huge number of devices. Consequently, input ports such as AV, VGA, HDMI, TV, USB in addition to a wide range of options, connecting devices to this impressive LED projector is very easy. The projector has a notable feature that of having a port for connecting both satellite TV signal as well as digital TV signal. This is one of the most awaiting features a projector could have. With other projectors, subsequent devices were attached to be able to watch TV on a large screen. But, with this projector watching videos, images together with listening to music is absolutely a piece of cake. It supports several file formats available nowadays. With this device connect any devices from the antenna, game consoles, laptop, USB devices, smartphone, tablet, DVD player in addition to the speaker.

Support 3D Effect

Another key point to consider with EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector is that is support red and blue 3D effect. Therefore, any red and blue glasses or a 3D glass with contribute to enjoy watching 3D movies or images. Nowadays, you can get a red and blue 3D glass easily at affordable prices. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the projector does not offer a real 3D effect. But, you will be astonished by the quality of the 3D effect.

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Available in Black or White

In the same fashion, the projector is available in two colors: black and white. Make your choice of buying this device in either black or white.

Different Views of the Projector

EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector: Full Review The front view of the EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector will have the lens part, a sensor, and air inlet. The sensor is for captivating signals from a remote control and air inlet for good air flow.

EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector: Full Review Consequently, the top and back view of the projector will display other features. On top of the device, it has the power button. There are buttons for volume control and channel change. There is also a button to find the source and enter the menu of the projector system.

EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector: Full Review Similarly, at the back of the projector, there is the power button, a switch to connect the power cable. The TV and VGA inputs are available. Likewise, composite AV ports, HDMI ports as well as USB ports are accessible. There is a manual keystone rotating button to adjust screen view.


The EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector is available on GearBest at the price of $170.10 unit. GearBest is the leading shopping website offering the best price ever on most of its items in the store. Grab yours today!


  • Best portable projector
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Supports LED technology
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Clear, vibrant image
  • Support multiple devices


  • Slight noise

Buy EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector On Gearbest


What are your views about EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector? Up to the present time I am sure the projector has now a great place in your heart. Please jot down a comment and let us know what you like and what you do not like about the projector. Mention your recommendations for improvements. In the final analysis, take some time to watch a video on EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector below.

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EXCELVAN CL720D LED Projector: Full Review
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User Interface9.1
Cost Effectiveness8.7
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