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How to create an API key on Bybit

1) To create/manage your Bybit API keys, API users may click onto the top right of the main page: ‘Username’ > ‘Account & Security’, and then select onto > “API Management




2) In this section, API users can either create/add or delete your API Keys with the following actions:



3) Enter your API information, such as a reference name for your API key under ‘Name’ and your IP Address, and proceed to enter your Google authenticator 2FA code before you click on “Confirm”

You may also choose to Bind to a Third-Party Application.



Sending a test

Now your server is ready, it is a good idea to send a test command to it, to make sure everything is working as it should.

Set up an alert that includes the following text in it (it can have other text in the message though). Note that you’ll need to change YourAPIKeyName to the name you used in step 3 of ‘Adding the keys to Alertatron’.

YourAPIKeyName(BTCUSD) { limit(side=buy, amount=10, offset=100); }

When this alert is triggered, your bot will place a limit order on the BTCUSD Perpetual market to buy $10 worth of contracts. The order will be $100 below the current price. You can simply cancel this order after it is created.



– Please note that according to the Bybit rules, you’ll have to create a new API key if you change your login or password. In this case, the key will expire in 7 days.

– Bybit doesn’t allow editing the created API key. If you set up the API incorrectly, you will have to create a new one.

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